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  1. Here's my theory: They know the eventual (and more lucrative) goal is to release a sub $200 plastic version of an 8 bit multi-console. But before they get there they figured they might as well make some $$ on the existing pent up demand for the Nt Mini by doing a single production run. They've expressed in the past that manufacturing the Nt Mini is kind of a pain, so they probably need a fair amount of advance notice on the quantity desired before doing the production run. After they opened preorders they were tracking how quickly orders came in and when it got close to 1 week the rate of orders had slowed to the point where it made more sense to just cut off orders. The much slower rate of order at 1 week was kind of confirmed by looking at the sequential order number values. Had they left preorders opened till release they would have had to potentially commit to multiple runs to satisfy demand, which maybe they didn't want to do because of other product plans.
  2. IIRC it available for preorder for exactly one week. I don't think they were limiting quantity.
  3. I'm sure there will be bugs found in the v2 that will only be fixed when Nt Micro comes out. And Nt Micro bugs that only get fixed when the Nt Super comes out. The cycle repeats.
  4. Latest quote from Kevtris after probing: "the intv core will fit on the ntm 1 but I don't have time to add it"
  5. It's mostly discussion on discord, so there's no way to link it.
  6. Where? Give me a quote. Edit: nevermind, I found it. I ordered a ntm2 but that's still unfortunate to hear.
  7. Lack of space doesn't affect the ability to port new cores like Intellivision. The cores run individually, not all at the same time. NES takes up most of the space due to all the mappers, but that space is free to use for other less ambitious cores.
  8. Analogue will never discuss it officially but I wouldn't be surprised if Kevtris backported some of the cores, especially the Intellivision core which he said was coming.
  9. The reason why it works on MiSTer is documented here: https://github.com/MiSTer-devel/NES_MiSTer/blob/master/rtl/nes.v#L191
  10. There are a number of ways to have essentially zero introduced lag, so as a blanked statement it's not accurate. Unless by "some" you mean 1ms? The scaler has had a mode for 1 or 2 years that only adds a handful of scanlines of lag (similar to Analogue zero lag mode). Or if you hookup to a CRT there is no scaler so no lag there. For controllers there are various options to wire directly to bypass USB lag. Or if you insist on USB you can enable 1000Mhz polling.
  11. What lag issues are you referring to? That sounds like the state 2 years ago.
  12. It's in Nevada near Las Vegas IIRC. People on the West Coast are all paying ~$20. edit: It looks like my Mega Sg shipping was $17 but the Super Nt was $23. The Nt Mini (bigger and heavier) was $23 (v1) and $26 (v2).
  13. It has to do with distance from the fulfillment center. Everyone within about 1000 miles isn't paying much.
  14. You're right, the shipping does seem awfully high in certain cases. And I'm sure there are cheaper fulfillment company options. But the company they use at least seems to do a pretty good job in that the packages arrive pretty quickly and are well protected. In my case shipping has always been ~$20, and when I priced the UPS rate for the same package it ended up being ~$15, so the $5 cost for fulfillment + packaging materials seemed reasonable.
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