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  1. Bad link? All it displays is this: The exe downloads, though! Thanks for sharing. Hi, Link fixed thanks for reading Gus
  2. Hi, I just want to share with you my port to the Atari 800 of an really classic game. The Last week I found and old magazine article, it's dated September, 1976. The author is Steve Wozniak and the Mag is my opinion the best mag of all times: Dr. Dobb's Journal of Computer Calisthecnics & Orthodontia The program was written with the Apple 1 as the main target machine, but in the article (very short by the way) Steve put some instructions just in case you want to port it to other 6502 machines. Now in 2010, when I finished the reading of this old piece of computer history I decide to port the game to the Atari 8 bit. In the process I founded an error on the Assembly Listing but I can fix the problem in a couple of hours. I like to maintain the source code as close as the original as I can, but I be forced to make some changes in order to: 1) Assemble the source code with the cross assembler that I have at hand, adding comments identifiers. 2) Change the input / output routines for the Atari DOS Platform. 3) Fix the memory location of the "variables" because the listed version is not going to work on any machine (*) (*) I think that maybe the Mag. published some fix on the next issues, but I do not have any number from those years... Im are 6 years old on 1976, I just start reading DDJ thanks to the father of a friend on 1989 You can read the original article including game instructions here And the Atari executable here mstmnd.exe, a complete game on 333 bytes Gus
  3. Hi to all I'm looking for the Supra AT300 Manual. Does anybody know if there is in the web a digital copy ? and by the way are someone playing with some BBS program ? Thanks for your help, Gus
  4. Hi James, That will be great if you scan the manual of the DDT. Im looking for it from a long long time. Thanks in advance, Gus
  5. Yes, I know that the APE has some printer emulation, so my objective is to give this feature to the Atari emulators. But if this works fine maybe I do some SIO2PC version, in the first place I need to made a SIO2PC cable ... Good By(t)e, Gus P.D. Hablás español ?
  6. Thanks. In this first stage I just want a version that we can use from the emulators. Maybe in a future I will do a SIO2PC compatible version. Good By(t)e, Gus
  7. Hi everyone !!! I´m working on an Atari 1020 Emulator. The basic idea is that we can run all the software that uses this device from any emulator (I´m using Atari800Win Plus right now) This is a development release and like I dosen`t own a real 1020 I take for sure some functional instructions from the original manual plus some source code that was published on Antic mag. I like to thanks Ibaeza from Atariware.cl for the manual scanning and the original plotter software copied. There is a very log TODO list but I want to share with all of you the first outputs... Output: Atari 1020 Manual SINE AND COSINE CURVES Output: Atari 1020 Manual PLOTTING ABILITY Good By(t)e, Gus
  8. HI, I´m looking for the software that comes with the Atari 1020 Plotter. I´m looking for the manuals too. If anybody has a copy please share it Thanks a lot, Gus
  9. Hi Thomas, if you can send me your basic disassembly maybe I can get a better one .... This is my first 8K disassembly experience. Be well, Gus
  10. HI, I'm working on the H.E.R.O. New Worlds (a Level Editor) I can tell you that there is a lot of hardcoding on this game original code. I will post some progress soom Gus
  11. Hi Al, Im asking if we can include the Indy 500 XE to the hacks list ... Just tell me and I send you the images and the last ROM, if Xot agree we can include the manual. I think Atari isn´t going to clain that we share the hack free of charge Be well, Gus
  12. gus


    I work long hours on a hack and a editor fofr the loved H.E.R.O. Game, All this in the midtime when the winners of my previous hack Indy 500 XE where selected .... The Albert give me the bad news So I think that Activision will do the same and all the work is useless one more time. I try to contact somebody at Activision (because I like to do a new version of H.E.R.O. for the Palm OS, but they never respond me. I now that my english isen´t very good but even in that case they can just say NO we are´t interested or something like that. I posted on the IGDA (International Game Developers Association) and a couple of layers tell me that do this mobile version without previous autorization isn`t a good idea. Well now I like to do some more hack or may be a new game for the 2600 but Where can I start ? some idea ? some company that for sure will not send a memo to the AtariAge guys ?? I like to start working on some Atari project as soon as posible so any help are welcome, Gus
  13. gus


    HI to everyone, I like to know if the game Time Crisis is working on MAME and where can I find the ROM ?? Thanks, Good By(t)e, Gus
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