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  1. I don't have it setup on my BBS right now. It was buggy and interest in it died away pretty fast when there was no updates/bug fixes. I'm not sure if I actually have it archived in the file section or not. I'll have to take a look. Modem Music was pretty cool too. It had a small ACC that the caller used to access the various songs listed on DarkForce. Pick a song, and the ACC would play it through the speaker on your modem. Thats the key though, it requires a modem with a speaker. Telnet access kinda rules that out. I left that section up for historical sake... That ACC has never been updated as far as I know. I guess I could take a look at the docs and see if we could contact the original author? I dunno, he'd have to rewrite it for telnet access and then have it play the song through the STs speaker. Seems more trouble than its worth. It was a very cool oddity, when it worked through the modems speaker. See ya! :-) 898895[/snapback] Used the modem speakers? Truily "modem music". That reminds me of the Atari 400/800 and how you would have "stereo" playing the internal speaker and monitor speaker. Or on the C=64 when they had the floppy drive rev to different speeds to play music. Many C=64 users were scarred by the noises their 1541 floppy was making and promptly stopped this program, but it was there non the less. Hey, let's get back to what Curt was talking about... "cyber1.org is running a backend simulation of the old CDC Plato Network, if you have a copy of the Atari Homelink Plato software, you can sign up and dial into it and experience what Plato was like, basically it was the features of todays Internet and Instant Messaging in the 70's and 80's Curt" Hey Curt, sorry I did not notice this the first time around. But this really exciting. I would love current Atari users to have a serive like this, and would love to see what it is like. Where can you get a copy of the Plato software?
  2. My catbox moonlights as a prop for my Atari 400/800 cartridge case. Before that it was just the right height for my numerical keypad. Nice sturdy metal case, built like a tank, gotta love it.
  3. Yes, it was a stock XL or XE... and those demos are amazing. I heard that they were not selling those, but that someone was creating a 14 mhz upgrade for the 8-bit in the near future. I am actually interested to know more about that.
  4. On a slightly related subject, my dad back in like 1983 put a Atari 2600 in a table top arcade unit. Made it possible to select a game in memory by a two number combination on the side, or insert a cartridge. The table top was a old pong unit. You could insert a joystick or controller on the side, or use one of four paddle controllers on the table itself. Basically dad used 2600 paddle controllers and arcade qualitty...well.. the original paddle buttons, with the 2600 paddles. As the years progressed, the 2600 paddles flaked out, but one interesting trick we learned .... in the game VEnture if you have the paddle controllers plugged in and hit both fire buttons, you will move in a northeast (?) direction and through walls. So you could be in the map room, and simple move the character through a wall and into a room, and then the hall monsters could not get you. With the game table, I could use the joystick, and then hit the table top paddle buttons when in a pinch. Fun days. Anyway, years later what amazes me is how he converted a Arcade style monitor to work with a 2600, but I guess that was a Jamma device for you. In the early nineties the late 70's pong monitor bit the dust. We have been looking for a color monitor to replace it, but not so much luck on that. And we haven't really tried.
  5. 889507[/snapback] Uhhhh... being that I like alternate controllers... please tell us more about this adaptor box.
  6. Got many games, but which do I play most often? Bubsy, Battlemorph, Battlesphere, Pitfall, Raiden, Tempest 2K, & Doom.
  7. Best for me: Atari cx40 (Left handed naturally but ambidexterious thanks to public education in the 70's) Atari Jaguar. Worst for me: PS2 controller (and really most "modern" controllers.) Intellivision Colecovision The basic idea here is to keep it simple. And since I am a huge fan of Star Raiders, the only reason the 5200 is not in the worst list is due to the fact that you can play an AWESOME game of Star Raiders with that controller. A 360 stick is great then.
  8. I've not seen this, but it makes me thing of IG for the ST line. IG, "Instant Graphics" was a super cool mode, kinda like a super VT52 subset. Even did sounds. I actually beta-tested it on my BBS once, way back in 95/96 or so. I had an animated graphic of a dinosaur stomping his way across the screen from one side to the other, complete with footstep sounds, followed by some text, "DarkForce! - The Monster BBS!" or something like that. A few BBSs used it, one pretty big one in England, but it was a little buggy and never really caught on. I wish it had - done right it rocked hard. See ya. 898574[/snapback] Do you still have that? I would fire up my TT030 to log onto your BBS if you were to have more specialized features like that! I've seen that you have "Modem music" on Dark Forces. Was going to ask you what they was all about, and what I would need on a ST/TT to run those? To me, what makes Atari BBS'ing both past and CURRENT awesome is the special things that you can do in Atari mode. ATASCII graphics and art, Breaktype movies, and other features to me are what make a Atari BBS unique and worth running. My goal is to make Atari BBS's such a unique experience that you want to see them in their native modes.
