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British Born, US resident since 2000. Married to a great women who lets me embrace my inner nerd. Always had a computer since 1981. Started with the VIC-20 which I sold in 1982 to get a TI-99/4a. Sold the TI in 1985 and got a Commodore Plus/4. Next was a C64 then Amiga. Then jumped ship to Acorn machines. Got an A4000 then A5000 then Risc-PC. Then, like so many, switched to a PC and have been a user ever since with some Mac usage since then.


Thanks to my early days in computing, I almost got a game published before the computer crash in the early 80s. I then ended up working for a leading computer game company in the 1990s and then became a service engineer for a computer repair company in the UK.


Thanks to online gaming, I moved to the USA in 2000 to marry my then fiancé and here I remain.

Current Systems: Commodore 64, Commodore 128, SX-64, 3DO, Atari 800/1200xl/800xl, LynxII, BBC Master, Amstrad CPC 6128/PCW8256, Sharp MZ-80A/MZ-800

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