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  1. Thank you for all your valuable thoughts, guys. Some things you could find interesting: The judges come from all over the world, one from Canada, one from USA, one from Australia and 5 from Germany (interestingly 4 from the ABBUC board and me). We play as much games as possible on real hardware. Therefore 4 of the german judges met in reality (obscure in corona times?!) and playtested nine hours in a row on real hardware (Atari, Spectrum, C64, C128) and some more on emulator. We discussed every game we tested and took a look at the documents. Myself read ALL documents and played all games intensely. 3 other judges played also all games and rated them. But for every entry we calculate an average rating. So it isn't that important that every judge rates everything. But it is right. The contest is reaching its limits. It is likely that it will not be possible to honor every program the way it deserves. We are thinking about your suggestions. Currently we are presenting results on twitter... @Basic10L . At the end of the day the results will be presented also on the homepage basic10liner.com .
  2. Yeah, basic10mania would be cool... Unfortunately I'm not a web designer... If anybody wants to invest 2-3 hours a day over 2 months, you are heartly invited.
  3. better use basic10liner.com instead of the obscure deerpower adress...
  4. And now that you are a member, write an article for the magazine And send it to [email protected]
  5. I hope all of your family are well...
  6. If my number wins the cart goes to vitoco.
  7. But the statutes say that the disk is the magazine. *irony* It is time to change the statutes, but it is difficult to reach agreement.
  8. Ummh, sorry for dummy question... Where is A6?
  9. Duddie, mine arrived yesterday. Great product! How do I wire Quad POKEY + 2x SID ? Can't find a wiring diagramm anywhere... Installation guide provides other cores...
  10. My opinion: Translations in two directions (german articles -> english ; english articles -> german) aren't feasible in the long run. You've already seen that in proc magazine. I would prefer a bilingual magazine. German authors who are able to write in English are kindly asked to submit their articles in two languages. Other could transmit their articles in their only language. Then we had 1. german only, 2. english only, and 3. bilingual articles in the magazine. However, this concept is not capable of a majority in either the executive board or the general assembly. So far...
  11. For those who can't wait for snail mail... Just ask skr for sending you the pdf and atr per email...
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