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  1. I'm interested in purchasing one copy of this game. Thank you.
  2. First time playing this one. I did it without reading the instructions lol. Looking at other people's high scores, I wish I did 😦. Score: 2,680
  3. Secret Quest has music that plays throughout the game. Fatal Run and Sprintmaster have music during their respective main menus.
  4. My Joust high score: 19,750. Sorry for the bad picture.
  5. My high scores. Pac-Man: 3,323 Ms. Pac-Man: 45,250
  6. My personal top 10 favorite Intellivision games: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (Cloudy Mountain/Crown of Kings) Tower of Doom Thin Ice Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Treasure of Tarmin Thunder Castle Hover Force Body Slam: Super Pro Wrestling Pac-Man Dracula Slam Dunk: Super Pro Basketball
  7. Halloween high score: 6,525 Frankenstein's Monster high score: 1,130
  8. The only new additions I've seen are Strategy X and Marine Wars (both from Konami). The other 8 are from last year's model: Backgammon, Frog Pond, Fun with Numbers, Slot Machine (Atari) Chase It, Escape It, Shield Shifter, and Miss It.
  9. I see that retailer (and their affiliates) are the only ones selling them online as of this posting. I'm waiting for retailers near me to get the FBX and Legends console in stock. I remember Walmart having the FB9 Boom already in stores by this time last year so I wonder how much longer it'll be.
  10. Nice pics. I love the new box art with the many characters surrounding the console. Which retailer did you find this at?
  11. Thanks for the video. I see the menu theme and layout remains unchanged from last year's model. Neat that they kept the SD card slot for the Legends console. Is the FBX menu layout any different from the previous year?
  12. The games list of the FBX looks almost identical to the FB9 Boom from last year. The only differences I noticed is the inclusion of Space Raid, BurgerTime, Burning Rubber, Lock n Chase, and Super Cobra. They replaced Frog Pond, Fun with Numbers, Slot Machine, Backgammon, and Track & Field from last year's FB9 Boom to keep the game count the same at 110. Some of the inclusions were in the FB9 Gold from last year.
  13. I was at my local Walmart the other day and saw them for the same price as well. There were a bunch of them too. Still waiting for them to get the new one in (or any other retailer near me).
  14. Kaboom score: 208 (Don't own cart, so had to play on FB9 with joysticks. I'm terrible without paddles) Bowling score: 148
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