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  1. Some people simply don't want to cause a scene especially when they have more important matters to deal with at fairly short event. For me, its just as Lincoln said. Its not my event to cause a scene and start shit. Steve Hertz and the rest of the SC3 staff can invite whoever they want to their events and its not my place to tell them who should or shouldn't be there. I'm not going to re-ignite drama at a event that I want to have fun at. I simply decided to boycott MK's SC3 raffles. People pour a lot of money into those raffles and I choose not to do that anymore.
  2. Did you end up going? MK was there again, but it seemed like people weren't hassling him. I still believe the vast majority of the younger side(under age 30) of SC3 are either unaware of MK's misdeeds or they simply don't care. I actually decided to take part in the raffle since MK wasn't running it this time. I refuse to even put a penny I made into his pocket. I figure the main people who sympathize with MK are the SC3 staff and a select few of the 40+ year old SC3 attendees.
  3. Mike Kennedy posted eBay listings on the SC3 FB group. I wonder if he actually owns the stuff.
  4. I wonder what will be in the next chapter of this... amazing story.
  5. I've had a few issues here and there. My original 40GB fat PS3 went through quite a few issues in 2011. The bluray drive died and a month after getting that repaired, the console got its first YLoD. Maybe a year later or so, the YLoD happened again, but luckily I learned that a co-worker of mine is able to fix those issues and he was very generous to fix my console for free. I bought a slim PS3 after that and limited the use of the fat model. I actually rarely use it these days. My Wii hasn't had any issues, but I use it the least. My 360 had a RRoD once and I haven't had an issue again after fixing it.
  6. Except the minicabs were never given, they were loaned. He really likes leaving out important details and just makes excuses instead. I guess with this post he officially threw Willie under the bus?
  7. Odin Sphere Leifthrasir is next on my PS4 after finish up a few PSP RPGs.
  8. I'm in the SC3 group and I think there's a few reasons why Mike Kennedy is still able to show up to the meetings. - Kennedy is long time friends with the founders of SC3. The Coleco Chameleon debacle was briefly mentioned in the FB group, but they gave the usual benefit of the doubt to their long time friend. - The vast majority of the members there are out of the loop with Kennedy's shady dealings. Heck, quite a few people I know from the group don't even actually know who Kennedy is. - For the members who do know, they either don't want to cause a scene by confronting Kennedy or they simply don't care about the "drama". I can't say everyone is welcoming him with open arms, but I feel its more like an "elephant in the room" situation and no one wants to bring it up. He won't get banned from SC3 until he screws over one of the founding members. Sure they're long time friends, but we all know that doesn't mean a damn thing when we consider Kennedy's recent actions. I wouldn't be surprised if he screws over someone in SC3 soon and when that happens, I hope that gets him banned from the group.
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