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  1. In 7 days, we will celebrate the three year anniversary of this thread!
  2. [Quoting myself, I know...] I now have both remaining titles working. It seems these two UNL games need their own Arcade card "cd_bios.rom" file in each of the games' root directory. Also, that add-on board for possible 32x and Saturn Mister support is most interesting. In theory, would it need a sacrificed 32x by desoldering it's special chips? What hypothetical hardware would be needed for Dreamcast/Naomi arcade support?
  3. Thank you all! I will report back when it arrives if I am successful.
  4. It would also be nice to see how they stack against the new 8bitdo ones. Maybe they have wired mode as well? In other news: CPS1 core by Jotego is now public! Also.... if I ever had TWO mister setups, one would be in my upcoming Amiga 1200 new case/keyboard/keycaps setup for computers but if I had one for a living room build mainly for consoles, having built in Saturn controller ports (or SNES for other people), would be amazing... So... Now THIS is an 'Ataribox' I can be proud of!
  5. I had a similar issue ONE time when testing cd games on the Mister where the screen went black and cropped to a strage aspect ratio of the bios screen. Resetting fixed it fine. I am happy to report that I put all my bin/cues tediously into their own folders and tested EVERY game I have to see if it boots... The handful that did not were bad rips, so I replaced them with REDUMP ones which now load fine. I'm happy to say that when using "[CD] Super CD-ROM System (J) (v3.0)", ALL games load up for me (even the small amount of bin/ISO ones!!) except two UNL games: AV Tanjou (Japan) (Unl) and Hi-Leg Fantasy (JP) trying SEVERAL copies of the games. Anyone else have this issue? I even tried with REDUMP discs and using ALT1 and ALT2 of the former. Are there no good rips available? Not likely. Compatibility issue with the core? Possible if they are Unl titles. By 'every' game, I mean from my complete albeit 3 years old Hyperspin databases. That won't include unplayable games unless knowing Japanese, non-game titles or any very recent homebrew I may have missed. I don't know if others have tested every such PCE-CD game with the core. Hopefully my journey helps the core authors from a Q/A or testing standpoint. I'm VERY happy with the core status and features and I don't know what needs to be ironed out. I'd have to find a Terraonion cart at a damn good price to justify it now. ADDED TO POST: Am I the only one that finds Mister's auto-fire feature both non-intuitive and awkward? If I step away from Mister for too long, I forget HOW to set the buttons up and manually search the Mister main page to find THIS PART? Could this feature be set in each core's menu? Most times I fumble with the adjustment of miliseconds and toggle between 100ms and OFF. The PCE core would most benefit from this in the OSD and Bonk's Adventure is my go to for testing, due to his rapid spin like on real TG16 controllers. Is there a place to put in a feature request for this?
  6. I would LOVE a 32x FPGA solution by hook or by crook. This is not because of the small library of games but because if you ever work on the hardware (open one up and by design it looks like it is on life support with factory patch wires) - you will shorten your life a bit from getting pissed off. I'd love a Mister core or a compact standalone about the size of a sonic and knuckles cart that would work with real hardware (Genesis, MegaSG, even the Nomad!) and didn't need wiring nor extra power cables. Sonic and Knuckles flap on top to put the MegaSD in and you have the whole library. Okay fine, I'll buy the adapter to plug the non-real FPGA 32x cart in the top and the Mega SD in the side expansion. I am sure a 32x solution will appear even if not tomorrow.
  7. Newsdee, I'm still updating my SD card and hardware wiring and haven't tried it yet. You are good to ask since you have both. Do you feel the core is already on par witrh the real hardware like the MegaSD is for Sega CD (I haven't tried the Sega CD mister core yet)? I have a recapped PC Engine and a TG16 that is soon to be recapped. I've held off on getting Terraonion's flash cart. Though I know it is an awesome device, do you think the MiSTER core makes the Terraonion solution redundant for most? I may just keep my turbo everdrive and PC-Engine for original hardware.
  8. I got my Blisster board and installed it! Please ignore the text on the USB 3.0 picture. I read above that this connects to the IO board. So the Blisster only FULLY works if you also have the IO board? I take it I can connect the Bliss box adapters to use original controllers, but if I want lag free, I need the IO board and plug that USB3.0 wire's other end to it. Maybe I missed that requirement in the documentation. I do think the Blisster board's cardboard picture insert it came with should include a note about powering and the included cables if I were to be nitpicky. Am I correct in assuming I power from the wall to the BLISSTER power in, and then run the double male cable as pictured to allow power passthrough to the DE10-Nano, thus enabling BLISSTER's side power switch? If I ignored that cable and power switch, could I just run my double power cable (from my old usb hub days) as pictured and skip the BLISSTER's power output? I am just being cautious not to damage anything.
  9. Newsdee, you have been such a wealth of information over the years. Thank you again!
  10. I suppose I won't know until I try it myself. I will order one and see how it goes. Thanks for the input!
  11. Do you know a compatible alternative? Anything to watch out for if buying a replacement?
  12. Interesting. Now I really wonder what specific negatives people have with the Blisster. The standard USB ports on the Blisster would also have the same functionality and feature support of those on the usb hub I'd assume. I've heard of SNAC and am guessing through usb it wouldn't matter which device I used. I don't have enough people to play 7 player Bomberman or anything if such a thing exists... Do people dislike Blisster only because it has less usb ports than the official hub or is it for other reasons? Buggy? Failure prone?
  13. Question re: Blisster board vs USB hub. I had the USB hub and sold it to get a Blisster being that I already have a Blissbox with most/all the adapters. I heard MadLittlePixel give brief mention that he disliked the Blisster. So if you already have my setup, is it a no brainer to buy the Blisster or is there still reason to consider re-purchasing the USB board instead? I haven't found any reviews of the Blisster, nor know WHY MadLittlePixel disliked it so much, so any 'cons' to consider before purchase would be great to know. Thank you.
  14. I already had a MiST and eventually got a MiSTer. I like them both, and have the MiST hooked up to a 90s VGA monitor and my MiSTer sitting where I can go HDMI to the flatscreen, connect to another VGA monitor, or use a converter for the big CRT tv.
  15. Hello I am looking to find a replacement power switch for a pressure washer that makes me think some of you might have seen similar in an arcade cabinet. The side of this "rocker switch" says Jaiben 160336 which fits internally in a SunJoe SPX3000. An external plastic switch has a bit that rubs up against this internally to select on or off positions. There are 4 metal posts to attach wiring and I assume a six post with two unused might also work. It fried and I am looking on ebay and aliexpress for a direct replacement (and Digikey) or something that would work in it's place. I've come up empty so far on originals, but am looking at these: Aliexpress 1 Aliexpress 2 Preferably something that is water resistant but the plaster outer body of the pressure washer should be sufficient. The Pressure washer without a plastic shell at its basic components is a GFCI circuit breaker, a long wire to this mentioned power switch, with pos/neg leads to the motor/pump assembly. Some water got in the body which shorted it out with a burning smell. Disassembly showed the pos/neg leads at this power switch had some melting and smoke smell coming from the power switch. I hope to repair this for a friend.
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