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  1. If you like Applesoft Text program i have made some of it, you can find them here: https://archive.org/details/@toolkitman
  2. Try to download it here: https://mega.nz/#!ahwQAIAT Decryption key: !XjrdQQXAp-rnhfgve6rS80KkPq0n2NnR0boY_hRxrTU
  3. Thank you, About Matrix screensaver i have found the code from a post of a friend in apple ii enthusiasts group in facebook, then i have compiled it to make a .dsk disk image for apple ii emulators, you can download it from the file section of apple ii enthusiasts, group.
  4. Hello, I'm here to present the two new prototype i have built, one is an Apple //e Raspberry pi with a paper box case, it runs a true emulator at startup the more like possible to emulate the real Apple //e. The other is a Borroughs PC b20 CPU Raspberry pi with a paper box case, it runs a true DOS emulator at startup to be the more possible similar to the real machine. Here the link in my blog: http://mattechnology.blogspot.it/2016/08/apple-e-raspberry-pi-out-of-box.html http://mattechnology.blogspot.it/p/burroghs-pc-raspberry-pi-paper-case_10.html Thanks for reading Matteo
  5. Hello, I'm new to the forum, i was invited here by a friend with whom i have programmed a Sample of Artificial Intelligence for Apple ][, here you can download the .dsk disk image for emulators of Apple ii.: https://archive.org/download/ARTIFICIALINTELLIGENCEAPPLEBYM.T.ANDM.O I have also modified it to be more like an Mario and Luigi HAL 9001 artificial intelligence game, you can find it here: https://archive.org/details/HAL9001PIZZAMACHINE Thanks to Mark D. Overholser for helping programming this software. Enjoy!
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