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  1. I bought the SD2SNES second hand, so I don't know from where it was purchased. However, I got the following from the SD2SNES System Information screen: Firmware version: 0.1.7e SD Maker/OEM: 0x03, "SD" SD Product Name: "SE32G", Rev. 8.0 SD Serial No.: xxxxxxxx, Mfd. 2016/04 SD acc. time: 0.297 / 0.863 ms avg/max Card usage: 18101MB / 30424MB CIC state: SuperCIC detected, not used SNES master clock: 21442203Hz CPU Rev.: 2 PPU1 Rev.: 1 PPU2 Rev.: 3 My Super Nt firmware is the official 4.5 version.
  2. Hey Guys, I searched around a bit to see if I could find out more about my video glitch issue, but couldn't find an exact match in these thread. RickBa posted about having to power on his Super NT before plugging in his SD2SNES in order for the SD2SNES to work. DarkkOne replied to that post saying that he needed to turn the Super NT on, then off, then back on again for the SD2SNES to work. I searched through this thread and found no replies to either issue. I am experiencing something similar. I'm primarily only playing Chrono Trigger right now. When I try to play ChronoTrigger off of my SD2SNES, if I just power on the Super Nt, boot the SD2SNES and then load CT, I see lots of flickering/artifacts on random parts of the screen. It's very evident on my initial loading screen. I used to think I had a bad connection so I'd remove the SD2SNES and reseat it, and boom it would work. No flickering/artifacts. Then I discovered that if I power ON the Super Nt, power it back OFF, then power it back ON, that then CT loads up fine on the SD2SNES without any graphical glitches. I read a little bit about people having issues with an inadequate power supply, but I'm using the standard U.S. power supply that came with the Analogue Super Nt. It appears as though maybe the SD2SNES needs to get some juice flowing through it first. So turning on the Super Nt then a quick power recycle seems to fix the issue. I know that I cannot just power up the Super Nt and hit the reset button. That doesn't solve the problem. I HAVE to power the Super Nt off and on. And this is only on the Super Nt. Both my SNES Jr and SNES full size don't have this issue. Any thoughts or recommendations other than power cycling? Can this be fixed via firmware? On First Boot - Glitched: https://farm1.staticflickr.com/909/26656717787_1f67caac44_b.jpg After Power Cycle - UNGlitched: https://farm1.staticflickr.com/937/26656712877_b67672ea93_b.jpg -Rob
  3. Got a link? My googling skills are apparently sub-optimal. I cannot find anything called Retro Circus selling SNES repro carts. Really interested in that SFX combo cart. EDIT: Never mind. Found it. It's actually Retro Circuits. I think it's a little too pricey for me, but for those that care: https://www.retrocircuits.com/product/super-fx-all-in-one/
  4. Wow. OMG. That was it! Thanks! I wasted so much time reading stuff online when all I had to do was read the bottom of the TV screen. It says it right there, hit Start to Confirm. Jeez. I feel so dumb now. I don't remember having to hit Start to change resolutions on the default firmware. Was it always like that and I just don't remember or did that change in 4.1? In any case, thank you so much!
  5. I searched through this thread, but I couldn't find anyone else mentioning this issue. I couldn't even find a blip on google. I went through the Analogue support site. Figured I'd try here. I was messing around with different video settings yesterday on my Super NT. I was trying to figure out optimal settings for my TV. I wasn't really happy with any particular settings so I started looking up suggestions online and trying things from MLiG and Twitter and review articles I found. I started with 1080p, but eventually tried 720p60 and various settings. I tinkered and tinkered. Then I updated the firmware from the stock shipped version to 4.1. Everything still worked fine. At some point, I tried to go back to 720p60 for more testing and found that I could not. In fact, now I cannot choose anything other than 1080p60. It simply will not "X" select anything other than 1080p60. It says that 480p60, 720p60, 1080p60, 720p50 and 576p50 are supported by my screen, and I know for a fact that at some point I was using 720p60. I was doing this on an NTSC Panasonic Plasma 65" TV. *NOTHING* I did after this allows me to select 720p60 or anything else. I'm stuck on 1080p now. I tried Factory Resetting settings. No dice. I even tried flashing the firmware back to 4.0, but even then, I'm stuck at 1080p60. I flashed back up to 4.1. Still, stuck at 1080p60. Any idea what went wrong? How can I get back to being able to select 720p60? Seems really really odd that even flashing to different firmware levels that I wouldn't be allowed to change the resolution.
