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  1. I have a MiSTer and am looking forward to it. Still, the JagCD I don't think even has an emulator for it yet so to play CD games one would still need the FPGA cart to plug into a Jag or clone console.
  2. I am so with you. This JagSD cart REALLY invites someone somewhere to make a "less expensive than an Ebay Jaguar but with new parts" FPGA console. Seems Analogue is the best option..."but who remembers the Jag?" yadda yadda- regardless, then an Analogue "2600 console that happens to also do Jaguar and by the way have you heard of the 7800 and 5200" system would be an instant buy for me regardless of the difficulty they will have with marketing: I am also up for a Jaguar FPGA console that does 2600/7800 etc.
  3. I've posted about an Analogue Atari console. Ma and Pa kettle don't remember or know what a Jaguar is... many don't even know the terminology of 2600 nor VCS let alone in-between. Even Nintendo misnomers for ANY video game console... it was all called "an" or "the" Atari. So I don't care how it is marketed as a FPGA Jaguar or 2600. If it plays all the Atari consoles, I'm in and if future A8/ST non hardware core-only support is added via usb ports for keyboard, even better.
  4. I just heard of this flashcart. With this, now I REALLY hope Analogue will make an Atari console like the Mega SG to pair with this. The 7800 core is already done and I think maybe 2600/5200. Add Lynx and instant sale from me.
  5. eebuckeye - I have that same question
  6. If your FZ-1 tray dips a bit then maybe mine is fine except for the issue that the tray pulls out without any lever (of which I can only assume you mean internally as I see no place in the exterior design of the case one would be to break off from). It is manageable for me to just lift the tray and guide it until the gears pull it back in. If I can find a detailed video of the mechanism, I can try a repair. Will have to open it to have another look at the gears and to check the belt. Otherwise, it might be a good unit to go the USB loader route.
  7. Would you please clarify if "They aren't" is a reply to the Analogue TG16 console idea or adding CD support to the Mega SG? It's great to know that Kevtris bought a Mega SD and "for dev purposes" but doesn't that imply a YES that we might see Mega SG get CD support? Also, revisiting my firmware question: RetroRGB reports that FirebrandX updated video settings for the latest firmware, and about the latest jailbreak. I saw the first bullet point: "CD BIOS replacement works now after a reboot" I noticed the same fw revision (7.5) but thought maybe they patched 7.5 and forgot to update the rev#. The Mega SG ignoring any cd bios changes is not an issue in 7.4 but is in 7.5 so I tried downgrading and upgrading between the two, but sadly the problem remains. It was worth the try. For now, I will choose the benefits of 7.5 even if I can't play Japanese Cd titles. Sigh... off to redo all the Firebrandx settings. I really hope saving settings to sd becomes the next firmware highlight.
  8. Ok everyone, I officially jumped in and got a FZ-1. Modern Vintage Gamer's channel suggested the FZ-10 MAY be better from a design standpoint but I don't any more elaboration beyond speculating a mechanical cd drive vs pop top just like the Sega CD model 1 and 2 (anyone notice the similarity in look of the Sega Cd model 1/FZ1 to the Model 2/FZ-10)? I still went for the Panasonic FZ-1 as it was a good deal. It was a for parts/repair, but luckily though the tray is finicky/has issues, I got picture/sound, an audio cd played, then a burned Road Rash did as well! The included game disc ALSO works after cleaning it with soap and water, then isoprop. I plan to do a comparison of emulation vs the R.E.A.L deal. Remaining problems: The tray only closes if you help it. At full eject, it dips down a bit and I can fully remove the tray with ease. To close it, I must guide it- sometimes the mechanical gears bark at me and sometimes they briefly do before grabbing the tray and all is well. There was rattling in the system and opening it revealed an unknown piece of plastic and a small piece of tissue paper of unknown origin (thankfully clean). System looks surprisingly clean too with no visible dust at all! The tray has a broken piece of plastic in the back I did not locate, and the one plastic piece I found is likely part of the 3do but not a match to the bit that broke off. Anyone have a picture of a FZ-1 drive tray handy or what might NORMALLY keep the tray staying where it needs when you eject? This system regardless may be a good candidate for a USB solution (for this I am VERY glad I have the FZ-1), but I may limp along with CDRs to try out the library. The system works fine, but I think I need a recap (I have the links to the kits) due to audio drop outs and crackle [thanks GadgetUK!]. I am liking the headphone jack on the controllers and if Road Rash alone doesn't sell me on keeping it, playing it on my Commodore monitor may. Any ideas on fixing the tray issue would be appreciated as always.
  9. I had purchased a bunch of N64s and accessories in an auction, and cleaned them up and did repairs where needed. When all was said and done, I had one game that didn't load on any of 20+ systems sitting in my 'rainy day advanced attention pile' along with some touchy controllers, jumper paks and expansion paks. My own N64 no longer likes my official red top expansion pak so I have a jumper pak in for now. This weekend, I got a steal on another N64, and it had a red top so I thought to put it in my own... TWO bad red tops?? So, I learned that both my 'faulty' one and the new one work fine in the recent N64 (both Nintendo original) but neither expansion works in MY N64. I also found that the old crap game I thought was dead booted instantly on this weekends N64 no problem, 1st try. I figure I will keep the game paired with the newly acquired N64 as they must have been married in a past life. Anyone know how or why perfectly good official Nintendo red top expansion paks won't work on mine, or if the N64 is just finicky with some hardware combos and I should just keep trying with red tops until I find one as happy with my system as the crap game was finding a love match?
  10. Side question for all our Zimba3000 versions known as the Mega Sg, Super NT and no longer available NES companion... has anyone added decals like Mega Drive, Genesis, or even High Definition.. etc?
