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  1. Yeah. It will be a few more weekends before I revisit this. Your humor was well received.
  2. I've replaced U26, U27, and U28 as well as the RAM. The colors vary on startup, but are most often a light shade of blue.
  3. So I have left this thing running for about ten minutes - none of the RAM chips are hot, but the CPU and GTIA are a little warmer than the rest of the chips. My assumption is this is normal. I do see, however, that U26 and U27 have blackened pins. These are RAM demux chips, correct?
  4. New PSU arrived today. Looks like that issue is resolved. Sadly, whether it was the original PSU or something else, the 800XL is in need of more diagnosis\repair. On power up, the screen may flash a sort of off-white or dark red, always ending on black. Time to start testing ICs. I don't have any replacements or another 800XL on hand, so this may be it for awhile.
  5. I've already got another PSU en route. It'll be about a week but I'll do some testing and report back.
  6. Connected with the cable and adapter I use for my 2600. No switch box.
  7. Yeah - more research lie telling me the "ingot" epoxy PSU is notoriously bad. Buzzing on the RF line ...fingers crossed that my unit isn't toast.
  8. Thanks. Photo of the output is attached. This is accompanied by a constant buzz.
  9. 1. NTSC 2. Its a store bought cable I use with my Commodore. It is pretty old but I know it works. 3. I don't have a modulator that will work with the Atari 800 XL - unless any old modulator will work? I've got some NES\Sega modulators.
  10. I picked up an 800 XL and a handful of games a couple weeks ago. I've been having some trouble getting video out of it. Right now the composite line on the 5 pin DIN is showing a slightly less than black screen with a faint vertically scrolling gray bar. No audio, and game carts have the same output. Troubleshooting done so far: Tried several monitors including a 1702 - the luminance and chroma channels are putting out garbage. Cleaned motherboard. Reseated all ICs touched up a couple bad solder joints Note: I don't have another 800 XL to test with. A little bit of research has led me to the very likely possibility that the power supply is the culprit. While I keep looking for my multimeter (still unpacking from a move) I thought I'd ask for your input. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
  11. Just an update - went ahead and grabbed the 3 in 1 XB cart https://www.arcadeshopper.com/wp/?page_id=11#!/Extended-Basic-3-in-1-Contains-Ti-XB-XB2-7-and-RXB2015/p/58077057/category=15846004 Pretty excited to start hacking away on this thing.
  12. Wow! Very cool. Unfortunately, it looks like the store is out of stock on all those carts. I'll keep an eye open. I've read a bit F18A upgrade - didn't seem like it was available at this time. What is this SAMS memory card everyone is talking about and why do I need one? Does it replace the 32k RAM card? For transparency - my PEB has a 32K card, RS-232, Disk controller with a full height drive. Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone! I love my Apple stuff, but the TI is something new for me. It really seems like a very interesting machine.
  13. Hello everyone! I picked up a TI-99/4A at a flea market last week and I've just received a stocked PEB in the mail. I am coming for the Apple II scene, and I've never used a TI machine before this past week. I am looking for a copy of TI Extended Basic and the Editor Assembler. That said, I've read there are many different version of Extended Basic - some that are third party, some that are buggy, some that are basically clones. Getting started, I think TI Extended Basic might be best for me. I am wondering if there is any obvious way to distinguish the buggy version from the the less buggy version? Also - Is it possible to load a "cassette" file from an iPod?
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