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  1. hi i am looking for the ppc interface for hard disk and expansion for the graphic interface. if there is someone who has something to sell, contact me.
  2. Hi, we have reproduced some of them, to show in the events especially in schools, they use the image files for the eprom 27512 that you find here on atariage. Merry Christmas!
  3. Having a spare power supply with recent components is in our projects, in fact we are working on it, if you have ideas to integrate they are welcome. In the events we do in schools we use a jamma video game power supply.
  4. I agree with you, I also hope that they go into the hands that they can repair and revive, but there are people who unfortunately are not satisfied with just one rare piece .....
  5. Does anyone know the way to solve the joystick problem with the raspberry emulator? The joystick only works towards left and right and does not work up and down ... Grazie
  6. The arrangement of the components is excellent, how long did you use to optimize the components on the pcb? Another thing about the pcb, does it have 2 layers or more?
  7. We all need the soldering iron and the tin, beyond the oscilloscope and more ..... Here you have a lot to read .....welcome....
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