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  1. I'm interested for the Graham Kracker.. And 2 broken console, is RS232 sidecard? Regards
  2. We are also present, we are waiting you to meet and exchange some small talk. www.vintagecomputerclubitalia.it vcci 2919.mp4
  3. fabrizio

    wanted watches

    Hello everyone ! I'm looking for TEXAS INSTRUMENTS watches !
  4. I'm sorry I did not understand the word "housing" !
  5. a real ti59 is not used, but it is the tms9901 outputs that drive the display and manage the keyboard in multiplex...
  6. updating in internet the FWs are the correct checksum for U32 = 7546 (tms2716) and U33 = D806 (tms2532). for programming the U33 (tms2532) with willem or tl866 like (tms2732), an adapter must be used to make the pins compatible, in this way. u33 adapter tms 2532 tms 2732 21 vpp 20 20 cs 18 19 a10 19 18 a11 21 for the U32 attention because it has three power supplies (+5, -5, +12) you can use a D2716 (5 volt power supply) by modifying the PCB or using an adapter u32 adapter tms2716 (-5 volt) D2716 ( 5 volt ) 19 vdd 19 n.c. 21 vbb 21 connect +5 20 a10 19 20 connect gnd
  7. nobody has the FW for the eprom u32 and u33 !
  8. ok thanks, I followed the instructions of the databook, with the original or copied eprom works, with the dedicated fw the micro remains locked.
  9. CIAO, i have win 95 installed on an old portable TI, which emulator do you recommend?
  10. hello everyone and congratulations for the great information, especially from the GURU ! I'm looking for someone who has put the TM990 / 189 microcomputer into operation with the FW university basic.
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