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  1. Yup and personally this is the only thread I have the time to follow on Atariage. I’m sure some of us still follow it in the hopes the original Zimba 3000 idea will ever see the light of day. But most of us follow it because we are all fans of FPGA being the best clone solution to playing video games at their most accurate. Kevtris started this thread a while back now... and it’s evolved and grown in ways an internet thread often does but I think in some cool informative ways. Regarding the original topic...In a funny way, I already have somewhat of a Zimba 3000. It is 3 meters by 2 meters in size, contains several components (made by Analogue, Terra Onion, Krikzz and others) and is basically all the FPGA stuff I’ve purchased over the seven or so years I’ve been aware of this tech. It’s literally a large stand for my TV with glass and behind the glass are my several FPGA systems all with their own EverDrive style devices. So when the actual Zimba 3000 gets made, it’ll be like going from one of those giant university computers to a handheld iPhone or something! Hehehe. But I’ve got a little love for this setup. It’s looks pretty slick and plays all the games I’ve ever wanted. I honestly don’t “need” anything else... ok maybe that Analogue pocket.... but seriously, I’m so good now thanks to the many developers producing great equipment. Having more choices is great too... from the Analogue Super NT all the way to the open source Mister to the handheld Analogue Pocket.... it’s still exciting to me all the different ways to play the games we love. Hell I have a CRT sitting right next to my “Zimba 3000” setup hehe... all connected with original consoles! My friends, when they come over all prefer the big screen FPGA setup and cannot understand why I have a huge CRT right next to it but I just love having options I guess. I love how this thread has taken all kinds of twists and turns, but it’s always nice to be reminded of how it started. With a genius engineer contemplating one FPGA device to rule em all and play all the games from the past. Still a really cool concept and when/if that happens I’ll be first in line of course! But for now, I’m very happy with all that has been released and look forward to what the future brings!
  2. I am not so sure if the two functionalities would add considerable cost if you think of some benefits to producing one (more) mass produced unit. I think yes, there is additional cost, but how much? Would the same FPGA have been used? How much extra R&D was done if they were going to do both anyways? Is mass producing this unit twice as much basically going to make manufacturing cheaper? It's hard to say... I don't think we have enough info to go on to make that conclusion.
  3. Terraonion products are never cheap -- but they are excellent. I find my Sega CD/Genesis/32X cart a level above everything else I own. I'll definitely be getting two of these, regardless of cost. I think I'll throw one into my Japanese Saturn and Dreamcast.
  4. 🤨 I never wanted to see this. Until I read this. Now I need to see it, for curiosity sake. A... sick curiosity....
  5. Yeah, I don't really think it's something most here would be into. It's mainly emulation... pretty good from what I've seen. They may add some FPGA components in the future. Anyways, I am happy for them and their fans but it just is not for me as I need either the original console or an accurate FPGA implementation.
  6. Kevtris touching someone else’s code is like a master chef trying my KD Mac & Cheese!
  7. Yeah, an NES core in the style of the Super NT/Mega SG is a very cool prospect. It's an insta-buy for me and probably many other collectors like myself, and hell, I already own two Nintendos and an AVS.
  8. As for how the GBA is implemented, the advertisement states it is all FPGA and zero emulation. "Completely engineered in two FPGAs"
  9. Wow. This thing is sexy AF. If Kevtris is here, hey! Thanks for this! That GBA core musta been a bit of work? I'd love to hear how doing the GBA core differed from the others... was it just more complex? Anyways, is it your first 32-bit core? I just gotta say 'wow' I am impressed with this and this is insta-buy for me, especially since it has the KEVTRIStm FPGA cores and just look at it! Mmmmmmm. Mmmmmm. MMMMMM!! It will also be super cool to hook this up to my TV. Yay! I literally am gonna crack open a good glass of wine tonight, toast Kevtris and analogue, and then play on my current Analogue systems in joy. Possibly drunken joy! Edit: "Crack open a good glass of wine" wouldn't quite work so well. It's morning haha
  10. Kosmic, that is the cutest cart I've ever seen.
  11. Here’s some info from terra onion: Terraonion has moved to Andorra and since DHL doesn't have an office in Andorra, all packages get transported to them for processing. Also, local customs in Andorra are not use to processing a lot of outbound packages for export. They are clearing about 45 per day. So when we drop off several hundred at one time, it takes them multiple days to clear. After that it goes into the DHL system for processing on it's way. The bottom line is this: From the time a package "ships" till the time it arrives to you is going to possibly be 2 to 3 weeks. Once we get all of the MegaSD orders shipped, shipping shouldn't be an issue. But for now packages are going to take a while to process. Don't be alarmed if the package sets in Andorra for a while. That's customs. Don't be alarmed if it sets in DHL for a while. That's normal since the packages have to be transferred to DHL in Spain. Also if you see shipping exceptions or clearance events: Ignore them. It's processing through DHL. If your tracking isn't active at first, again, give it some time.
  12. Might be good to get a video capture of the difference in slowdown
  13. I’d really be exited for a portable that could play GBC and GB original. I’ve been backlight modding GBs but a solution that could just take original GB carts would be oh just so wonderful. Honestly though whatever Analogue comes out with is “instabuy” for me without any consideration as not only do I trust them and Kevtris but I support them. I’m a fanboy dare I say! and Kevtris... thanks for the SPC player! I can’t wait to blast tunes on my Super NT when I get back from my vacation... I’m a sound designer/composer for video games so it was my dream to have a Kevtris-style SPC player! Can’t wait to see it and listen to it like crazy! (I’ve got every SPC made for every game I think...) Wonder if there are any hidden gems I will stumble across I’m wondering if the SPC player has an auto-play type function? Like just turn it on and it sees a folder and can randomly play tunes or play “albums” of tunes? That would be rather cool if that is an existent function!
  14. Hells ya! Every Analogue system I have is sweeeeet. Use them all the time and they’re flawless. I’ve got both the Super NT and Mega Sg and will buy whatever they make next. I’m equally interested in a Neo Geo or PC Engine. I don’t own a proper Neo Geo right now so if that did come out then cool. And my PC Engine is great but one less console hooked up via RGB would be ok in my books too. As for portables yeah I guess I’m not as interested but would probably just get one for the fun of it.
  15. Drunk_Caterpillar. That is awesome!! When did you order yours? I think I ordered mine like, the day it was available... June 17th. Says my status is "Exporting" with a DHL tracking number that doesn't work. Ah well. Glad to know I might get mine soon... wasn't expecting it for a few months (I've gone through the whole PSIO year-long wait too haha)
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