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  1. I thought they finally released the Atari VCS a month or so back.
  2. This has been a fun read and I'm glad you all liked the Aquarius jab a while back. If I were honest I would say the C=64 would the cheapest and best retro computer experience to someone starting out. The Atari 8-bit, a close second. And for that an Atari 800 XL for a good base experience. Atari 800 beige for someone wanting to do a bit more work, but great for more of that retro/typewriter look.
  3. Want to welcome you to the Atari Jaguar Game Mascots blog. I am repurposing my "Gadgets with Buttons" blog since apparently technology is moving forward with touch screens and not going back to tactile buttons. I did see on twitter following my usual Bubsy searches that not only was there a Bubsy mascot costume, but a Zool (and Zooz) mascot costume for game promotions! And I was thinking how I always wanted to do a blog about Zool. But Zool has effectively one game. Oh sure there is a "Zool" and "Zool 2" but there is not much difference between the two. Well, there are, but on the surface, no. But Zool is cool. He has two books at least, releases to more platforms than Bubsy, he was and is pretty cool. Someone I would dedicate a whole blog to? No. But someone who needs talking about. And what about Kid Kleet from Soccer Kid, who actually has a fairly widely available plush out there? And Rayman, well, you can dedicate a whole blog to Rayman, but we won't hate him for being popular far beyond his origin on the Jaguar. So this blog is dedicated to talking about the game characters from Atari Jaguar games *. Names such as Rayman, Bubsy, Zool, Dizzy, Worms, and Kid Kleet immediately come to mind. Also includes the characters from the Atari Kart/Merlin Racing * franchise, and other characters. So calling all fans of Jaguar game characters!!! If you have a Jaguar game character you want featured or have material to share, contact "doctorclu". One thing is for certain, the Atari Jaguar is full of character(s). -Atari Jaguar Game Mascots Staff * Some related Nuon game characters will be featured here as well.
  4. What is your discord name? You can try this: https://discord.com/channels/568953142058942504/743668759717478421
  5. Andrew Whitaker- Programmer Mike Beaton - Programmer Stuart Wilson - Artist Toby Harrison-Banfield - Artist https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alien_vs_Predator_(Atari_Jaguar_game)
  6. There was a pong emulator(?) that Matthias did some time ago which had all the variations of a pong unit just can't remember the name.
  7. Hi, any newer versions to play with? I wanted to hex hack other 2600 rom images in and see how they play.
  8. Looks fun. Actually most excited about the more vector graphic looking screens.
  9. Virtual VCS by Temporary Sanity Designs actually had a great demo of games that worked in all but hit detection. So you could control players in a nice looking Defender, Berzerk, Combat, Pac-Man, Adventure, etc. Just couldn't interact by hitting something or being hit by something. (And no sound BTW) But, filtering out games that don't don't use hit detection, and keeping games to 4K in size actually found games that work quite well, such as Space Attack, and Sky Diver and other varying titles with varying success. This was done since Virtual VCS is not compressed so in a hex editor you can find where the 2600 rom images begin and end and paste over it other rom images. You can even have a two player 2600 game played in VirtualVCS on the Jaguar. So VirtualVCS, with many limits can play a handful of games relatively well. And if one of the rom banks could look for an Atari 2600 rom image on a game on a cartridge adaptor, about what you'd need for a 2600 adaptor that could actually read like say, Sky Diver, Flag Capture, Hangman, or amazingly, Space Attack!
  10. While I'm glad the Jaguar CD module was a thing for the VLM, a few good titles, and the later loading of homebrew games; I prefer cartridge based games. I use my CD add on sparingly these days, mostly to play Battlemorph. So Pitfall on cartridge I can play without some "guilt".
  11. To give you an idea, a recently completed auction.
  12. Quite amazing game gameplay and graphically speaking, just seems like the playtesters didn't know what the final boss was supposed to do. I mean the final boss is still challenging, just should have been more. Which is ok, because probably 90% of the people who try Jaguar Pitfall probably won't get to the final boss.
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