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  1. During my experiments with #FujiNet and Mad-Pascal, I created a set of libraries that you can use in your projects. https://bocianu.gitlab.io/blibs/fn_sio.html https://bocianu.gitlab.io/blibs/fn_tcp.html https://bocianu.gitlab.io/blibs/fn_cookies.html I hope that someday it will be useful to someone
  2. New version of my weather application has been released! Improvements: - now user settings and last location are stored, so it starts faster, - you can set and use custom API key, and then change auto-refresh interval - 2 new awesome visual themes by PG! - some bugfixes - It should work on all XL/XE computers, but not sure if it will work on 400/800. I don't have any of them to check it out, sorry 🙁 - Now application starts from .atr image. Boot it from TNFS fujinet.pl /networking/weather.atr Make sure you have the latest version of the firmware installed on your #FujiNet device, otherwise saving options will not work. weather.atr
  3. So, is there any chance for an update? That would be great, please 🙏
  4. Yea, right windows key was unfortunate choice. My keyboard does not have one I would like to have it on left Windows (or any Windows key) or left Alt. It's still unused.
  5. Thanks! I have an external audio mixer. You gave me the courage to try and connect it I will take this opportunity to ask one more question about keyboard mappings. It's great that joystick directions are mapped to keyboard arrows, but is there a joystick button mapped to any key? I cannot find it.
  6. Returning to AudioIn of SIO: Is it possible to wire it up somehow? It's analog signal, so maybe there is some way to make it work at least with jack audio output?
  7. My new game in Mad-Pascal: https://bocianu.atari.pl/blog/dts
  8. That's ARTur Atascii editor. Can be downloaded HERE. handy keyboard shourtcuts:
  9. 3 new libraries were added to my blibs, all related to new #FujiNet interface: SIO - Serial Input/Ouput interface library. FN_SIO - SIO library for #FujiNet interface. FN_TCP - #FujiNet interface TCP communication library. and two new examples how to use it here. I hope you will find it useful.
  10. thanks for detailed explanation. Another noob question: Is SIO Audio In connected in Eclaire?
  11. Anything I will save as rom on profile1 is beeing replaced with atarixl.rom when I power off/on Eclaire. Always - when SD card is in. When card is out, this field is blank and it loads "something" - probably from internal flash.
  12. I've found another issue on core40. I'm unable to store ROM settings now. Every time I power off and on my eclaire it beeing reseted to atarixl.rom storing configuration on flash neither SD does not help.
  13. now it works like a charm! 😁 I even tried 20us pulse and it also worked! thanks a lot foft, looks like problem solved.
  14. This 200us time is only rough estimate. I was using 50us step to test it, because after each change I need to recompile firmware, upload it and retest. If you need more precise treshold, I can do some tests with more precise times.
  15. Version with synchronisers needs wider pulse than previous one. It started working at 200us pulse width. fnSystem.digital_write(PIN_PROC, DIGI_LOW); fnSystem.delay_microseconds(200); fnSystem.digital_write(PIN_PROC, DIGI_HIGH); Unfortunately I'm unable to show you the pulse on a scope trace.
  16. After first tests PIA interrupt fix seems to work... partially. By defaut #FujiNet sets low level on PROCESS pin for 50us. 50us looks enough for real hardware and interrupt gets triggered, but on Eclaire it's not detected. After extending pulse witdh to 150us it also started to work on EclaireXL. I don't know if it's possible to fix this issue on the Eclairs side, but I would expect it to behave like a real hardware
  17. I do have purple one (mini) with smaller fpga. Thanks foft, you are awesome
  18. just to change a subject... how's your investigation going foft? is there any chance to revive sio interrupts? pleaaaase 🙏
  19. siofix.passiofix.xex This piece of code will display messages on screen, when it will detect signal slope on PROCEED and INTERRUPT pins. I hope it will help!
  20. yes, but this code uses #FujiNet peripherial, to put signal slope on PROCEED pin: https://gitlab.com/bocianu/fujinet-udp-shoutbox I will prepare something simplier for You, gimmie 10 minutes
  21. It looks like Eclaire is not reacting to signals PROCEED and INTERRUPT on SIO pins. I'm heavily testing it with #FujiNet interface, and I wrote a piece of code that is supposed to wait for interrupts incoming from the device, and it works like a charm on real hardware, but it hangs on Eclaire in the point of waiting for interrupt. I did this test on both pins - no success. Is it a known issue? Or maybe it just my unit?
  22. I'm pretty sure that: n = (rndp | 128) ^ 128 is equivalent of: n = rndp & 127 and it's quicker. Try and compare results
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