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  1. Yep. I used to subscribe to this publication when it was available. The magazine editions where the best and when they changed to the newspaper style, things started to go downhill. I remember, they didn't last long afterwards. great source for removing copy protection. Ahh, the good old days when you bought a box of floppy discs and wondered what am I going to do with 10 of these?
  2. Good luck with the keyboard. I found I had to replace keys that had problems and ones with broken pegs were impossible to fix. Power supply. I need to replace the caps on my IIGS board and probably should do my original IIe and IIe clone as well. I listen to the open apple podcast regularly and they recommend this site for power supplies: https://www.ultimateapple2.com/catalogzen155a/index.php?main_page=down_for_maintenance however, the site is down for maintenance right now, but this could be what you need. otherwise, you could look on ebay. http://a2central.com/7000/ultimate-micro-finalizes-release-of-new-universal-power-suppy/
  3. I missed run #3 by 48 hours so when they became available again, I preordered 2. Great card. super fast and easy to work with. I have one in my IIGS and will put one in my IIe. If you guys get a chance to grab one, jump on it. I only wish that the Transwarp GS wasn't limited and the price was out of this world. Just as expensive as the original ones. I hope they bring those back and cheaper.
  4. Can't get the image to load. Does it run under apple win? The image I downloaded was only 35k.
  5. looks promising. will there be space travel? quests to complete? game editor? One program I loved to use was adventure construction set. made a ton of adventures with it. now I just need to find those again and replay them.
  6. thanks. I got it working now. I like the game. too bad it's not out for the ps4 or ps3.
  7. have you tried the self test on the system? http://apple2.wikia.com/wiki/Built-in_Diagnostics. this may help.
  8. trying to build up my crew in Roadwar 2000 on the GS. Love those old SSI games. Let's see what else I play: Star Blazer, Star maze, Drol, Wavy Navy, Caverns of Callisto, Sword of Kadash. Great classics.
  9. I found CaSTaway .06 for my PSP and it appears to run but as soon as I load a disc image, it crashes. I have a proper tos and disc image. Does anyone run this emulator on their PSP? Know of any good Atari ST emulators for a non hacked PSP. I soft modded mine. Thanks.
  10. Great. I downloaded the UK version of TOS and made the changes to the Hatari settings. The game booted properly, but now I have to find the keyboard layout for the game. Thanks again. Any games you guys recommend? I am a big Apple 2 fan and played a ton of games on my older system. Suggestions for ST games? Thanks again.
  11. I'm running Hatari 1.9.0 on my windows 64 bit machine. the emulator seems to run fine, but I can't get the image of Oids to run. How do I open a disk image from the emulator? I see disk A and disk B, but I can't open an image with them. do you double click on the disk A? I try and open A disk drive nothing happens. the same with B. I did get something to work as the FTL screen started but the emulator but then the system says an panic bus error and the emulator pauses. I click on the floppy drives, and I see the disk light change color but nothing seems to work. I would just like to get the game Oids to run. Any suggestions? I was at this page: http://oldguygaming.com/oids. Is the image of oids bad? Is it the emulator? I've even tried running this from a dos command. same issues. Thanks.
  12. there's one on ebay right now: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Apple-IIC-Monitor-Stand-/201600367311?hash=item2ef0517acf:g:9V4AAOSwnFZXWMvv http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-OLD-STOCK-Vintage-Apple-IIc-Monitor-stand-with-box-A2M021-/272167136216?hash=item3f5e6cebd8:g:ZLcAAOSwmmxW5FvZ
  13. Yea, I'd have to agree. They're not cheap anymore, and I got mine back in 1998 for $50 including the monitor and stand. Make sure you run the self test on the system. To start the test both the closed and the open Apple keys must be pressed during boot. It is also possible to press the closed apple while pressing the CONTROL-OPEN APPLE-RESET keys to start the test at any time. you want a response of SYSTEM OK once it's finished. Check that the case and keys aren't badly yellowed. this will effect cost price since it's possible to rewhiten the case and keys, but it's a pain in the butt. Make sure you get the proper power supply forit as well. I've seen them sold with the wrong power supply or the "brick" transformer is missing. Good luck.
  14. No, he needs one of these: You connect the monitor to the stand and you have tilt capabilities. Good luck on this one. Unless you have a used pc place nearby, the only other option is ebay.
  15. I have the GGLABS RAMGS/4. Works like a charm and is fast. Get them to send you the floppy disk so you can test the ram as well.
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