  9. Backpack... might be waht I had. The cart had a bunch of acc files, nothing to run them though. I think it came with a disk. As for Star Raiders on a disk... not bad, I just want Star Raiders in cart form for the 2600, Atari 400/800, ST, and of course the Jag version of Star Raiders... Battlesphere. Doc Clu
  10. Here in Dallas, what I remember was in the late 80's a bunch of people went to the ST scene from the 8-bit... there was much rejoicing, and then much silence. A year or so later the Atari BBS's died off, and with me standing with my Atari 400 (modified) I saw tumberweeds running across what I believed to be left of the Atari scene. The Atari Users of North Texas however continued on till practically a little after the turn of 2000. During their time, most of them were Mega STE users, getting TT030 computers in mid 90's. They had heavily modifed ST computers in that club. I can not say for sure, but my impression was the Falcons appeared in that club in like '94 - '95. One user in the group made the "pot belly pig" song from a ST. Around 1997-1998 that club saw a Hades and a C-Lab Falcon 040 with afterburner. By the time I arrived in 1999 the club was mainly STE, TT, and Falcon users. When I was more with them, I tinkered with getting a 1040ST with adspeed, STE and TT030 to do various things. One of which, getting on the internet, which thanks to that C-Lab Falcon user, Mike White, I was able to get on the internet to use on a regular basis. I continued to use it connecting with STik till my internet provider changed the dialup log in proceedure. I was rather bummed when they did that, and after a month (literally) of working on the phone with them, and working with the lists, I finally let it go. CAB 2.7 was quite nice all things considered. Would love to try Highwire.
  11. Thanks for the link on how to make ST carts. So date I have the following "carts" VT 100 Cart - Terminal cart, will work at 9600 baud. Spectre 128K - Mac emulation, simple cart holding Mac rom. Spectre GCR - The Mac emulation cart with the added floppy drive ports on the cart itself. Hand Scanner - Connects through cart port. Desk Acc - A desk accessory cart. Cart extender - Ribbon cable running from Cart port to a cart. Great if you have a space large enough for the ST, but not with a cart in the port. Audio ???? - A cart with Audio in jacks... good for capturing Audio for midi and mod samples, amoungst others. There might be more, but that is all I can think of. I would give my left nut to get Star Raiders ST on a ST cart. Sadly, that game is like 225K or something, a little larger than the straight out cart. Would need some bank switching of some type.
  12. Sorry to hear that the paralle zip will not work. Bummer. As for me, used and backed up many programs of the ST on a Zip drive (100). ST/STE - had to use a link 2 adaptor (ASCI to SCSI) Atari TT... has a SCSI port and therefore no problem. Connects right up. Used either the ICD utilities or HD Driver.
  13. On that thoought my time on a ST was spent with Freeze Dried term and playing LEGEND OF THE RED DRAGON. And Trade Wars is a all time Favorite. So favorite app/Game on the ST... FREEZE DRIED TERM. Just like Bobterm and Ice-T are my favs on the Atari 800. Still BBS'ing.
  14. Dark Force rocks!! Got on it recently. (It should be back up BTW) I have had fun on it. When I got back into the Atari scene in 1999 I used to call this BBS once a month or so long distance. Actually won an issue of Atari Computing once in one of the contests. Now that they have telnet, I can get on all the time.
  15. Last E-bay buy was a video cable for my Atari 800.
  16. You know there was a company in Dallas known as Datastych that used modified Atari TT-030's for their work with large loom machines. They worked great, but they could not get the TT030 from Atari fast enough, and eventually had to move to IBM PC's to get things done from there. It happens. I bought a Macintosh in 1988 because as far as I knew at that time the Atari ST had basically died off.
  17. "Do Androids dream of electric women?" (Blade Runner gag there...) Anyway to date I have picked up three XF551's... none have worked very well. Though I have better drives, I would like to get one of these working just to say I worked with one of these drives. In the meantime, they have served to make great cases. For the longest time the MyIde drive I had was powered in a XF551 case. Over time this became more and more unstable till finally the power board was not able to support that drive. The drive is now in a old tape backup case. To me, there are just some drives that survived the ravages of time better than others. My 1050 drives, Rana drives, and Indus drives have faired far better than any of my Percom drives (which were excellent drives), and the XF551, which from what I'm gathering, finding a working one is difficult. On a similar token, while the drives themselves are dead, they can be replaced easily. And then double checking the mother board.
  18. Hey congrats on setting up a Atari Telnet BBS. I would have to say to get the best advice, check with the Boot Factory, ask there... bfbbs.no-ip.com Or check the other BBS's that you can find on the Boot Factory logoff screen. Look forward to seeing you there! Doc Clu
  19. Alright, finally got the Star Commander level (class 4) in Star Raiders!
  20. I would open a factory sealed item in a heartbeat, unless of course I already had a opened one already. I believe in Toy Story's view... there is nothing more sad than a toy that has not been played with.
  21. Best score I've been able to make... 10451. Fun contest!
  22. Glad we finally got this game here. Hey can you please look at the last contest... I *DID* submit a score in plenty of time. Thanks!
  23. Current score 24,870. I tip my hat to those that made more than that, a difficult game.
  24. Anyone have a image of the game they can post here? Want to see if I can get a score in before next monday.
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