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  1. Current high score is 157,700. Will see if I can beat that one. And thanks for choosing Wizard of Wor, one of my favs! (Sorry no screen shot. Using original Atari 800 computer and I am strapped for about a week on getting batteries for my digi-cam).
  2. Got my copy and love it!! Thanks!
  3. Since we had a tie, how about Dreadnaught Factor for week 4? (After Wizard of Wor) Doc Clu
  4. While the score was not the best, you did note it right? And that I'm suggesting DREADNAUGHT?
  5. This is a contest across multiple platforms?
  6. Thanks! Thinking of modifying the Dream Station setup for the Jag a bit more in the future. The biggest challenge in the Jag realm is how to store carts in a way that you can easily find your game later. Anyone come up with good solutions for this?
  7. Hey I like the setup! I think what I found most interesting was the NES controller.. what does it take to rewire one of those to work on the Atari? Keep those pictures coming!
  8. Juno First, Mountain King - What are these? Robotron 2084 - Ick! I have it, I'll play it, but ick! Zork I - Love Zork, but you can only score so high. Pole Position - The best one so far, but want to know more about the top two and where I can find a image. Thanks!
  9. After searching my archives I finally got to play it for the first time in years....
  10. What would be my favorite story? Probably when I was just getting back into the Atari scene in 1999 I tried following all Atari leads. Which was good, since most of the Dallas/Fort Worth Atari anything was drying up. There was a electronics store called Delta Electronics whose owner was once a big Atari user. Sadly the place was closing up. I saw a few parts here and there in the place. I think even a bin of SIO connectors. I didn't have much money at the time sadly. But I did see in the back one 800 XL with leather cover half buried in some junk. I pulled it out, and noticed it had some switches on the back that were custom added. I figured this would only be good. Asked about the price, and they knew I was a Atari user, so they said "How about $10?" I smiled, and paid the $10. Weeks later I finally got around to dismantling the 800 XL while talking to Rick D and a few others on the Thursday night chat. It was a lot of fun. We first found that the 800 XL had a Rambo 256K memory board. With the throw of the first switch, it would go from regular XL basic to XE basic. With the throw of the second switch, it would go from XL the XE operating system. And by holding down another switch (forgot which switch, and this was years later I learned this) it bring up the Omnimon! Though the Atari 800 is my ultimate Atari8 favorite, this computer has come in handy from time to time to try out new things beyond the 800's scope. So yeh, all that for $10. (Now that I think about it, the 800XL is in my picture in the "Show me your Atari 8-bit collection" message. It is sitting on top of the monitor with the leather cover.)
  11. Being a Mac user practically since the days I exited the Atari 8 scene in 1989 let me just say that the Mac is the most UNFRIENDLY computer to use with a Atari 8-bit. It is that damned serial port on the Mac, and is even more unfriendly when they are just USB! Has anyone got Virtual PC and APE to work? I remember I tried the AT version of virtual PC and APE and that went over like a led balloon. Ever transferring files from the Mac to the Atari 800 via null modem seems to corrupt them. I just E-mail files from the Mac and that seems to work better. Oh... ever since I established my SIO2PC cable worked (Originally a SIO2ST cable) I have loved the ape software! Great stuff! I can play more software, but really I tend to use it as 48 meg (or whatever) hard drive more than anything. And when I am done with the hard drive, I can put it into sleep mode. Nice stuff. Doc Clu 800
  12. I do actually have a 800 XL with 256 K rambo board which I pull out for special projects, but by and large I like the 800! Besides, Star Raiders, Archon, Wizard of Wor, Return of Heracles, Joust... my favorite games all play on the 800 just fine of course. Most of them are on cartridge. So how about the rest of you Atari 8-bitters out there? I got the idea of this thread from the Jaguar forem, which has been a lot of fun to watch.
  13. Did some arranging over the Christmas holiday season, so have a slightly new setup. Figure I'd snap a picture or two for this place...
  14. Forgive the large picture before... try #2 retouched..
  15. Check the scale of the picture. Sorry about that. How about you! What does your setup look like?
  16. Here is a picture of my Atari 800 setup. Comprised of a Atari 800, Ingus GT, 850 interface, 28.8 modem in a 825 case and a monitor switch in a 835 case. The UDS-10 in tucked out of site. Tried to keep it looking somewhat vintage. Next to it when needed, a g3 Mac Wallstreet laptop, and next to that, a 75 mhz digital Hinote (so cute) laptop for the SIO2PC. A fun setup that I hit the Atari BBS's (like Atari Inside, Boot Factory and Closer to Home) with daily.
  17. So that runs on a WinPc right? This is really awesome. I would just be content if someone put a zipped file of these screen dumps. That alone would be fun.
