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  1. Picked this up today...pretty happy with it
  2. To young to have been a member...but being from the area (nky) i think it is awesome it even existed
  3. Obviously i put this in the wrong area...sorry fatfingered it... Mods can you delete/move please
  4. Hi all...just a heads up to anyone in the Cincinnati area...there is a pinball convention this weekend that looks to be a pretty good time. It is the first one around this area that I have ever been aware of. I am not affiliated in any way, just passing trying to get the word out to those that may be interested. Info at www.pincinnati.com I hope it gets good support from the locals so the organizers make it an annual event.
  5. While I can't give you a definitive answer I can share that I bought my nephews a zelda edition Wii u off Craigslist in December and they have worn away some deco from use (younger kids)
  6. Got a nos colecovision power supply for 50 cents at our local helping hands thrift store!
  7. Too cool...im from dry ridge!!
  8. https://cincinnati.craigslist.org/sys/5996642877.html What's fair?
  9. newest look since moving some stuff around
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