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  1. Excuse-me asking, but you could use the opportunity to take a good scan of the sticker before you glue it back on. Then post it here, please. This might be a small step forward to get a replacement decals for XG-1 someday.
  2. 1. Spancho 2. Philsan 3. Atari8guy 4. GGN 5. ndary 6. Dinadan67 7. Tigerduck 8. martinez
  3. A reasonably priced Atari Trakball https://www.ebay.com/itm/284450553462 Hmm, is it really new? Take a closer look at first pic https://i.ebayimg.com/d/w1600/pict/284450553462_/Atari-2600-TRAK-BALL-Video-Game-Controller-Complete.jpg ...or better don't 😁
  4. 1. Beeblebrox 2. invisible kid 3. Philsan 4. Sub(Function(:)) 5. Spancho 6. CAVOKER 7. 8bitguy1 8. Roydea6 9. pps 10. CharlieChaplin 11. Lord Thag 12. Wilheim 13. Dinadan67 14. TrekMD 15. martinez 16.
  5. OMG this is devastating 🙁 The game was such a milestone for PC's, everyone knows it! I would be so proud, as an Atari owner, to have a boxed copy for my system, on my shelf 😥 But if you rename it to "Duke of Iran", then maybe?
  6. Well, the infamous Taco Thread is now closed for replies. You can post in the new Atari VCS subforum instead.
  7. @santosp, Can confirm my interest in one Freezer. PM me with details, please.
  8. Oh! Almost ordered this 8-Bit Classics cable, based on your recommendation in another thread: The issue with Lotharek's cable must be thinner wires then? If someone could dismantle its plug to confirm, that would be nice
  9. This little floppy drive I purchased recently. You may notice the seller shot pictures with dirty stockings, so bidding on this item was like gambling. It has been delivered yesterday and well... I'm a happy owner so far The unit itself is very clean, no yellowing or scratches. Sold as "untested", and I have to fix the PSU first. The power cord was obviously replaced as it's grey, and the wall plug has been cut off. Then I have to dig my stuff for SIO-SIO cable. And a diskette, definitely I'm gonna need one.
  10. Tell me about it... I’m looking forward to get one of these Competition Pro-likes from China. The price is cheap, but they didn’t start shipping so far 🙁
  11. Almost. Antonia is Simius’s granddaughter 🙂
  12. In 130XE it’s „Harry Fat” for 130 and „Harry Obese” for the XE.
  13. Another batch of freezers, finally! Have been waiting for this since 2016 🙂 I’m definitely in for one.
  14. There is a member on Atari Forum, currently selling custom made badges for maxed Falcons. Notice the hardest part, that is embossed lettering with brushed finish, have been nicely re-created: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Metal-badge-for-Atari-Falcon-CT60-CT60e-CT63/164164208291 Maybe the guy even shared some details about technique used in process, unfortunately http://atari-forum.com is down atm But apparently, there is a way to make a small batch of exact replicas of any ST/XE badge.
  15. You can still buy a new case for 800, i.e. from B&C Computervisions: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Bare-Top-Case-for-Atari-800-New/132856341797 If you really want to fix yours, check out this guy's blog for tips. He is an artist 🙂 http://www.retrohax.net/extreme-refurbishing-episode-2-atari-800-xl-part-two
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