  18. Ah man.. you're mentioning my favorite hot rod. I get on BBS's daily with an Atari 800. "I've always wanted an Atari 800 since I was 12. I had to settle for an Atari 400 back in 1982 due to the cost of the 800 at the time ($800 vs. $400). Well, I finally got my wish this year and picked up an 800." Me too. Started on a 400, and in later years got a 800. Actually I can thank my fast typing and my good job to getting used to a 400 keyboard. "I've noticed a few things: It has a 10K ROM, a 16K RAM and an exposed 32K RAM Board. Is this a normal configuration? I assumed most of them had 10K ROM and 3-16K RAM Boards. Is the 32K RAM Board a third party board, or is it Atari factory installed?" Probably a third party board. I have one or two myself. And sadly the Atari 800 cannot use any directly accessable memory beyond 48k, though anything above that can be used as a ram disk. Makes like interesting as a 800 user when a lot of the new applications are XL and XE based, but the 800 is worth keeping around. "also, I noticed on the bottom of the Atari there is a gold imprinted stamp that says "ATARI / 162" is this normal for Atari to stamp these like this? or is this a first run production, # 162 ? It looks like this may be an early Atari 800." Got that too. There are multiple models of 800's you'll notice. Ones with that stamp, of course the OS rev A or B, and ones that have the brown plastic levers on the top hatch verses the screw on type to name a few differences. "The last question is I also have a "ATARI OPERATING SYSTEM SOURCE MANUAL" its a blue cover three ring hole-punched paper with the entire revision "B" source code. Is this an item Atari offered publically, or is this an Internal Atari document? Perhaps it was offered to developers, as part of a software development kit?" Doesn't sound like the standard stock to me. To matter the fact I may have seen that. It sounds like the service center manual that was fairly hard to find. We have one just like it that is a tech manual. Big Atari symbol on the front, blue cover... sounds familiar. "I've owned most Atari systems and hands down, the Atari 800 is the nicest machine. Built like a tank!" Yes it is. I like the 800 for the following reasons... 1) Looks like a typewriter. 2) You rub your hands over the vents on the top of the 800 and it makes a chirping sound. 3) Nice keys. 4) A monitor port. 5) No built in basic to disable. 6) No translator disks needed. 7) Nice slanted but low design, slightly angled to the user. Easily accessable memory and rom boards. 9) Built in speaker.. for better or for worse. 10) That extra cartridge port which I will find a definate use for one of these days. Doc Clu 800
  19. Fun game system... the Nuon. Didn't have many games at all... but the five it has Are quite fun. Love Tempest 3K, Merlin Racing, Iron Soldier 3... I like how it continues those Jag titles. Offer sent by email. Doc Clu
  20. Found 2600 Superman had been ported... kinda.. to the Atari 8 bit. This was found at the archives at... www.mushca.com/f/atari/index.php I was excited to see this, as I like to see 2600 games ported to the Atari 8-bit. But was saddened to see that the jail did not hold the crooks, and you couldn't rebuild the bridge. I mean... aRG!! Well, nice to see porting a 2600 game is kinda possible. Doc Clu 800
  21. I am a big fan of the 2600 Warlords, but I have to say, I like this! It is JUST like the arcade. Thanks again! Works great on my 800. Had to dig out some paddles, but wow! Doc Clu 800
  22. Atari8Man - "You may want to set up a BBS on a dialup and run it 24-7 Its what I did in 1988 the year all the Local BBS's switched from Atari to IBM I ran Pro BBS multi-line for 11 years and was the only support for the 8bit Atari in Miami or should I say Dade County. There was a huge Commorode Club here and when I showed them the BBS multi-line with 500 megs of FAST hard drive storage, 4 of them Called CSS and order Black Boxes! so converting them commie to Atari can be fun. I took the BBS off-line in 1999 but still active with my 8bit's these days." @>--'--,----------------------------- You could actually set up that BBS and attach it to telnet is a Lantronix UDS-10... No other computer would be needed. (That UDS is a serial to ethernet interface). Log on to the current Atari BBS's Closer to Home (telnet://cth.dtdns.net) or Boot Factory (bfbbs.no-ip.com) and get with Marius who is on there often. He once ran a BBS entirely off a black box, a UDS-10 and a few other things.. but the Atari BBS ran indepedant and on telnet by itself. So anyway, as you can tell, my big thing is getting on BBS's with my Atari 800, and I try to get more on the Atari BBS's to make that more fun. That is 90% of the Atari to me. When I am not doing that, I play... Dreadnaught Factor ARCHON Joust Blue Max STAR RAIDERS Wizard of Wor Miner 2049'er Bounty Bob Strikes Back Moon Patrol And all of those are on cartridge. (Though the APE interface is a great way to try new games, like Cybernoid's "Jellybeans") (Little plug for my fellow JYBOLACian...) And I must mention... Popeye (recent contest on here re-introduced me to that) And Choplifter with it's little people along with Miner2049er were the two games that I saw at my friend's house in 1982 that made me a Atari 800 user, and not a Colecovision player.
  23. Can I suggest Dreadnaught Factor. That IS my favorite Activision game for the Atari 8. Doc Clu 800
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