  6. So now that my RGB Cable is fixed, I just posted a quick and dirty video of the RGB output of the Nt mini Vs. an NESRGB modded NES. Caveat: The video capturing wasn't ideal, but you still get a good idea of the differences. https://youtu.be/VOF7_befl-A
  7. It's a sign of the times. Everybody has a cell phone. They're excited. I can empathize. I decided from the beginning that I didn't want to take video, but that was mostly because I didn't want to detract from my enjoyment of the museum by focusing on taking video. I just decided to take a bunch of snapshots and enjoy the museum. I'm glad I did.
  8. Good to know they swap out stuff. I'd like to revisit and spend some more time there. -Rob
  9. Just put up this neat little slideshow tour of the National Video Game Museum in Frisco, TX (Just outside of Dallas/Ft. Worth. Check it out! Let me know what you think! https://youtu.be/uwsKTe2TJ_U
  10. So I was just reading through the comments for the week and was surprised to find a link to one of my videos. That's me in the video having an issue with the RGB cable from RetroGamingCables.co.uk. Robert from RGC and I went back and forth via email with me sending pics and probing clumsily with a multimeter. I'm not very well versed in cable making so I was reliant on him telling me what to do. Ultimately, I got the cable to output RGB by simply soldering Pins 10 and 4 together on the male cable end that plugs into the back of the Nt mini. That was it. With pins 10 and 4 soldered together, I got RGB. Not soldered together, and I got Component. My soldering jobs aren't the best so Robert agreed to send me a new cable that he made himself. It's in the mail.
  11. Hi Guys. Just uploaded this today. Comparing some modern NES clones! Each has it's own pros and cons, of course. This video focuses only on the HDMI output. https://youtu.be/Yj50gtSnvQY -Rob
  12. Also, for those RGB nuts like me out there, Retro Gaming Cables UK is now selling RGB cables for the NT mini. It has the stereo spliced in so that's a nice little perk. https://www.retrogamingcables.co.uk/ANALOGUE-NT-MINI-RGB-SCART-CABLE?search=analogue One caveat though, Robert at Retro Gaming Cables UK contacted me directly when I asked about the delay in shipment. He stated that he was working out an issue about not having 5 volt signal being output by the VGA port on the back of the NT mini. Apparently that doesn't cause any problems if you're hooking it up to a PVM/BVM (which I am) or if you're using a Framemesiter, but if you're actually using the cable to connect to an RGB Television or a SCART to HDMI converter (which is pointless for an NT mini anyway as it already does HDMI), it requires the 5 volts signal and won't work. Since I assured him I will not be using the cable on an actual RGB TV, he shipped the cable out to me anyway. I also have a set of monoprice RGB cables that have arrived, so I'll be testing those out first.
  13. Just uploaded an Overview and Unboxing of an Analogue NT Mini. Overall, while expensive as crap, I think that given that Kevtris is adding value to the hardware with his jailbreak software, the machine has a lot of a potential for some really hardcore 8bit fans. Although I quickly mention some alternatives towards the end of the video, I'll get a more in-depth video soon comparing it to the other options out there. So far I'm pretty excited for this hardware! https://youtu.be/lqjde0pbtCg
  14. UPS is delivering my NT mini tomorrow! I've already starting prepping the SD card... Thanks a million, Kevtris. Amazing work, man! -R
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