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  1. So my TI-99/4A has been acting up lately. In some games, like BurgerTime or Parsec for example, the system will lock up. Sometimes it will just stay frozen, sometimes the console reboots, and sometimes random graphics corruptions and characters appear all over the screen. I should also mention that sometimes when powering on it will lag for a few seconds longer than normal before getting to the main screen, and there is no beep when that happens. Probably unlikely, but is it possible that the power board is failing? Thanks in advance! P.S. I've also found that pressing on the middle of the top at the back will cause the corrupted graphics as well.
  2. Except when viewing on my TV via composite, it appears far different from that, much more washed out. Should I try a CRT on composite, or get one of the IIGS RGB -> Component Video adapters?
  3. Right now I have it set on 60hz, and my TV is an NTSC TV.
  4. So this is normal functioning for composite video? Well derp. Guess I should get an RGB -> Component adapter or one of the CRT's that are compatible with the IIGS. As for the scrolling/jumping video at startup, after cleaning the connector 3 times with isopropyl alcohol, the jumping seems to be reduced. Where should I go from here?
  5. https://www.dropbox.com/s/bhg023wniyx6cq8/iigs_video.jpg?dl=1 The image being reversed is simply my camera. Also excuse the temporary setup, the other TV is occupied right now. The color for border and background says 'Medium Blue' however as you can see it doesn't appear that way.
  6. One thing I should probably note is that the deadened colors are only a problem when in the 'text' mode, e.g. when at the BASIC prompt, booting up, in the Control Panel, etc. When the colors are deadened, the most obvious problems are the background and border colors. After switching to lo-res graphics mode or hi-res, the problems go away. EDIT: One more side note: On occasion while turning the connector to make the video work, the image will be clear while scrolling vertically, sort of like when you plug PAL devices into NTSC tv's, just much slower scrolling. Is it possible some of the issues are related to bad timing of vertical sync?
  7. I've cleaned the connector and made sure that it is solid. Sorry if this is a newbish question, but as for solder joints, should I check the soldering on the connector first? If the connector is fine, what should I try after that? After cleaning the RCA jack, the video has improved somewhat. (less interference, flickering)
  8. Should I worry about damaging the machine by turning it on due to the aforementioned arcing RF frequencies and questionable grounding?
  9. Thanks! Probably shouldn't have thrown out my last CRT last week. On the other hand, would the need to wiggle the connector be due to wear and tear of the connector, or corrosion? And why do I need to mess with the connector every time I toggle the power switch, even if I don't move the connector at all?
  10. After pulling my Apple IIGS out of the attic, I plugged it in to my modern LCD TV via composite. However, upon boot up, the screen is garbled and jumpy. If i wiggle/twist the RCA connector at the IIGS end, i can fix the garbled video and jumpiness, however the colors are all wrong, as in they look very deadened/muted. Medium blue appears as a dark blueish grey, dark red looks like brown, yellow looks very faded, etc. Is this caused by the failure of a certain chip, should I replace the capacitors, or what? EDIT: I should also add that if I flip the switch on the back, and turn it on again, I have to wiggle the RCA cable all over again for a while to get the image to work. When viewing text, there are also several pink/green artifacts. Knowing that it is an Apple II on a color display, this could happen, but I just wanted to put it in here to be safe.
  11. First of all - I'm rather a newbie with this system, so excuse me if this is an absurd question. As the title states, I'm looking for a way to run cartridge ROM's from a cassette tape. I saw this post here a while back: I am wondering what this task is. If anybody has even the faintest idea, could they please point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance!
  12. I honestly can't invest in an option more than about $30-$40 at the moment. Is there a way to use a CompactFlash/SDCard in place of the floppy drive, or maybe connect an HxC floppy emulator to the TI99? EDIT: Even better, is there a way to let me play cartridge games from an SD card/ CompactFlash? Something like a custom cartridge with a card slot on it, or a way to connect it to my PC and add games to it?
  13. As the nanoPEB and CF7+ are no longer available, is there any way to connect a 360k/720k 3.5" floppy drive to the TI-99/4a without dealing with the shipping costs of the PEB? Thanks in advance!
  14. So in a nutshell, if I just want to read from the cassette player (or my PC's sound card for that matter), all I have to do is wired pins 8 and 9 to a 3.5mm headphone jack plugged in to an amplified source?
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