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  1. Bunsen


  2. 2010 - V2.1 2019 - V1.06
  3. Floody Bot 1831 Bomber 312 UFO Attack W:11 M:249 Bounce & Catch 187 Hubbub 44 Reactor x 360 4 You Win! Licence Plates! 19 Robbers Caught red= new
  4. Some more statistics for 2019... 22 entries from USA 11 entries from Italy 10 entries from Germany 5 entries from Chile 5 entries from France 4 entries from Hungary 3 entries from Spain 3 entries from Switzerland 3 entries from Sweden 3 entries from Ukraine 2 entries from Netherlands 1 entry from Australia 1 entry from Belgium 1 entry from Brazil 1 entry from UK 1 entry from Austria 1 entry from Poland 1 entry from Columbia 5 anonymous entries
  5. Of course, there are different opinions. My goal is to integrate as many 8-bit computers as possible. I find it interesting to have a category where you have to get along with the on-board resources that the machine was delivered with. Those who disagree can focus on the other two categories.
  6. Line oriented does not say it needs line numbers... But it has to be line oriented because otherwise one cannot count 10 lines.
  7. I remember someone patching Dropzone so you can play it with the two buttons on the Atari 7800 joystick. Regular control using space bar for smart bombs is odd.
  8. Dimo's Quest Dimo's Dungeon Jim Slide Electro Maniac Hundreds of 10Liners
  9. Cool game! Just have had some single player game against easy computer players. Needed some practice to win against them. Now I would love to play against some human players ... It would be super cool if there were more local multiplayer options like multijoy, multilink or midimate to play with my friends in the same room. Thanks for great game!
  10. I like your games! Looking good and well balanced - lot of fun to play. I'm looking forward to the extended version of Berks 3. Promise to be great fun.
  11. I would like to refer to my good friend 8Bitjunkie who remixed this song, too. And even sang to it... Both songs are equal, but music videos are different.
  12. Cool game. Sort of "Let's try again" game like flappy bird. And again a very cool one button game. First I thought what a stupid game, but then it became my favourite of the abbuc entries. Well done!
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