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  1. People are buying but it's just not in large enough numbers to create high prices. Too many scalpers bought units so it's a high supply, low demand type situation.
  2. Nt Mini Noir sellers on Ebay haven't been able to get any profit for months so it's not surprising to me that it didn't sell out quickly.
  3. The illustration near the bottom shows a little plug in receiver: https://www.analogue.co/editions/nt-mini-noir
  4. And it's an especially inappropriate term when the alternatives have an equivalent number of bugs or inaccuracies
  5. Yeah, if your monitor doesn't support the actual console's native refresh rate then Analogue's 60Hz output definitely helps because every monitor supports it.
  6. I understand. Different people have different priorities in terms of what they value. For somebody that values using carts, design aesthetics, and true plug and play (for carts at least) then Analogue is the obvious choice. I personally value the accuracy of recreation over all else, so MiSTer is looking a bit more interesting at this point. But I still enjoy all my Analogue consoles.
  7. Smokemonter (and few others) oversee the administration of the github for the jailbreak but have nothing to do with the jailbreak implementation. What are the garbage MiSTer cores? The popular ones (NES, SNES, Genesis, TG-16/CD, GBA) are pretty much flawless at this point and to be honest the equivalent released Analogue cores have some catching up to do. GB, SMS, and Neo Geo are all excellent. It sounds like your impressions might be based on info from two years ago, but a lot has changed since then.
  8. No, I'd say the chances of that happening are close to zero.
  9. Nope it's the same as before. Github is just a more convenient way to distribute it because it allows outstanding issues to be reported and tracked.
  10. I hope it helps. To be clear, I just saw it mentioned elsewhere and I wasn't involved with making it.
  11. Maybe this will help: https://github.com/dot-bob/int2intv
  12. Smokemonster didn't decide anything. He's the messenger.
  13. No. The OG Nt Mini JB was released through this thread. The new one is only compatible with the Noir.
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