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  1. 1040 STe in the box with Steinberg 24. Thrift store in Daytona, FL. $10. 'Bout time my thrift luck turned around.
  2. Another passenger on the CoCo/Dragon "short bus". One summer, my parents asked me what kind of computer I wanted. Naturally, I told them I wanted a C64, as all my pals had one, and there was a mountain of illicit games to be had, even in the hick town we lived in. Well, my stepdad couldn't afford to get a computer unless he got a line of credit at the local appliance store/Radio Shack, so the CoCo2 it was. My cousin had one, and a copy of Mega Bug, AND the Wico Atari joystick adapter. Alas, the local RS no longer had these things, and said they couldn't order them. I did manage to get the floppy drive, a cassette copy of Bedlam (which I LOVED), and a subscription to Rainbow. A typed-in hex dump of some "artillery duel"-type game provided me and my best friend with untold hours of entertainment. ::sigh:: All my old CoCo gear vanished to parts unknown, as did my cousin's Wico adapter. Someday, though, I'll get a CoCo3 and more carts. Maybe even that great little monitor/floppy drive shelf they had in the 1987 RS catalog, too.
  3. VLM and T. Rex? You, sir, are my new best friend.
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