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  1. Well it didn't take too long, but already the C64 "scene" created a single-filed, docs included version. The nice feature here is the ability to hit runstop/restore to jump between modules without having to restart the computer and re-load again! https://csdb.dk/release/?id=194928
  2. Incredible release! Is there anything Mariuszw can't do? Aside from the other Freescape games (Castle Master I&II, Total Eclipse II, Driller, and DarkSide), it would be cool to also see The Sentinel (the Geoff Crammond game), Elite, and Stellar 7 ports from the C64. All that lovely 3D for Rapidus owners (hint hint!)
  3. Got my copy recently. Really professional piece of work this is. From the box to the overlay and the cart. The game itself really feels like the original it is based off as well, although I found it a bit easy. That may be a good thing as the difficulty doesnt ramp as hard as the arcade original - but all the same the tanks will get you eventually so its not too easy either. You can tell the Vectrex is doing its darndest to display everything - which is why the rammy zone and gloaming zone options are welcome to have a faster game. Complaints? It seems like the score and display options are often encroached on by the game display (the ufo flies up there when shot) and for some reason my vectrex displays the score, indicators and radar too high to be clealy visible within the gaps in the overlay. (I presume its just my vectrex?) Also the sticky tank trap issues can be a bit annoying if you get an enemy tank wedged - it slows the pace of the game down while you angle to wipe him out. Very impressive package nonetheless.
  4. Good point, but I would probably go for a mini-ITX form factor these days A PC form factor would warrant the requirement of a PS/2 or USB compatible keyboard interface though. ...and I suppose the XE series (with the notable XEGS exception) is prime for motherboard replacement, given that the quality on the original boards was very poor anyway, meaning that some cases could at least be salvaged. Also, Best has plenty of replacement XE keyboards and key rubber kits, so even if you hated the keyboard you could do something about it. I'm also guessing that Best has a lot of spare POKEYs and other 8-bit chips too,... but I'm only guessing.
  5. The purpose of the C64-Reloaded was to make a drop in replacement motherboard for a Commodore 64. What made the C64 great was that all motherboards were 99% backwards compatible with each other and would fit into any C64 case. In the case of the C64-R, there was also a kickstarter that pressed out brand new C64 cases from the original moulds. I managed to put together a brand new C64 from spare chips, only needing to find some 3d printed keyboard mounts, and to scavenge a keyboard from a dead C64. In the case of Atari 8-bits? So many different models..... making a replacement motherboard is mostly out of the question unless you limit it to one form factor (800XLs, most likely), but even then I doubt you will get people wanting to cannibalize their 800XLs. The C64 was made in the millions and can broken ones can still be easily found, repaired, or scrapped for parts. Ataris?.... not so much. If you're going to go for the complete Atari remake, you may as well build a new computer from scratch, throw in as many updates and features that you like, redesign a new case, and redesign a new keyboard. ....Or just use a MIST.
  6. Really should be porting all of these SIDs that haven't already been done! http://www.transbyte.org/SID/HVSC_Top100.html
  7. Would ideally like to know if there's a way to make a player that can play the C64's SID library on the Atari.... just because you can. Also, the reverse has been done too. The SID has been cajoled to play the POKEY to some extent. See here: http://csdb.dk/release/?id=148198
  8. Best Electronics also has replacement cartridge sockets
  9. I did end up contacting Best Electronics. Unfortunately he doesn't have replacement 800XL mylar for that type of keyboard (seems to have replacements for the crappier XE mylars though) I did ask about perhaps getting a replacement mecahnical keyboard, but he mentioned that if something hard was to hit the keyboard - the PCB underneath could crack.
  10. Wouldn't they be 41464s? Effectively 32KB per chip.... which is why on your 65XE, two chips are missing.
  11. Just did some research on this kind of keyboard. Yup it's a mylar Type 4. Wonder if I can get a better one?
  12. Just wondering if it's possible to get replacement keyboard mylars for the 800XL I was just pulling apart my 800XL keyboard to clean it.... oh boy, so many springs that could possibly be lost. I figure that if I do it, I only want to do it once - which makes me think that it would be a good time to replace the original mylar. Anyone know if best electronics have replacement 800XL mylars? If not, I'll ask myself. Also the cartridge port on this 800XL is having trouble making a connection. Are there replacements I can get to bring it back to as-new functionality?
  13. Just something to note with the SIDE2, and Ulitmate 1MB combo... While you can set the OS to OS-B (as per the 800), that OS has no support for PBI (which is what the SIDE2 needs for ATR disk mounting) This means that this combination cannot play disk based games that haven't been fixed for the XL/XE roms, because you can't mount the ATRs via the SIDE2. The only way to play those games is with a SIO2SD If you're looking to play 100% of everything on real hardware, I'd recommend the SIO2SD, Ulitmate1MB upgrade, and a flash cart (for Space Harrier and larger cart only games)
  14. Replacing the XEGS MMU with an ultimate 1MB unit would surely get it back though, wouldn't it?
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