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  1. Showed Shark! Shark! on the Intellivision to a friend's kid and we had round after round of great two player fun.

    1. IntelliMission


      I think you should buy a Switch instead. I play Switch everyday and it's great. If you want a home console, buy a Switch. It's cheaper than most and only a bit more expensive than others. If you want a handheld, buy a Switch. You can play anywhere, unlike the Intellivision. You can program a missile launch with the Switch. I play Switch with my son, my grandson and the son of my grandson. Did you know you can use the Switch as a frisbee? All in all (and sorry for the offtopic), the Switch in unavoidable. I'm having a great time with the Switch right now, just looking at it. Buy a Switch now and get a free "I play the switch instead of the ______" certificate that you can fill up with the name of your favorite, inferior console. Switch!


      (Just kidding, folks).


      I've never played Shark! Shark!, but it looks fun to play with non gamers.

    2. retrorussell


      Good game for the Intellivision.

    3. doctorclu


      Yeh Retrorussell, Shark! Shark! is a very basic game, simple to learn, and addicting.  :D

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