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  1. I received mine today and so far it works great. Thanks for your hard work!
  2. People are already fighting about this thing before it can even be pre-ordered. Like in the old days of video gaming, really. I have one of those tiny arcade machines, but with an even smaller screen (2.5 instead of 3.5") and you can definitely play on that thing. Fixing a heavy weight to the bottom might be a good idea, though.
  3. So, just 10 days after my order (I live in Austria), I received my two overlays today. They look great and fit perfectly. They were packaged really carefully and arrived in perfect condition. I'm really happy with the quality and service.
  4. I still have three of those - Stubbs the Zombie (lots of fun!), Futurama (IMO awful game, but looked and sounded great) and, well, The Guy Game. Never played that one, though, because I don't have an NTSC Xbox. Just bought it as a rarity for the collection. Shouldn't Kakuto Chojin also be pretty valuable?
  5. 2600, gay pride edition. I Think the original Nintendo DS was really ugly. The revision looked so much better.
  6. Thanks, that's a lot more reasonable. Just sent the money for 2 overlays.
  7. Hi, i saw your overlays on Ebay (I hope it's you...) and shipment for one psychedelic overlay there is 47,90$ to Europe. Since I would only order one piece that seems a bit much. Is there a cheaper shipment method?
  8. My cart arrived today. I tried a few games and everything works great. This is an early Christmas present - thanks a lot for your hard work!
  9. I don't know, so many games use keyboard keys, you would need a whole lot of buttons. A full keyboard like on the pandora, or the upcoming Pyra and GPD Win is probably the best solution.
  10. Man, don't push yourself too hard. Take some time off if it's getting too much. We waited for a good Lynx flashcart for 26 years, a few months more shouldn't be a problem.
  11. Ich habe für sowas einen 2. Browser. Also zusammengefasst... Platz 10: Ultimate 11/Super Sidekicks 4 Preis: 4800 bis 10 000 US-Dollar Plattform: Neo Geo Platz 9: Atlantis 2 Preis: 5000 bis 18 000 US-Dollar Plattform: Atari 2600 Platz 8: Kizuna Encounter Preis: 5400 bis 13 500 US-Dollar Plattform: Arcade-Automat Platz 7: Red Sea Crossing Preis: 10 400 bis 14 000 US-Dollar Plattform: Atari 2600 Platz 6: 1991 Nintendo Campus Challenge Preis: 14 000 bis 20 100 US-Dollar Plattform: Nintendo NES Platz 5: Air Raid Preis: 14 000 bis 33 400 US-Dollar Plattform: Atari 2600 Platz 4: 1990 Nintendo World Championships – Gold Edition Preis: 15 000 bis 21 000 US-Dollar Plattform: Nintendo NES Platz 3: Birthday Mania Preis: 15 000 bis 35 000 US-Dollar Plattform: Atari 2600 Platz 2: Stadium Events Preis: 20 000 bis 35 000 US-Dollar Plattform: NES Platz 1: Gamma Attack Preis: 20 000 bis 50 000 US-Dollar Plattform: Atari 2600
  12. Ich frage mich immer, woher das irgendjemand so genau wissen will. Nicht jeder, der noch irgendwo alte Spiele rumliegen hat, gibt das im Internet bekannt oder trägt sich irgendwo in eine Liste ein. Viele wissen es sicher gar nicht mehr.
  13. Vectrex, Neo Geo, PC Engine LT. On the home computer side of things, I'd love to have a Commodore SX-64. If I had a Commodore 65, I could sell it and buy a few of all the machines mentioned before.
  14. I hope I'm not too late for the party. I would like a cased cartridge as well.
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