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  1. I don't suppose this project is still "in progress"?...
  2. I'm rocking a 4gb microsd in mine and it is more than big enough for what I've put on it.
  3. Does it work fine with normal carts or another psu?
  4. There was a jag-duo motherboard thread here too... but it will not fit if it ever comes to be.
  5. Someone tried back in 2015
  6. It is also for sale at Telegames in the UK... http://www.telegames.co.uk/shop/index.php?route=product/product&sort=pd.name&order=ASC&page=2&manufacturer_id=45&product_id=5375 **out of stock**
  7. The team who worked together to make Battleshpere put a lot of time and effort into the title and have every right to do with it as they please whether we like it or not. Every game cartridge or cd copied and sold without the permission of the copyright holder is still piracy (not just battlesphere) and it can hurt the wider community... spend some time on the forums and look into the wonderful work being done on things like the Atari ST ports, Homebrew ports like another world, previous and ongoing work by Songbird Productions then look into the shops that are still selling propper copies of the games. If you want physical media you have to pay the price, titles are still for sale here at Atari Age, songbird e.t.c, and in the UK i have bought jag and lynx games from Telegames (uk). I say pay the price because I know BattleSphere is out of my price range when it pops up so I choose to play it via y**t*b* as a posted video.
  8. http://www.scatologic.com/faq.html Can I put scans of your products and screenshots on my really cool Atari Website? A. All data, programs, images, documents, bitmaps, sounds, graphics, and content are copyrighted. They can be reproduced only with express written permission of ScatoLOGIC. This permission can be revoked at any time, for any reason deemed suitable by ScatoLOGIC. Unauthorized use of ScatoLOGIC copyrighted material will lead to prosecution to the fullest extent of the law. Why doesn't ScatoLOGIC sell the rights to produce BattleSphere to Telegames or Songbird? A. Simple. To persuade Hasbro to release the Jaguar into the public domain, 4Play offered that all profits from the game would be donated to charity. Because of this agreement, any company selling BattleSphere must also give their profits to charity. No 3rd party producers seem charitable enough to accept this agreement and produce BattleSphere. Additionally, there are a number of strict quality issues which no other producer seems willing to meet. (Full-color decals applied properly aligned, Cardboard box inserts, Gold cartridge contacts, etc.)
  9. The "copyright holder" said no...
  10. Imho the truth is the jag didn't need saving because it didn't die and dissappear, it has a community of supporters and is still getting great stuff released for it 26-27 years after it was released. No need to read on... but... We got great games that you could argue later got better on other platforms like Tempest 2000, AvP, iron soldier. We had ports of some popular pc games at the time such as Doom and Wolfenstein 3D, I couldn't afford to buy or put a pc together to play those games that cost similar to the cost of a jag and those carts combined at the time of release. The Jag CD gave you the VLM that bettered what was on competing consoles in that generation (psx/saturn) and had better versions of hoverstrike and iron soldier 2... and it came with vid grid, blue lightening plus a myst demo and the soundtrack thrown in for free. If you were in the right place at the right time after it "failed" in the UK the console (£29.99) games (£10-20) were cheap when Game sold off the stock in their "retro section" or from telegames before prices went up. The cd add-on was available (£150) from Virgin Megastar & Dixons "partsmaster" and they were even cheaper if found at a car boot sale. To compare jaguar to PSX/Saturn/N64 is unfair, to compare the state of Atari and their choices to Sony/Sega/Nintendo that is more interesting.
  11. What could have saved the Jag? sony and nintendo not falling out and the snes PlayStation came to market and the Sony PlayStation never happens Sega giving up on hardware and becoming a software publisher after the failure of the 32x and the saturn debuts at $500...(but the dreamcast was so good) Jaguar launches as a cart+cd based console with improved/fixed internals with better development tools and 3rd party support.
  12. went to have a look... DangerousGames is taking a short break Note from shop owner. Last updated on 13 Jul, 2020 We are currently taking a well deserved holiday. We will be back from Wednesday 22nd July, see you all then
  13. I don't want to get into a discussion on piracy regarding the download and use of a "Good Rom Set" or download of individual roms regardless of if you own a copy of the original cart or not. Check out SainTs RetroHQ site for stuff to get started with, the GD rom forum chats for more info on cd support, and CyranoJ's topic...
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