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  2. See: Sonic: The Next Level.It sets the golden standard for any homebrew/hack. Period. What it does: Pushes everything to the limit. Occasional Voiceover, no CD. Suck on that Super Metroid. ;P Polygons Scaling Pixel Manipulation Fluid Animations Rotation More than just 64 colors. Music that is not distinct to the Yamaha chip inside Just play it, ok?
  3. Probably because of the wrong processor and a complete screwover of the playfield.
  4. No, they crammed a PC version into 4k. http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Minecraft_4k
  5. Is there an 2600 emulator that can be embedded in a java program? Or is there a way to start up an emulator and load ROMs from a java program? (if in wrong forum lemme know)
  6. JS emulator cancelled. When January comes I'll work on a project.

  7. They made a Minecraft edition with only 4k, making a perfect pacman with 8k should be do-able.
  8. All the ideas and discussion are too much for meh! But will DINTAR give his to anyone's box/cart art? That's the real question here...
  9. How about we rip-off the original art? ^_^ It's easy (not to mention retro looking without trying to) Here's my 2nd submission. (P.S. I think someone needs to make an XM for the A26 if possible, and DINTAR should port [and make better] this game​ arcade machine stuffed into an Atari. But that's just my childhood spilling out.. ;-; )
  10. Why do all sorts of wackeh stuff when you can just go traditional?
  11. If you want to see this Mappy Arrangement I speak of, look at this YT upload. https://youtu.be/gRZICrtWEqY Will post one of a boss fight later.
  12. I am starting work on a project I will call Stella's Cup of Java(Script) ​The Plan: Have it able to upload ROMS & the ability to fetch homebrews from here. ​ I also want to have some ROMS pre-available that are homebrews ONLY! Resizable display that stays crisp Table of 2 control schemes to choose from. Easily ported to PC & Mobile using a hybrid dev. platform. ​However, this will not work if I do not have enough research on​ the A26 & the hardware it haves. Anyone who is knowledgeable in these areas is welcome to help this project go smoothly. I will update my blog more frequently then this thread, so check there for updates. The HTML so far is: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title> Stella's cup of Java(Script) </title> </head> <body> <p> <canvas id="A26_PF"></canvas> <canvas id="A26_P0"></canvas> <canvas id="A26_P1"></canvas> <canvas id="A26_MS"></canvas> <table> </table> </p> </body> </html> Anyone who wants to suggest changes can post HTML frags in the comments in this thread.
  13. I think that Mappy Arrangement may be easier to port then the original Mappy release (who would have thought a sequel could do that!?) Reasons: Less Cats, up to 5 instead of ​20 cats (Not including Nyamco) 25 screens, so is viable to store every level & pre-calc scrolling in ROM 2 of those screens are identical The trampolines also get thinner and change color when bounced on, so ditching the color for thinning trampolines would be possible 2 Levels don't thin the trampolines at all Two Notes: Would it be possible to have the two bosses at the original size? (about 3 of the 5 platforms tall, 1 platform wide) There are 'worlds' with their own background, music, & platform style. Is that possible?
  14. @Kosmic Stardust, The default location for states is the AppData\Roaming\Stella folder. Or in some cases Roaming\AppData\Stella. The folder will be located in your user's folder, i.e. C:\Users\StellaUser\AppData\Roaming\Stella
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