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  1. I follow this moto. Personally surprised that we have Best Electronics and Video 61 at this point in 2019. Really comes down to "Huh, couldn't find it everywhere else? Well this is gonna hurt, but I have one last place I can try...." (A good last resort in other words.)
  2. Saw this cool article for the Switch release of Bubsy:Paws on Fire! and thought I'd share it here... https://www.gamespace.com/all-articles/news/bubsy-paws-on-fire-nintendo-switch-launch-trailer-is-hot-stuff/ Bubsy: Paws on Fire! is about to arrive on Nintendo Switch and publisher Accolade has dropped a brand new launch trailer ahead of the game’s release on 28 August. The upcoming return of the fiesty orange bobcat is not the first time that this retro icon has hit modern platforms. Back in 2017, the cat with a cutting tongue managed to make it back into the limelight when Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back hit PlayStation 4 and PC. Now the intrepid feline is coming to Nintendo Switch. After making a generally positive impact on its initial launch, Bubsy Paws on Fire! Is finally going mobile. Bubsy: Paws on Fire! takes players on a brand new platforming adventure that sees Bubsy set against the nefarious scheming of Oinker P. Hamm and his plan to trap every animal in the universe in an “Amazootorium”. What follows is a plethora of platforming levels that wind their way through this brand new story. Featuring four playable characters, Three epic boss battles, and a whole host of unique character dialogue this looks like a fantastic addition for those of us that grew up with this alternative to the big two platforming giants. This isn’t the first time that Bubsy the Bobcat has made it mobile. Bubsy 2 hit the Nintendo Gameboy and this is the first time since the mid-90s that Accolade has let Bubsy outside. The new trailer looks like a fair leg up on the monochrome colors of the Nintendo Gameboy, with some awesome looking 2.5 D graphics, a host of flashy weapons, and some incredibly detailed looking levels. This isn’t too much of a surprise. Bubsy: Paws of Fire! is developed by Gaijin Games, the studio behind the Bit.Trip series. With an eager fan base and a fantastic new trailer, we’re sure this one’s going to to be Paw-some. The game will soon be available over at the Nintendo eShop and in physical format major retailers. You can check out more about Bubsy: Paws on Fire! over at the official Nintendo website now. Tags: 2d platformer, Bubsy, bubsy: Paws on Fire!, nintendo switch, retro Written by Ed Orr For those of you who I’ve not met yet, my name is Ed. After an early indoctrination into PC gaming, years adrift on the unwashed internet, running a successful guild, and testing video games, I turned my hand to writing about them. Now, you will find me squawking across a multitude of sites and even getting to play games now and then
  3. Sweet. Was always a fan of Bruce Lee and played this game for hours! Can't wait to try this TIX.
  4. If Baltar was on the sixth Basestar, I blasted the pogees out of him!!
  5. Kicking this (still excited that the Jaguar can actually play a handful of 2600 games, still blows my mind). Plan on at the very least creating a few compilations of 2600 games with menu screens. Would love to see the difficulty switch added to the emulator.
  6. I think I like this better... Miner 2049er 07 a.bin
  7. You know Chewy, that is a question for Thomas Jentzsch, but my understanding was he changed the clock cycles to make the game operate quicker. A trick I need to pick up on as that would help in altering games for slow emulators. Hey your message did flag me to read this message which had me looking at some pictures in fun and then wondering... could I have made Bounty Bob look even closer to the Atari 800 version? I looked at this picture for days off and on... and got... I like the brimmed hat (what originally inspired the hack... he needed a hat!) and I like Bob's smiling face. So I subtracted the blue line at the bottom to make it possible for additional green line up top. Also let Bob loose a little weight. Let me know what you all think? Like him fatter? Just wish this character were one line taller. I'm sure some disassembly at some point would make that possible. Miner 2049er 07 b.bin
