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  1. This was a lot of fun, man those obstacles were tough, kept smashing those trees!
  2. The macross game aka Robotech is the Gba game. The rainbow bright seems to be a nes homebrew that Coleco commandeered.
  3. So I made a comment on Coleco's Kickstart yesterday, I was actually the first commenter, but they deleted it from the page. I remade my comment today posing my same concerns. So I made the 1st comment on this page yesterday and it was deleted... which imo is pretty shady. I'll write the same comment I made yesterday. Why is shipping so expensive? You said retail is $69 bucks but my grand total is 65 with shipping, so I'm saving 4 dollars on retail by being an early bird backer... I gotta say thats pretty terrible and barely a deal when youre supporting getting this project on its feet. How do you justify the $20 shipping cost in the USA? Ive gotten an old coleco mini cab shipped for 8 dollars priority and im assuming the old cabs are heavier than these new ones as itll have less electronics... I got a 50in TV shipped last month for 8 bucks. How can you justify doubling the cost of shipping on an item that will fit in a priority box? Comes off as an extra money grab also comes off bad when you delete the comment inquiring about it.
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