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  1. I assume that's still the eventual plan but: Jotego is one of the most active devs in the MiSTer community, and has 2,924 patreon supporters: https://www.patreon.com/topapate So if Analogue hasn't engaged with him they probably haven't reached out to anyone.
  2. Based on order number reports on discord (order numbers are consecutive), it appears Group A was approximately 5000 orders. I guess some of those might have been for 2 pockets, so maybe 6000 pockets in Group A? In terms of timing, I think the cutoff for actually getting through checkout was about 3 minutes, which was tough because of forced waiting in the queue.
  3. $10 cheaper? The drive cost is minor relative to the other parts, so I can't see them doing it.
  4. I think the difficulty really started with the Pocket. IIRC the Super Nt and Mega Sg had open preorders for months. Super Nt might have closed orders briefly right before shipping but there was plenty of time before that to order it.
  5. The Pocket will get additional runs in the future and is not limited like the Nt Mini Noir. They'll continue to produce as many Pockets as they can, but clearly people will need to be patient. Those that are patient will probably get improved hardware due to the inevitable fixes
  6. It really depends on what you care about. I linked the issues list above if you want to look. For some people, maybe none of them would be considered important. For others, they might be big flaws.
  7. The Github page is just a community driven place to track all known bugs. Kevtris is aware of the list and as a result aware of all the bugs. In fact, it was originally requested that all official firmware bugs be posted there. Analogue has clearly not forgotten about the Super Nt or Mega Sg and seems to be interested in continuing to update it. I'm just hoping that feeling lasts long enough for the important bugs to be fixed.
  8. I thought the point of this topic was to discuss whether Analogue would ever fix the long-standing bugs. Many of the Super Nt bugs were originally reported in early 2018: https://github.com/SmokeMonsterPacks/Super-NT-Jailbreak/issues And many of the Mega Sg bugs were reported in 2019: https://github.com/SmokeMonsterPacks/Mega-Sg-Jailbreak/issues At the current rate of bug fixing, maybe those bugs will be fixed in ... 2025? 2030? idk... but it seems likely Analogue will have introduced the new Super Super Nt V2 and Mega Mega Sg+ by then (and discontinued old models), so ... I hope not. I hope Analogue fixes all these longstanding bugs. But they like introducing / updating products (Nt -> Nt v2 -> Nt Mini -> Nt Mini v2), and they do seem to stop supporting old products when newer versions are introduced.
  9. For now they are, yes. But that doesn't really mean anything if the fixes aren't coming for a few years.
  10. Maybe I'm misremembering, but didn't the original Nt Mini and Super Nt ship on time (or very close to it)? I don't remember the Mega Sg being that late either. edit: Nt Mini said it would ship Jan 2017 and I received mine before the end of Jan 2017. Super Nt said it would ship Feb 2018 and I received mine mid Feb 2018.
  11. Plans change, especially when there are new products in the pipeline. Kevin works for Analogue, so they ultimately dictate where he spends his time. He had also planned on finishing his port of the intellivsion core to the Nt Mini (v1) but that plan became impractical after the Noir v2 was released. By the time Kevin has time to fix some longstanding bugs, it may coincide with Analogue releasing updated hardware, and it would not be surprising if the older hardware didn't get the fixes.
  12. From what I can tell, it's a place to hang out and poke fun at Amico related news or developments.
  13. The Analogue channels on the Classic Gaming discord are still very active. Kevtris is very active as well though he seems to spend all of his time in #amico-discussion
  14. Announcing a future reveal date for a product that's years late crosses some kind of line
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