  8. Still loving the hell out of this game. I say that Baltar is on the sixth Basestar.
  9. ** IMPORTANT UPDATE JULY 8, 2019 ** I believe it was in the aftermath of the release of Woolies Strike Back that I saw a cool picture of a Bubsy statue floating around on twitter... It was pretty cool. For whatever reason I didn't track it. But I have found out the (possible) rest of the story in recent times. First off the was donated to a charity event called "Games Done Quick" For some reason Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap by AC/DC comes to mind... "What is Games Done Quick? Games Done Quick is a series of charity video game marathons. These events feature high-level gameplay by speedrunners raising money for charity. Games Done Quick has teamed up with several charities in its nine-year history, including Doctors Without Borders and the Prevent Cancer Foundation. We are currently the largest fundraising event globally for both charities! To date, Games Done Quick has raised over 22.3 million dollars for charity. We also average over 2000 people in attendance at our events, including staff, volunteers, runners, and attendees just looking to have fun and support the event!" So what was the result? It was an amazing success! And I know what you are saying... tell us more about the statue! Ok ok... Found it here. So that is all fine and good. So in October 2018 people started asking about this statue. So here is the possible rest of the story. So I was asking at Movie Trading Company in Arlington, TX about any Bubsy items. They said that anything other than games would be listed as anonymous bulk items. (Bummer!) Then one of the employees mentioned that one location, about a year ago, had a Bubsy statue turned in, and identified the one in the pictures above. While he was uncertain which location it was, it was more than likely in the Hurst or Hulen Mall area in Ft. Worth. He also confirmed that the statue was gone in later visits to the store and confirmed it was actually sold. So if this is true, this statue might be in a collection somewhere in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Area in Texas. We joked that the statue is the prized addition to some Bubsy fan's collection... or used as target practice. Bubsy seems to get either reactions from people. And that is a nice urban myth to tell from your friends at the Bubsy Fan Blog. ** UPDATE JULY 8th ** The pattern for the Bubsy statue is online! Mirror of the Bubsy Statue files... 43197137.zip
  10. I was talking with Xinny and other Bubsy fans on the Bubsy Discord server and we've been talking about how we wanted a Bubsy plush. When one officially is made you have to know the Bubsy fans will buy it because we buy everything Bubsy. I'll talk more about my quest for a Bubsy plush in a bit, but in a nutshell saw this picture on deviant art: I found that this Bubsy plush was created by a site called Budsies. They have a 20% off summer sale but it only has 10 days left on the sale! If you use this link you will help me (more on that in a moment) you will help me with a future plush while you order your own Bubsy plush! ------------------------------------------------- So that tells you the important information up front. So looking back on the Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog I have been interested in a Bubsy plush since at least 2008 when I made my own Bubsy plush modifying a lion doll: This one was based on the box art of the Japanese Bubsy, so this is more of a chibi Bubsy. Then years later I converted another cat plush to be my Bubsy. Basically serves as a hat rack for my knit Bubsy cap. Been fun. And I'm sure I will try other projects for fun. As a Bubsy collector you can never have enough Bubsy. So getting the above mentioned Budsie Bubsy made, and I think I would like to see how Budsie would do recreating the 1993 Bubsy plush. As you'll recall the first sighting we here on the Bubsy blog got was with Game Fan Magazine #4 and the Bubsy plush in the storage room in 2010. We got a good glimpse of that plush by JennyN in 2013. I've been told she now has a youtube channel and featured this plush recently. Would be cool to see that plush in a video so need to find that link. I looked through some of the videos and thought for sure he would have been featured on "Dark Internet Rituals" but alas no. But looks like she has some great stuff there. Love the larger than life size Porg plush she got. And she featured this and another plush in 2014 And other pictures were recently covered in another Youtube video on Bubsy merchandise. We've seen this one posted in 2011... Michael Berlyn, Bubsy's creator confirmed in the Bubsy Fan Blog interview in 2016 that he had his. And that plush has since been donated to a toy museum in New York. An then we have this entry from earlier this year. I like this picture because we see the Bubsy plush without a shirt: So that brings us to a grand total of six known Bubsy plushes from back in Bubsy 1 and Bubsy 2 development days. Pretty cool. JennyN and her father mentioned there was once a drawer full of Bubsy plushies, and basically these were handed out to developers, their families, and as a promotional to magazines like Game Fan. And as mentioned also in the Berlyn interview hung from the rafters. Apparently there were Bubsy plushes in their offices till 1997 at least. Oh well, but it will be fun to see at some point what Budsie's recreation of the 1993 plush would look like. And I am still tempted to try my own version at some point. Finally, when Budsie asked for my statement about the plush I was commissioning I had this to say: Yeh Bubsy pulled me through some challenging times, but more on that in a future article of the Bubsy Fan Blog. Your fellow Bubsy fan saying "Keep it up, just keep it up". - Doctor Clu
  11. Ah common... Battlemorph, Soul Star, Blue Lightning, Primal Rage... ummm... yeh... you gotta admit those four are fun.
  12. Said it before, love hearing news about this, and especially love the idea of CD support. Will make some games with an unbearable load time a lot of fun.
  13. Happy fourth of July from those of us at the Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog. Many articles and entries coming up... after we're done partying!
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  15. Ok, thanks for confirming. Standing by....
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