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  1. No PS4 required for the AVS, it plugs right into the wall. It's a really great system I've been using it most of the week now. If gets me more excited to see what Z3K can do. Because I've played emulators before and they don't run / look as good as this system handles them. Id love to have all the systems.... one day with the Z3K I'd imagine.
  2. Having a real CRT is not just for nostalgia. Filters are okay on a LCD, but it lacks the depth of picture, color accuracy and zero input lag found in a CRT. And if you have a CRT above consumer grade, like an Arcade Monitor, PVM or BVM, well then you have something really special and I would use one of those over the LCD for anything that supports 240 or 480 resolution.
  3. Oh and the NES Mini Classic, those internals are a stripped down original Wii. Think about it, take a Wii, remove the DVD drive, Bluetooth, take away the Wii-mote, online capability, change the menu to say NES instead of Wii, and boom, new console.
  4. Perhaps they did just hire him or license the tech. But usually when a company does that sort of thing, they have the engineer sign a non compete. And releasing another console like the Z3K that plays more consoles off of an SD card for $200+ cheaper is some serious competition. I'm just wondering how differently internally the Analogue Nt mini is to the final design of the Z3K. Because if Analogue was smart, they'd just license the Z3K and come out with multiple versions directed towards a specific retro console, I.E. an SNES one, Genesis one, ETC. selling the same internals multiple times over. Granted, I'd rather take a Z3K that does everything. I think RetroUSBs AVS is pretty solid with what it does. I don't think 720p will be an issue. But we will see when I get mine in.
  5. Today Analogue announced their Analogue Nt Mini, which is engineered by Kevtris. So is the Analogue Nt mini a clone of the Zimba 3000 or a stripped down version? Or is the Analogue Nt mini the commercial version of the Zimba 3000? Starting with the NES as the most popular base console, with additional cart adapters to come later?
  6. I recognize that this is a long shot, and trust me when I say I'm more than happy / grateful to see so much work in the 16 bit department with this project, but i've got to ask.... Any chance the system would be capable of playing GBA games?
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