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  1. Around last year I was able to get a huge lot of TI-99 games. I am just now getting to them and I noticed that i couldn't find any information on some of the games. I figured i would post some pictures and all of the info I know. The first game is a version of multiplication, except it wasn't released by Texas Instruments. The next one is called Khe Sanh Guerilla War in Viet Nam. The game is on a disk, and produced by Not Polyoptics. The next game is Tower, also made by Not Polyoptics. This one is a cassette. The next one is B-1 nuclear bomber. It is a cassette. I can find Wikipedia saying it exists, but no photos. It is still sealed. finally I have Star Trap. When I looked up this game, it always states that it was made by Excltec, when mine says its made by DataBioTics Inc.. All of the other photos are games that are documented to exist, but have no pictures online. Space patrol, spy's demise, and red baron.
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