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  1. I have seen that one. Does look nice. What was his info again? I guess no multicart has Tetris.
  2. Well, they were console games only. Can't blame. I've hit three other places (Fry's Electronics, and two computer repair places) and I might have a lead or two of someone that does soldering with a microscope. So all is not lost.
  3. Hey Bubsy fans, Michael Berlyn had an operation, is out of it, and now doing better than before the operation! And he would love to hear well wishes and encouragement for a speedy recovery.. which is also going well but every little bit helps right? His Facebook is here... https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004994478706 Until later Bubsy fans! -Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog
  4. Looking for help resoldering a connector on a MacBook Air. Was curious if there was any in Dallas I could approach for an estimate?
  5. Hmmm that right there might make it worth the price of admission. And of course a big fan of the classic Battlestar Galactica. Looks great!
  6. I made a rough pattern of it. You're welcome to give a try at making one. https://atariage.com/forums/blogs/entry/16612-cruizin-home-the-bubsy-plush-april-2020/
  7. Bubsy whore? You have no idea. (finally found the Bubsy plush this year, was extremely happy about that.)
  8. Welcome back BuddyBuddies. Sounds like you did what I did: collect a bunch of Jaguar stuff, then narrow it down to what you needed. A lot of fun still with the Jaguar, a lot of new projects people are working. And I'm still playing Bubsy (recently got in a secret room no one had recorded seeing before.)
  9. Looks like this might be his new website! https://www.adrianwbourne.com/
  10. Having hacked this Space Battle on the Intellivision and 2600 to Battlestar Galactica (it's original vision naturally) I was happy to hear that this was a thing, and had voice! Looking good. Nice repurposing of B-17 and Space Armada voice tracks.
  11. Battlemorph soundtrack sounds great, please keep me posted on that Songbird. Cybermorph has become one of my regular games I play on the Jaguar. So 1999, as I might have mentioned, was when I found the Jaguar and bought two Jaguars (for a friend and I) for $30 a piece at Kaybee Toys. They could be found in pawn shops for discount prices since no one was buying them. I joined an Atari ST user group in Dallas that was still around (up till 2000). They had cool things to say about the Jaguar so getting back into Atari stuff (was an Atari user up to like 1991, then college, getting married, etc for about a decade). So strange that only six years after release the Jaguar would be considered a "has been" console, but you all know how it is. A few years past it's prime and you almost can't give stuff away. And the prime for the Jaguar was about ... 1994-1995? Battlesphere was still on it's way. There was a feeling that the Jaguar still had a lot of untapped potential, and with games like Doom, Rayman, Tempest 2000, and Alien vs. Predator, there was still a lot of excitement for the Jag. I guess what struck me as cool was "Go Atari" was still around selling Jaguar merchandise. Got a Jaguar hat from them, they had hats, coats, all kinds of great stuff. I asked the lady on the phone how things were going with Jaguar stuff selling in 1999. She said "It is steady".
  12. JeremiahJt, looks like all but level 4 has the ability to get at least 500 balls for an extra life. Level 1: Password 111111 801 Balls. (Robert R) Level 2: Password 392652 903 balls. (Robert R) Level 3: Password 458227 729 balls. (Robert R) Level 4: Password 958936 456 balls. (Robert R) Level 5: Password 739294 652 balls. (Robert R) Level 6: Password 184792 1,029 balls. (Robert R) Level 7: Password 812615 509 balls. (Robert R) Level 8: Password 781367 718 balls. (Robert R) Level 9: Password 126712 791 balls. (Robert R) Level 10: Password 236721 1,095 balls. (Robert R) Level 11: Password 673167 1,315 balls. (Robert R) Level 12: Password 792323 1,332 balls. (Robert R) Level 13: Password 672328 1,168 balls. (Robert R) Level 14: Password 782389 721 balls. (Robert R) Level 15: Password 672345 893 balls. (Robert R)
  13. Faran is a great guy and was a lot of fun to interview. Naturally a fan of his work on Bubsy (which I seem to enjoy more over time). Love hearing stories of days working at Atari, and people he worked with, if nothing else to get an idea of other people to find and interview. I think I wanted to ask him more about Baldies I believe was the other one that he was involved with. And Brett Hull Hockey for sure. Again, Kudos to him and Andrew Seed (programmer) for actually getting one Accolade "port" (Bubsy) out to market out of all the titles that Atari bought from Accolade. And Brett Hull was sooo far along both cartridge and CD versions. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1955799/
  14. Emulator works pretty well, use a bluetooth or USB controller. And just search for roms. Best way I can think of short of getting a Jaguar. If you do, the Iron Solider games are... a 90's graphics games. Hasn't aged well, but in concept still fun and worth a play.
  15. Warlords was one of the earlier console to arcade conversions
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