  11. I wouldn't expect Nintendo, Sony or Sega to do 3d printing. Yes, a case by case scenario applies. if Retrobit got the molds for Sega controllers (presumably from Sega), I'm merely assuming Sega has and owns the molds for all their hardware and I assume the same of Nintendo even if I may happen to be incorrect. I can see where some guy could buy the tooling for the Commodore 64C when Commodore isn't really around anymore unless you consider the great efforts by Icomp. Sega at least still is around in software, and I only just learned Konami controlls the NEC minis coming up. Nintendo however is one of the big three today. I may be one of VERY few that would be interested in a documentary on such matters... when and why would a company part ways with their molds? The company folds? Would Sega not still have the tooling to make a new no-electronic hollow SG-1000 or Sega Master System coffee table conversation piece regardless of the financial viability? Does Nintendo not have the tooling to make more NES/Famicom etc cases anymore? I really don't know how it works and would love to. For example, how does a breadbin C64 mold go missing like the original moon landing tapes but the C model survive to make repros? I don't even know if the Amiga 1200 and 500 cases are from original molds or if it was made ala Hollywood plaster resin mask reverse mold so I'm all ears, but if old yellowed console and computer cases in our collections can be remade, I am all for it.
  12. yes, I am certain Goodwill was confused and know the sticker is no different than my implementation of an Amiga ball and Atari 800xl decal on my MiST, but I have never seen a power supply in such a design shape nor so large so I am hoping someone can pinpoint if this was an actual product for Apple field techs or some custom build.
  13. Plug n play maybe fueled today's HDMI 'mini' market: Nintendo, SNK, Commodore, Sony, and upcoming Sega and [WOW!!] NEC offerings. Analogue's slimmed and sleek designs also inspire. Modern offerings: New Sega controllers from original molds - The 8-bit guy printed a new Pitfall label. New Commodore computer cases for the C64c, Amiga 1200 and 500. Thankfully now FANS can invent Mechboards for the c64, new Amiga keyboards and key caps. All this is much more involved than the basic plastics of a CONSOLE, especially when the tooling/molds are still owned by the original corporations , and said giants are still active in the world. With all the obvious LOVE for retro gaming in computers and consoles, the minis... there is one trend I am SURPRISED companies haven't cashed in on... BRAND NEW CASES for working original hardware. I've seen a batch of Super Nintendos literally CRUMBLE when touching them from the chemical that makes us retro-bright everything. I thought someone surely makes replacement top/bottom shells [cricket noises]. I then thought about saving the working electronics and making lego Super Nintendo shells ala the 'brixty-four' (see the wonderful Perifractic's channel for more info). So, Nintendo, Sega and any current corporation dominant from the 1980s and still standing and has their original console molds... remember when 'Family Guy' showed not only can a canceled show get new seasons, but it can launch a little market called "TV shows on DVD"? You no longer need to make cases flame retardant, especially if selling them as stand-alones without any electronics to get hot. If they HAPPEN to also be perfect to fit one's original electronics in (albeit, void the warranty), fine. Why not go nuts and release new colors or collector edition cases like a Zelda SNES, Space Harrier SMS, or a gold NES? Why not re-release brand new white dreamcast shells or NON-Sega Sports black ones? SNES? PC-Engine? Instead of countless action figures and swag, how about packaging a new console shell in a repro of the original box, artwork, manuals, POSTERS, and even styrofoam molds so people can display their treasures on shelves or throw a motherboard into brand new glory? Some may want an inexpensive empty shell just because it looks cool... or to house a raspberry pi or FPGA project. Sega could use some cash flow, no? Why not re-release a Game Gear WHITE without the 'gear'? So who is with me? If the minis sell so well, who wouldn't be excited to end retrobrighting a SNES and instead replacing the case with an all new one? What system/computer would you like to see a new OFFICIAL exterior for? The chips may be out of production, but our current working gear could look nicer in the living room.
  14. A very strange item sold by Goodwill in Sacramento, CA has me curious. Anyone know what the heck this thing is? I am told it sold for $74 - $100. It was sold as a vintage Apple computer... from the pictures, it looks like some electrician tool was given an "Apple Computer" sticker as a joke due to the device's shape resembling an Apple II but I still don't know what the thing is or does. Still, the case made me look closely and then look up "apple techstep" which IS a pricey Apple technician tool, but this case looks like a laptop one and wouldn't fit the main thing next to it with the voltage and amp things that make me want to hook speaker wires into like my 1990s stereo receiver. So, what am I looking at??? Did the buyer find a steal of a deal or an expensive joke item?
  15. I want to add a theory; Atari (Nutari for the clever ones here) seems to be pulling a plot or playbook from "The Producers" I haven't followed this story because I'm not into modern gaming but love original A8 and FPGA ways to relive the past. I am watching Youtuber negative "What are you thinking?" videos that seem to fuel the same fire that has made this thread so long. Most recently: " The Atari VCS Gets A Release Date, But It's Still Crap!" from ReviewTechUSA. Is anyone else thinking Atari wants to bug repel the majority beyond campaign funding to support this so they can bow out with as little repercussion as possible? I'm theorizing: 1. Atari wants to keep the fund-raising money 2. Atari knows they must deliver a product 3. Atari can't price the system like a Neo Geo or it would be too obvious, but as high as current gen consoles would only muster a few "what are they thinking?" quips without deep diving. 4. Atari is [drum roll] - pulling a plot line from "The Producers" in that they do not WANT anyone buying the console and KNOW no one will buy a system with no announced games, unknown hardware, and price point of the leaders of current gen consoles, AND TIMED it all knowingly that the NEW consoles are coming out and will make 99.99999% of the world forget about them. The business plan seems DAMAGE CONTROL mode only where they only have to deal with angry backers. This idea may have already been addressed but forgive me if I don't sift 735 pages of the thread to find out.
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