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  1. id love to see the likes of magic pockets come out for jag etc
  2. im order 202, i didnt reallise i needed to reauthorise my order ? do i still have a chance of getting my original order ? EDIT looks like you've been paid, my order went through
  3. my original order number was 202, i hear i can still use this ?
  4. hi, which list is this ? i had originally been on the first list, is this now somewhere else ? thanks dave
  5. but we are still trading with eu, your price was including vat ? dont understand that. dave
  6. i found the website in germany, seems to be a bit of a hike in price 143 upto 190. wowzers..... i think im going to cry also, how does one order, it says not enough in stock, dear me
  7. hang on, is my original order now cancelled ? dave
  8. wow i just seen this, are they still available . i have a 800xl? thanks dave
  9. ah thats cool, believe me blue is amazing, i did blue on falcon, really nice ice colour. ill wait, where do i sent cash for 2 lots ? thanks dave
  10. Hmmm, so are you going to make some. Cash waiting Can you just sell me brackets? Sell me green ones, I'll just swap if don't like
  11. not updates lately by the looks, been a couple of month since i was on :( oh dear
  12. hi, its went quiet on this front, has it not
  13. im sure ive went down the queue rather than up..... hmmm 207
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