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  1. Had another great deal with this seller, bought a Saturn Mystaria from him!
  2. Bought two NES boxes and a Bionic Commando cart from him, great seller, speedy shipping!
  3. Awesome seller, great communication and speedy shipping!
  4. If you have this one for sale, or even the box only, please let me know. Top price paid. Thanks!
  5. Looking to purchase a ZX spectrum system. System doesn't have to be working as it is being used as a prop in a video. Please let me know if you have one for sale, thanks!
  6. Yeah, I tried PMing as well, interested in the vintage audio stuff, feel free to PM me with a list.
  7. I'm interested as well and I'll be making a trip up to NoCal soon so I can pick up.
  8. Definitely interested, please post or PM the list! Thanks! Laserdiscs forever!
  9. Great seller, speedy service!
  10. Nice collection! I really have no idea about price, but I'm interested. Let me know what you come up with. -thanks Will
  11. Looking for some more games for my A500, particularly Shadow of the Beast 1 and 2, the Lucasarts games (Loom, Indian Jones, Monkey Island), Sierra games...let me know what you have! -thanks Will
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