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  1. 232 Euros Having a MiSTer, the past model was hard for me to justify. I think the blue shell against a white PC Engine would look nice. Supergrafx play-ability on base systems is great, using as much of the original hardware as possible. The ability to add FPGA cores to it like NES makes it very appealing. Just my opinion, but with added cores, I't would have been nice if they added 1-2 USB ports on it. That could also make it a Turbotap killer, but this may limit the cores a bit if NEC controllers are the only way. NES and SMS would make sense having similar rectangular two button shapes. I guess Atari, SG-1000 and Amiga cores could work. It is an interesting project upgrade.
  2. I've been absent in this topic for too long. I have an U1MB and a Side 2. What does a Side 3 offer beyond my setup? I have other Ataris (400, 600xl, 800, XEGS) that might benefit from this, but prefer to put 'my best money forward' and waste the least.
  3. This is a very cool project! I love the idea of remake PCBs in general. Especially so for those that include the ability for more modern upgrades like S-Video or even HDMI. I'd love to see the Genesis model 1 get this treatment too. Maybe this 800xl will get forked so a streamlined pcb that fits all/most A8 computers will happen one day. Many thanks for this PCB!
  4. Thank you Stephen Moss. Interestingly, when powering on the CDI, the drive's motor does spin when the Red/Black lead is plugged in, and I saw the laser unit light up and try to read a disc, so the movement is there. Maybe it just needs a new laser? If it is as you say essentially a dumb unit, maybe whatever model laser in there is more common than replacing the drive? If so, maybe I can then Pop the circular magnet on top of a disc to get it to read? I could then at least prop up the drive to prevent shorts on run the CDI without the case cover. If all else fails, I can save my CDI in hopes Terraonion's MODE gets CDI (and 3DO) support. Or... maybe a MiSTer FPGA master core creator wants to use it (heck, decap it with acid if needed) to preserve its history?
  5. My mistake. If someone needs to and can delete this thread, please do, thanks.
  6. I am looking for spare parts for a CD-I and am posting here in the long shot that anyone has any consoles to part out. If no one has a Digital Video card, a spare CD drive, I suppose I will keep this space in case someone else needs spare parts and I have this incomplete one to part out.
  7. I am looking for spare parts for a CD-I and am posting here in the long shot that anyone has any consoles to part out. If no one has a Digital Video card, a spare CD drive, I suppose I will keep this space in case someone else needs spare parts and I have this incomplete one to part out.
  8. I got a CD-i I hope to fix up. It has a broken power switch that can be pushed and pulled but doesn't latch. As seen in the picture below, the wording says "sdl1p tv-3" but am finding variant models with "A" in the title that have different feet orientation. I also need to replace the CD drive and get a Digital video pack but it is a start. It is hard to find spare parts for this console. The disc drive I have says CDM-9/44 and a bunch of numbers later. The CDI model itself is a Magnavox CDI 200. Is a CD-I disc drive a standard drive with the motherboard handling the "i" / interactive part or are CD-I drives it's own separate hardware like CD vs Bluray? It has a flex cable and red/black power cable for the spin motor so I hope I'm not stuck finding this exact model. What's interesting is that the motherboard looks like it it is 9 inches by just over 9.5 and potentially fit in some Micro-ATX cases, especially if someone makes a small ODE for this system. It would certainly make it look more like a console and less of a VCR. Now if someone made an ODE that somehow had built in digital video decoder and battery (a no-dremel solution), that would be something of a surprise. A plug-in CD-I Satiator if you will. Um, a "Say-CD-Later"
  9. Who here is ordering the MSDEXP (MegaSD Expansion Adapter) for their Sega Genesis/Megadrive or MegaSG? For $59.99, you gain the compatibility with the flashcarts and 32x to play those 6 SegaCD/32x games. I am very glad this has finally become a thing, but just for the preservation of the titles to play on original hardware (with the FPGA Sega CD Replacement.) For me, current budget and game interest won't let me pull the trigger here, but I hope this does well in case I can grab one 2nd hand at a later date. The price is certainly fair for a limited run, so no complaints there. I re-visited looking at the game list: - You can take advantage of "the Mega-CD's enhanced storage capacity and ability to play Red Book CD audio, and the 32X's enhancements in graphics and sound." - All six are full motion video [FMV] based games, "which were previously available as standalone Mega-CD games, and later had their FMV assets upgraded to take advantage of the 32X's improved graphics. As such, all six were released on CDs, with the cart slot of the 32X being unused during gameplay." - This is where it got interesting... after watching comparison videos, 4 out of six titles are available on other platforms, with only TWO games being exclusive [Yet these two have Sega CD versions] Here are some ideas I am concluding in my opinion only, on how best to play the 6 titles if NOT on original hardware/with the adapter" Note: AUDIO on all six games sounded negligible to my trained ears, but I was watching from videos where I don't know capture quality/compression