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  1. River Patroller / BigO - So, if I understand you correctly, you're saying that the LED diodes aren't bad (most likely the case), but it's the optical sensor chips that snap on over them? You also mentioned that they are available from standard online sources. I tell you the truth, I've spent hours scouring the web looking for this part, but I can't find it anywhere. I'd buy a dozen of them if I ever found where they were available! Could you dig just a bit more for me and help me find this part, since you mentioned that you did find them previously, and I'm running into nothing but brick walls on this. It would be an immense favor and I'd be eternally grateful to you for the information if you could help me find them, and I'd offer to help you in any way that I can (which probably won't be much because you sound like you're light years ahead of me in understanding the workings of the Trak-Balls, probably the 5200 consoles as well (I could use some help identifying/troubleshooting which chip on the motherboard controls which function...power, sound, video, cursor movement, etc...I have about 12 non-working 5200 consoles, I purchased them thinking that I could repair them but it's harder than I thought it would be!). I'm not asking for you to spend hours on this for me, just a bit more info. on where to find these seemingly non-existent parts for the CX-53 Trak-Balls. thanks!
  2. River Patroller - Thanks for your reply and thorough explanation...I still have a feeling that one of the LED emitters underneath the opti-sensor chip is probably bad. I can do soldering and don't mind attempting the repair (it doesn't work now, so I can't make it any worse, right?), but I simply CAN'T FIND THE PARTS to replace them with. Does anyone know where I can get parts for the CX-53 Atari 5200 Trak-Ball? I hate buying entire units that are described as "for parts only, sold as-is" only to find that it's the same problem on ALL of them...the directional controls. I've successfully cleaned and repaired non-working fire buttons and auxiliary buttons on these, but that didn't require any parts replacements. I need to know WHERE to FIND new parts or replacement parts for this trak-ball. Any help from ANYONE would be greatly appreciated (as I said, I now have 3 of these units where the directional functionality doesn't work in one or more directions...I'm almost positive it's the opti-sensor chips and the LEDs underneath the chips). Thanks! - Ed
  3. Does ANYBODY know where I can purchase parts for the CX-53 Atari 5200 Trak-ball (optisensors, optisensor LEDs, rollers, bearings, etc.)? I simply can't find them ANYWHERE and I've scoured the web for days now. Where can I get parts for this thing? Thanks! - Ed
  4. I will buy used Atari 5200 OEM (CX-52) controllers if they are not completely destroyed...I refurbish them and will pay $10 for each one (plus $3.65 shipping - 1st class US Mail) that doesn't work (only needs refurbishing, may include needing new rubber boot and hold-down ring). Preferably, joystick handle and directional control pots are still working, connection wire preferably still working OK, too. These extra parts cost more to refurbish the controller, so if any of these are defective (joystick pots, connection wire, etc.), I'll still purchase them if they are in a lot of 2 of more at a time for $7.50 each. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for pointing me to the proper place in the Service Manual. Right now, it all means Greek to me, but I will find someone who can help me or I'll figure it out...I'm just that kind of person, I don't give up. Thanks for all your help. I didn't see the small metal pieces in the diagrams, they aren't the hold-down pins, they almost look like gaskets of some sort. I really think that it may be one of the opti-sensors or even the connection cable! Thanks again. - Ed
  6. I have an Atari 5200 Trak-Ball that won't move the cursor UP...everything else on it works flawlessly, all the fire buttons, auxiliary buttons, keypad buttons, and the cursor movements of left, right, and down. It just won't move the cursor UP. I am looking for parts to fix this problem. Anyone with any ideas, any parts, a CX-53 Trak-Ball that has other problems but the cursor moves in ALL directions (I'd be willing to buy it from you for the parts), any of these would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. - rolccone (Ed)
  7. I cleaned my fire button contacts underneath the "dome contacts taped down" with a piece of fine steel wool...they became shiny again with no scratches. After replacing the tape (same tape, it stuck again just as well as before), the fire buttons worked as good as new. Same with the keypad and auxiliary buttons contacts...fine steel wool works wonders, doesn't harm the board, and everything works again. Now I'm having a problem with the trackball making the cursor move "UP". It moves left, right, and down, but it won't move up at all. I'm trying to find out any troubleshooting tips here on this board, so if anyone has any ideas, I'm well open for them. Let me know, OK? Thanks! - Ed
  8. Ballblazer... Did you see the photo of the pieces which I don't know where they came from inside my CX-53 trak-ball for the Atari 5200? Any ideas of what they are or where they go?
  9. Sure, I can post a photo of the two "phantom" metal (actually, I think they are metal covered plastic) pieces...I've attached them as as a JPG file to this reply. I put the pencil in the photo so you can get an idea of what the relative size of the pieces are. Hope you can help! Thanks for the info. on the service manual covering the trak-ball! I'll check that out! - Ed
  10. I have a CX-53 Trackball, everything works EXCEPT the cursor will not move up and down. I tried to clean out the light sensor chips with some electronics cleaner and a small piece of cotton which I moved around the inside of the sensor chip with a really tiny screwdriver (being careful NOT to touch the sensor with the screwdriver. That did not help. It still won't move the cursor up and down. I took the sensors off of the motherboard, then I noticed two small pieces of metal about 1/4"x3/8" which I don't know where they came from, so I don't know where to put them back into! Duh, stupid me, I should have been more careful. Anyway, can anyone help me get my trackball working again? Help me find out where these two small pieces of metal (with a tiny slot in the middle of each) came from, and how to get the cursor to go up and down when the trackball rolls that direction. Thanks. - Ed (Where can I find a schematic for the CX-53, and a diagram of parts that make up the CX-53 so I can see where everything goes? Thanks again!
  11. I can see that this post is from 2011, so I seriously doubt it is still available, but I'm taking a chance. Any chance at all that it is available? Thanks. - Ed
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