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  1. Oh not arguing that at all. There is definitely content, and there is a noticable difference. Just that it's not drastic enough to justify an early adoption. In 2 years you'll be able to get twice the hardware for half the price that's all I'm saying. The smart move is to wait until then.
  2. All you early adapters are crazy imo. Wait a couple years and then get a 4k. There is so little content that actually takes advantage of it, and the content that does is 4x the space (average 4k movie rip is like 80 gb), I see no reason to jump on it atm. 1080p still looks great. It's not like we're talking the jump from 480p to 720p/1080p which was night and day different. It's comparable to people rushing out to grab the Iphone 9 when Iphone SE is just as good. In a few years top of the line qled/oled 4k will be the price of current 2ks. Just buy it then. you didn't NEED the 4k a couple years ago, why do you need it now?
  3. I thought it was or maybe just preorder. Could be wrong though. Personally waiting on the Omega to come back in stock anyway.
  4. Ya I agree the NT mini menu is way slick once you get the hang of it. It looks like the only thing holding back the Super NT menu is that blocky font though.
  5. The new darksoft cart is way faster. Would be interesting to see how their implementation compares to a potential Kevtris core, he makes it sound like it's not too complicated.
  6. Nothin can replace the feel of the 2600 joystick sweetness for Atari games imo. Kinda surprised nobody on this site has put a converter out by now. Can't be too hard?
  7. I see, how much work would a potential neo geo core take compared to a genesis one? I hear they are similar somehow?
  8. I think you're just personally obsessed with me.
  9. Cuz they are... but you can post your thoughts in that thread if you'd like, seeing as it's a more appropriate place to seek my attention.
  10. Lol...can you even read? I never said Kevtris had started on or had finished Gen/TG16 cores as a matter of fact. Just that they would be available for the Super NT a few months after it's release. I say as a matter of fact the NT mini cores and a fully functioning SNES core (relevant chips anyway) will be available within the first couple of weeks, which they will. But your hallucinations are noted.
  11. Because I'm the only person who uses multiple forums, lol. I said smokemonster getting rid of his packs basically means the project is dead, which is true... Time to buy the SD system 3 extension since Kevtris just confirmed the Super NT can't handle it. And to those who continue to think "NT" doesn't mean Nintendo, roflcopter.
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