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  1. I looked at the back of the system when I plugged in the power. If the system was in the off position, the ac input wouldn’t spark. But if I hit the on button, then it would spark. I don’t know if that is normal or not for two port systems. I tested it with a game, but I had no response from the system. Also, how would I check the 4013 IC? UPDATE: I noticed that the input jack felt loose. So with the power brick unplugged, I put the ac input back into the machine. It still sparked with no power going to the machine.
  2. Well, I tried playing my 5200 today, but when I hit the power button, nothing happened. The LED didn’t light up, and nothing happened on my tv. So, I decided to open it up. Nothing seemed to be blown or broken, but this having a put in ac input, I don’t know the problem. Could it just be my adapter, or is the machine busted? If it’s the machine, would the ac input be easy to replace?
  3. Here are the images of the inside of my 5200. However I did not take of the shield plate because some of the hooks have rust on them, and I’m afraid they’ll snap if bent. I noticed that there are two wires that run from the A/C Jack. One is a green wire that runs to one of the capacitors, but the red wire goes under the board. I tried lifting the board, but it wasn’t wanting to lift, and I was not going to force it because it could have broke.
  4. Someone a few years ago said it could have been someone’s at Atari, such as a programmer or developer console. But I have no idea. I would have assumed the used the standard console that would have been sold to the consumer.
  5. Sorry for some of the wrong tense words. I forgot to do a full read of the paragraph when I got done with it.
  6. Several years ago, I asked around on this site about my Atari 5200. I bought it several years ago on eBay, assuming that it was the 2 port version. So when it come to my house, I opened up the shipping box to see an Atari 5200 two port box. However, when I opened the box, I was extremely disappointed because it was a four port. But when I looked for the 5200 power/input box, it wasn’t in either box. So in my confusion, I turned the system around, and to my amazement, it had a power input. Now I knew from extensive research that the four ports had no power input, but mine did. Well, after research, and years of no one else saying they have a 5200 like mine, I still have no clue what I have. Hopefully, someone can answer my question of what this 5200 is. Is it a prototype? Is it a one of a kind? I have no clue. Now I have never opened up my 5200, in fear that I will break it, so I have no pics of the inside. But I feel like by the serial number, someone could figure out something about my console.
  7. You could use an old crt tv to plays these, most of them were made for it, you could also play it on a new flat screen with a coaxial input.
  8. While playing the thing I took out the cartridge and Putin another one all while the system was on. Is that supposed to do that?
  9. No there is no star or asterick with the serial number
  10. The switch box is not need however.
  11. My camera is not working but I will try to get images soon. Also, it came with a switch box manual. But the most interesting thing about the manual says it was supposed to come with super break out but the original game for it was pac man
  12. I, like many Atari collectors have a 4 port Atari 5200. However I bought one with the original box and it has a two port console on the front. Also, the power supply plugs into the back of the console. I do not need the 5200 switch box. What version if the 5200 do I own?
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