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  1. That would have been cool.  At least an Arnold right?   But as far as I can tell the Bubsy plushes were only made for the developers at Accolade, and made during the Bubsy 1 time frame.  So when the Bubsy plushes were made, Arnold and the other characters were not in use.  And later when Bubsy 2 was being developed, the fame of Bubsy was riding off the fumes of the first game, so no extra marketing money was spent on other plushes.


  2. Have mostly used Macs since I moved on from the Atari 400 in 1989.


    A majority of the time the Macs have been rock solid from 1989 to current.   No real hard drive failures.  Mostly just keyboards wearing out after like... seven years.  :D


    Lately I have had to deal with the unfortunate aspect of my Macs from 2011 not getting system security updates.   Jerks at Apple, who do they think they are not supporting my computer from... almost a decade ago.  :P


    Luckily I have a friend that is in the IT field and he passes on his older Macs to me, which are newer than what I have.

  3. Yeh I imagine they are the usual swag glasses that are given out like keychains and business cards.   I have a few glasses I have picked up that were similar.   One from Cricket wireless was actually fairly good quality hard plastic, but I imagined the glasses where probably cheap plastic much like this pair I recently got.





    Hmmm... now to get ahold a black pair of glasses, change out the arms to orange, remove the current lettering, and somehow imprint the Bubsy logo and Babbage's logo for a nice recreation.   Hey... any good side shots of the Bubsy logo and Babbages would be awesome (if that hasn't worn off by now.)


    BTW... love Rayman too.  :D

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  4. 21 hours ago, fakecortex said:

    I have these! I haven’t seen them anywhere except on my head! Pretty rad. I randomly happened upon your post of boxes on an unrelated thread- impressive collection! I hope these were added to it...8 1/2 years ago, hahaha. 

    That is so cool, nice to talk to the man who bought these.  What other Bubsy items do you have in your collection?   And what was the unrelated thread that led you here?

  5. Walgreens has a bunch of deluxe figures of which there is a line of TRON figures (Tron, Flynn, and Sark)  and the Black Hole (VINCENT and Maximillion)


    Apparently the blue Flynn figure is a Walgreen exclusive.  Hmmm...



    For the Black Hole there is also a BOB figure which is apparently available in two packs sold at comic book stores.

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