variances. The Sega CD/32x Games: Fahrenheit (**Exclusive - emulate it or be happy enough with the Sega CD version on real hardware) - SegaCD32x version does looks better. Surgical Strike (Brazil only) (**Exclusive - emulate it or be happy enough with the Sega CD version on real hardware) SegaCD32x version does look better. In my view, these two titles should be the main reason of getting the adapter if you have no other real hardware solution and you don't want emulation. ***Now, if the 'tower of power' (Genesis/Sega CD/32x) was a stopgap to the Saturn, or you have a 3DO, the remaining 4 titles have interesting alternative playing methods that may be superior to the SegaCD32x versions. A discussion of the technical prowess the Saturn and 3DO offer over the former option may need elaboration. Unless the Saturn and 3DO do NOT offer Red Book audio and I am unaware, for audio, you'd likely get a duplicate or superior quality, and I can only presume the same for video quality [strictly on a technical level]. Corpse Killer (crap game by many reviews- emulate it or play on Sega Saturn [which is an enhanced version of the game, titled Corpse Killer: Graveyard Edition] or on the 3DO) Night Trap (emulate or play the 25th anniversary edition (better video if not audio as well) on the PS4 or Switch [akin to Virtua Racing's definitive port] Slam City with Scottie Pippen (emulate it or be happy enough with the Sega CD version on real hardware) 32x/Cd version is better than Sega CD quality , but PC is best video version, though no borders may make it not feel authentic to Sega consoles. Supreme Warrior (emulate or play on 3DO, PC) I do hope they sell many of these adapters (if pre-order selling out is a sign, I'm sure they will do fine. Still the above was a fun project for me to look at side-by side footage for. Personally, I think I will stick with Saturn/3DO versions when available, seek out Night Trap [25th], then Sega CD 'lesser' versions for authentic, and emulate the CD/32x versions on a PC. Getting the PC version of Slam City I don't care enough to put in the effort. I think it would be cool if these six games had a low cost port as a compilation title on a modern platform too, but not before a Master System 3D collection...
  10. ...Just checked and the site seems to be back up now so that's good. Seems it had been down for a bit. Now there are issues with board revision 1.0 though? I have that and a 1.6 board. We will see if mine arrives and I will still give makemhz the benefit of the doubt. I am wondering though if an external solution would have been 'good enough' when using on a flat panel.
  11. I had a ship date a while back fror the https://makemhz.com/ HDMI mod kit for the OG Xbox. That never arrived. Shipping delays were explained, and Bob from RetroRGB had some decent thoughts about not assuming a scam, and that shipping delays do occur. I know a lot of people here have youtube channels, so I hope people get the news to Bob, and the many in the community: https://makemhz.com/ looks to have the site down, and now I am getting nervous about my order. Sign In or Contact Support links lead to... shopify? Please, if anyone has concrete info beyond speculation, I hope this will get discussed for those with pending orders. Just wanted to get this odd anomaly out there.
  12. The story is interesting. In many ways, if enough people talk about something, it gives it life in some form. Maybe someone will make an arcade cabinet based on it like Polybius. Also, @CatastropheCrow64, do you like the story/game so much that you chose the name as your atariage handle and premiere forum post here? If so, that makes the story even more interesting. :)
  13. GadgetUK had a vid on Commodore monitors (maybe not Mister related though), but he seemed to have advanced issues like needing custom cables, sync and pin assignment. I'd like to see more Mister vids explaining and simplifying even VGA/RGB output tutorials, if .ini files or settings need rewriting, CRT vs flatscreen HDMI, and dual setups for streamers via HDMI while they play on a CRT and why. Of course, this is not to suggest expectations that you need to be that voice. With two back to back winners already, I'll watch whatever you choose to put your heart into for your next one. If the above is not your thing, maybe a video on all things cases and housing for mister so it doesn't seem like a random PCB for newcomers. The MISTix prototype/kickstarter caught my eye. I am currently sizing up my brand new Amiga 1200 case, Kipper2k new keyboard with brand new caps, and see that my Mister (DE-10 Nano with newest IO board and BLISSter bottom board all fit in the case just north of the keyboard mid-case if I remove the feet pegs that were the very bottom of the BLISSter. I nearly don't even need drill new holes nor secure it. If I position it one way, I have rear port access to two USB ports, an HDMI Bliss controller port and the main power on and off switch. The kipper keyboard can connect directly and internally to any MiSTer usb port, and maybe there is even still room to throw a Raspberry pi in there. I concluded that my Keyrah is so much better in a C64 case and redundant on this Amiga 1200 MiSTer build, already having SNAC and BLISS functionality... Internal USB and you are good to go.
  14. Excellent Alice video as well! Keep up the great work. For Mister, maybe a beginner's guide on adjusting video settings with the IO board for VGA vs RGB, or even ways to connect to the RGBi port of Commodore monitors like the 1084S or 1902?
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