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  1. as the title hints i need a new transformer for a vectrex, as I understand it I need a 9-0-9, 18vac. the prices seem to vary quite a bit, is there a preferred model that is recommended? I'm in the UK and would prefer to source locally. cheers Russ
  2. That is very kind of you. i just might take you up on it. i have already ordered a capacitor kit, so i will install those. saying that, it now blow its fuse every time it is plugged in even though it isn't turned on. could it need a new transformer? i will investigate at the weekend.
  3. Thanks for the reply, Yes it usually does play the start up sound, i only just realised that it was quiet except the buzz in this vid. i have ordered a cap kit from console 5. when it arrives and i open it up again i shall check what ICs are socketed. I have downloaded and read the service manual, and several repair threads and posts. hopefully i have enough info to make a start.
  4. I have just bought this vectrex quite cheap, it was listed as not working. it needed was a new fuse and now turns on but the vectors immediately start moving to the bottom left corner. I am not the first one to open it as three screws are missing and two IC's are socketed and have newer date codes. I did electronics at college and have acquired and repaired several different computers and consoles over the years but this is my first experience with a vectrex and CRT monitors/tv's, so if anyone could point me in the right direction I would be eternally grateful. here is a video of my vectrex turning on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-bW3rmynRU
  5. This is just what i am looking for, i am in the middle of designing an arcade stick base at work. i programme and operate a cnc. i haven't decided yet what material to use, MDF, Trespa or maybe even corian. your kit looks perfect, how can i send you money!!
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