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  1. I just tried it on my living room setup for the big screen and it runs full speed. It's on my older gaming computer which is running a Phenom II X4 at around 3200mhz and geforce 750ti, I believe. I used the default settings and got a full 60fps. Going through the readme file I didn't see much settings to improve performance. If you're trying it on a single-core system you could try running it with the -no-threads option. It looks like it uses opengl so maybe you need updated video drivers? Or maybe you could mess with the PowerPC frequency setting. According to the readme it sets the PPC frequency in MHz with the default at 50. Lowering it may improve performance but may cause timing issues and jerkiness. It says that 25 MHz works in many games. To set that you would use the -ppc-frequency=25 (or any value between 1 and 1000). Hopefully one of those things work. Now the only thing I need to figure out is how to change the mouse settings for the lightsaber battles.
  2. I tried a copy of the Blues Brothers from atarimania using Steem SSE 3.64 and above and with multiple configurations from 1mb to 4mb and STF/STE. It worked perfectly each time. Maybe you have a bad copy of the game.
  3. I know you can download all the individual files at atarimagazines.com. You can also download the files in a zip by year and some disks are available as DCM format. Half the fun is transferring them over, right?
  4. Error 144 means that it is having problems writing/reading from disk. The disk could be write protected (disk notch is covered) or the disk could be bad.
  5. That one took me a bit to find before but I eventually found it. Luckily I still have it saved. http://atari.music.free.fr/main.php?UMICH%20Music
  6. The computer in here looks like a painted over 600xl. I wouldn't mind having a modern computer setup looking like a steampunk Atari. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5QRNCIn7c0
  7. I've tried Hatari. It reads/writes rs232 input and output to files which I could work with but that also had issues. I think it dropped a lot of characters as well. Earlier today I tried COM2TCP with Steem and just like before it would show a line of text then drop the rest. I just thought there'd be a simple solution that worked with Steem that I was overlooking.
  8. I've been trying for sometime, off and on, to log onto bbses using telnet and Steem SSE. I've done searches but haven't found any straight answers. I've run across the Break Into Chat blog and got ideas but I'm using Windows 10 and not a Mac so I couldn't follow the steps on the page. I did have partial success using virtual serial ports like HW Virtual Serial port but I would get maybe a line of text then it would drop the rest. I'm sure I've tried some other things too but I don't remember anymore. So does anybody know a way to telnet using Steem or Hatari?
  9. Back in the day I used Midi Music Maker. I always thought the interface was a little clunky (horrible!) but it played the midi files I wanted to listen to as well as a bunch of other file formats like the Atari 8-bit AMS and AMP files. It even converts some of those other formats to standard midi files. I found a copy at http://atari.music.free.fr/main.php?UMICH%20Music under mmm26.lzh. There may be other players there but I'm not familiar with them.
  10. That would probably be Galactica 1980. That was a horrible continuation after the original Battlestar Galactica was canceled. There are a bunch of scenes with that professor kid with all the monitors in the background. Most of them are blurry or only in view for a couple seconds. Probably the clearest view would be in episode 7 about 4 minutes in. It was colorful but I'm not really sure if that was from an Atari 8-bit. Trying to get a screenshot just makes it a blurry mess. It's on netflix if anybody else wants to take a closer look. I wouldn't recommend watching an episode/full series unless you can get past the cringe.
  11. I just watched this episode of Whiz Kids recently. It was titled Red Star Rising. Watched it on youtube. It's a little silly now but I loved the show as a kid.
  12. I had this game in my arcade in the mid 90s. It was around the time warnings were being placed on arcade games about flashing lights and images causing epileptic seizures in some people. It was maybe like a week after I read an article about it that I had a kid in my arcade fall to the ground while playing The Punisher. His brother thought he was dying but I knew exactly what was happening because of that article.
  13. That's exactly what I was looking for. I don't remember why I liked it so much as a kid but I was probably impressed with the all the colors onscreen and sound. Thanks everyone. You guys are awesome.
  14. Now that you mentioned Yesterday I remember clearly how it sounded. That's exactly what I was thinking of. Now I just have to find it again. Kinda wish I had my Atari equipment still. It was all in the attic area of my parents' house when they sold it 16 years ago so someone scored big when they bought the house. I had a 400, 130XE, 520ST, 1040ST, and all kinds of other peripherals and software along with Compute, Antic, and STart magazines from 1982 to 1990. Maybe one day I'll recreate my collection but currently I don't have room.
  15. I looked up Paperweight and that's definitely it. Now I wonder where I've seen that fake dialer thing. I guess it's possible that someone modded it into paperweight but maybe I'm just mixing it up with something else.
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