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  1. I've had a Saturn before but recently at a thrift store I got a Saturn and 30 games and one of the games was Sonic 3D Blast. I played the Genesis version and wasn't too much of a fan but the Saturn Version is a different experience altogether. If the Genesis version did not exist I'd say it would be a stand out NA launch title for the Sega Saturn! It's much better than the Genesis Version and the 3D bonus stages are the star of the show! Now that I have given this game a fair chance I must say that it's better than I orignally thought. I wonder if the game would have been more successful as a Saturn Sonic Title if the Genesis version was scrapped?
  2. Check out Goodwill or random Thrift stores most people don't know what they have found a Saturn a like 20 games for $30 at one.
  3. I think the CD-i has some popular PC games like Myst but I may be mistaken. That plus Flashback and Burn:Cycle equals 3 games already! Just need two more ummmmmmmm......... Tetris and.... Don't think Odyssey^2 would be more obscure, didn't it sell over 2 million copies?
  4. Sorry guys but those adult CD-i games are rated R censored at best. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlTLio9o2vI
  5. Are Metal Slug and Contra considered SHMUPS because I know a lot of sites change the rules on whether SHMUPS are games only involving vehicles or people with guns.
  6. I've heard PC gamers talk about the 7th Guest so I suppose that would be a second good game next to Burn:Cycle
  7. Oh it was Martin. Yeah, a lot of publications use him as a key informant. IGN did to.
  8. Looks like you got an in-tact complete Microsvision then! Look like someone didn't realize what they had, especially in the condition it's in.
  9. At least it IS possible to play it without the translation. That's good.
  10. How are the papers? Are they in good condition or torn/bend?
  11. Between this and the guy you said had made up memories about the Panther (Michael?) Imagitec probably never even saw a dev kit.
  12. I really don't get it, we have transparent sales figures for Japan, the Dreamcast had NOTHING to do with the Saturn momentum collapsing that happened BEFOR the DC came out. You could argue it made it worse but the Saturn was already done in Japan by the time the DC came out. The attach rate on the N64 was already almost double the Saturns in 1998 as well. People brought more games on the N64 than the Saturn in Japan across numerous games and not just Mario and Zelda as you continue to imply. Saturn got all the genres covered plus an early system seller with Virtua Fighter and it still collapsed. The reason why we don't see eye to eye is you seem to argue based on the assumption most are anti-Sega. You've made some very odd comparisons to try and explain the capabilities of both the Saturn and the Genesis even though the example used for the two are worse than their competitors. You also haven't really agree on them not having long-lasting Ips otherwise you'd understand it took years before the Genesis started getting hit games. An statement you continue to disagree with despite almost all the best selling Genesis games of 800k or more being post 1992 outside Haltered Beast, Ms. Pacman and Sonic.
  13. US publishers aren't really comparable to the UK/JP but I see where you're coming from. Though I'm curious about your Pit Fighter comment. You think it would have been bad if the 7800 got Pit Fighter? I think it may have helped the 7800 given Pit Fighter was popular at the time. Sure in retrospect it would be a crap game but for the time it may have helped.
  14. Kind of hurts Ataris real historical legacy though. Kind of jerk move against Nolan and Warners Atari to be honest.
  15. It wasn't, because the Saturn was originally doing better and then the N64 caught up and never looked back. Saturn got ports of games selling bucket loads on the PSX that were not on the N64 and the N64 still sold evenly without any of those genres being represented. N64 Jrpgs may have been an issue when competing with the PlayStation but the N64 did not need them to beat the Saturn. You need to realize that not everyone is Anti-sega by pointing out that they didn't handle things well. You're refusal to admit what's well documented by Segas own staff in both countries is baffling.
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