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  1. I'm curious what changes were made. The system resetting after telling it to sleep hasn't been corrected.
  2. I would love to see those "Retro Classix" titles on VCS. Especially Gate of Doom, Wizard Fire, and Super BurgerTime. There are several DOS games they have that also look very interesting. Shadoworlds, NAM, and Planet's Edge, to name a few. If they could get those to work entirely with the modern controller, I'd like to see those arrive on the VCS store.
  3. The sleep function now resets the console. Is this the same for everyone else?
  4. So I found out that the A/B switches (and other functions) can be manipulated on a keyboard. I went to this page and looked at the keyboard controls. I wish they could've mapped them to other buttons on the modern controller. It's much more convenient for me to play Adventure in the Vault instead.
  5. Do you know how to toggle the A/B difficulty switches for these 2600 releases? Having them set to 'A' for Adventure makes the game harder but I don't know how to do that on these VCS releases.
  6. According to Atariboxed.com, Adventure received a silver box release in New Zealand (maybe other countries too). I still like the original orange box more. The cover art fits the orange coloring better than the silver. Website Link
  7. I wonder what they have left from Ocean Software. I know they sold some Ocean IP to Piko Interactive several years ago. I'm assuming they still have the copyrights to the licensed Ocean games such as Robocop and Jurassic Park, but I doubt those will ever get re-released by Atari (too expensive for them to license, I suppose).
  8. First original game in years? So they're gonna pretend Days of Doom, Citytopia, and Mob Empire never existed? Okay then, if that's the path they're taking. Whatever.
  9. If you're referring to the Hasbro remakes of Pong, Centipede, Breakout, and Missile Command then yes, they do. They licensed them out for use on Piepacker. Other non-Atatri PS1 games such as Alone in the Dark, Glover, and 40 Winks (among others) are gone though. I have that one on Steam. I enjoy the surreal art style, even if it has nothing to do with the source material. The Facebook game they had back in 2011 was a nice evolution of the original game. I played that one a lot when it was available.
  10. Crusade in Europe It's another DOS game. I'm skipping it since I have no interest in these war sims.
  11. I guess they originally had Meltdown (7800) in mind, but then they realized too late that a lightgun was required and that wouldn't have been an easy port. Sentinel (2600) in the Atari Vault also required a lightgun but the developers at Code Mystics were able to change it so there's a crosshair displayed on screen, thus making it playable without the aforementioned lightgun. I suppose doing something similar to Meltdown was beyond the expertise of the team porting the 7800 games to VCS (or they felt it wasn't worth it for a $2.99 release). Just my two cents.
  12. Who owns those Stern arcade games? Is it the current company, Stern Pinball Inc?
  13. I skipped the last Dosbox release. The first one, Dog Fight, ran like crap so I didn't bother buying the second one. I ended up uninstalling it. What a waste of $6.99. Some Ziggurat-owned games should also be coming to VCS. That Basketball game, Fast Break, looks interesting so I'll look into that one when it releases in VCS. I hope they add more classic Atari consoles & computers soon.
  14. I think the last update was when the "Friends" tab was added. That was in September/October. I'm curious what the next update will bring (whenever that'll be).
  15. I bought the game last night. The gameplay is very choppy compared to that video linked above. How's everyone else's experience with it?
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