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  1. I so hope the next batch is going to be 80 units again 🤞 Thank you SainT for all your hard work and persistence, you are a rock in the sea of retro hardware 🥰 You hinted at something a long time ago, I am praying you will make that a reality, as I find the current prices on Ebay waaaay over the top... remember the CatBox? You said you where investigating something like it... I hope you press on and create it, I'll be first in line to grab it from your shop 🤪
  2. Pre-order Position: 160 😎 But unfortunately too late for the first batch 😭
  3. no need for an account, you can at least read all he writes, that you can do without an account, unlike Facebook... I have a twitter account which has been active for 7 days, made almost 10 years ago I'm not 'following' him, I just have a tab reserved for his twitter feed
  4. If any, I'm sure SainT will post it here, but keep an eye on his Twitter account too, loads of titbits from time to time.
  5. Q1 halfway over... ready to accept preorders now?
  6. I'm getting more and more excited, just by seeing all the support to SainT from you Jaguar development Gods. I think I speak for most of the community eagerly awaiting the JagSD's release: THANK YOU FOR YOUR INPUT!!
  7. And ST games without the need to port them
  8. I forgot about that, I can remember something about that indeed... But it's time for a new breakoutbox like the Catbox anyway Would be nice to get something like that with a HDMI upscaler included, simply because it's almost mandatory to use that on any new TV.
  9. Heh, I have another 'little' project for you if you need something different for a change ICD Catbox, new style, with a TCP/IP connection to hook up to users around the world as if they where next to you... anything close to this idea is long gone, sold out, bankrupt or not available world wide at a ridiculously high price... I think you will make a bunch of people VERY happy with something like that
  10. @SainT, for the next version of your menu (if it will come, ever), can you add a little something to show you it's loading the preview image in the menu? I find myself (impatient lad that I am) already pressing the down or up button to speed up things and with that skipping the games I actually was looking for... I don't have all the preview images it seems so some will and others won't show them, making it a hit or miss experience... Alternatively, is there a possibility to pre-cache the next and previous 3 images if available? Or is the Lynx' memory insufficiënt for that? If neither are a possibility, I'll have to live with my impatience
  11. After experiencing the excellent work on the Lynx SD card, I can't wait for you to open pre-orders on this, seriously! SainT, I applaud your work and support for these platforms, I know it's 'just another hobby' for you, but seriously, you keep a legacy alive with your effords! THANK YOU!
  12. So dang close, yet still so far
  13. I already sent you a PM, but please add me to the list I ordered a LCD replacement kit from McWill, this will complete my much wanted upgrades
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