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  1. The 800 came out 3 years before I was born someone is gonna be 30 soon ? welcome to the elite club of oldfarts its a great feeling when hot chicks call you sir LOL! Pay no attention to him. Yeh, I had a hot chick once tell me "Oh I heard you grown ups do that..." but I just simply went from considering her a equal to a brat. Fixed that. Thirties are great. Old enough and experienced enough to avoid most crap, young enough to enjoy what you know (and still time to correct a few oopses along the way and do them better.)
  2. That's what we need. Log on before then, that way you can get an idea of how to get on, what's out there to jump into etc. I will have the holidays off so I can answer all kinds of questions prior to this beginning.
  3. In 2004 I found a fun online world that can be hit from the Atari computer using a terminal program and various tricks for hitting the internet to telnet. In 2005 I would like to make it my goal to help get more Atari users with 8-bit computers online. I would like to do this by encouraging those interested to participate in the following online activities: The Atari Chats: telnet://www.atarinews.com Tuesday 7 pm CST Thursday 8 pm CST Sunday 10 am CST Posting messages on: The Boot Factory telnet://bfbbs.no-ip.com Closer to Home telnet://cth.dtdns.net (Other activities can be added here, but they have to be things that can be easily done (telnetted to) on a Atari 8-bit)(Contact me to add to the list.) Sometimes getting started needs an incentive, and setting up Atari computers to reach these places can take a bit of work. Figure we could make it possible for cash drawings, doorprizes, and other funness. Jump in however you can to start (Atari Terminal Simulator at Atarimax.com, hyperterm, etc) , get involved, and possibly win things to help in building an Atari setup that can get you there on it's own. Not bad eh? This is my way to say thanks to those that run these on-line places that our Atari 8-bit computers can make use, and my way to encourage & possibly help those to see the fun of these things out there. Tune in to the BBS's and chat for more details. Contests start January 1st, 2005 and continue on throughout the year. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Doctor Clu -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= AND WHEN YOU HAVE MORE TIME, MORE WORDS... It's been thirteen years since the Atari 8-bit line of computers were discontinued. And it will be 26 years from the release of the Atari 800. Amazing eh? (And interestingly, 2005 was the year the Atari Force stories took place in the pack-in comics. We should be finding "New Earth" next year) You know back in the 80's, being an Atari user was a badge of pride enough. In that time everyone had 8-bit computers, and the BBS was a buzz like the internet. Now here we are in the naughties, and I never would have imaged that people would still be running Atari BBS's, and that my Atari could access those BBS's over the internet without big long distance bills. But it can. My 26 year old Atari 800 still talking to other people and locations ran on Atari computers and Atari emulation. I would like to help this coming year see more people enjoying the tactile experience of an Atari 8-bit computer, typing away to other Atari users and their Atari computers. I want to help a world of Ataris and Atari emulation packed with ATASCII graphics and break type movies. The BBS world will simply be a place that will be our own, that requires an Atari 8-bit or an ATASCII terminal to fully enjoy... a place for the true Atari enthusiast! I could talk on and on about Atari computers and computer Bulletin Board Systems. But all I can say is... To own a Atari or be a Atari fan says a lot. To have been on a BBS EVER is about as rare these days. You take it to the next level of rareness when the Atari works And to really rare if you CALL BBS's with it. What is said on BBS's will not be found in a internet search (Unless someone puts it on the web). And you can't enjoy the full ATARI BBS experience Without Atari emulation or an Atari computer. Be one of the rare few! Be an Atari BBS'er in 2005! (Be a part of that "Atari Force") LOL! (And if you have any questions on anything I've said, don't hesitate to ask. Sharing the fun is what I'm here for.)
  4. Is there an adaptor out there on the market that will convert RF to audio/video? Thanks!
  5. Simple question, what ways are there to connect an Atari 400 to a video monitor? (For those that do not know about the Atari 400, it has a RF cable but no monitor port like the Atari 800 upward... to matter the fact, I think it is the only Atari 8-bit computer without audio/video connections.) Thx,
  6. Not a problem. We do this every Sunday and Thursday. Doc clu
  7. Played this game a time or two. Really nice. Still getting the hang of it, but as I said before, this game has close to Atari ST graphics. Amazing. Working on getting my network mode to work, get some practice, and then I want to play someone! Doc Clu
  8. I would NEVER discourage any contribution to the Atari hobby. As I try to make known, I actively use, daily, an Atari 800. In 2005 I might make that my original Atari 400, but don't know. What I do know, is that I started this trend in October / November when I decided I was ready to hit the BBs's again. I made it daily when I heard about Marius getting discouraged and closing down his BBS. I visit BBS's every day. Five of them are local to the Dallas area, and two of them are Atari BBS's that can be telnetted to. I rarely play video games on the Atari 800 I realized last night. To me, the Atari 800 was about interaction with people over the modem. If you are simply an Atari gamer, than the alure of the BBS might be lost on you. But if you are one of the early members of cyberspace, and actively talked to others, E-mailed others, wrote stories, downloaded programs, and contributed to the online Atari -vs- Commodore wars that went on... then this would mean a lot to you. Closer to Home has been run by Tom Hunt probably since 1999. A lot of dead time has happened there, but he keeps it going. His BBS has ATASCII movies, and message bases. Simply awesome. And I think he has a online game and downloads. cth.dtdns.net And then you have the Boot Factory, which moves along at a good click, and has a active message base. Current discussion is the UDS-10, which is a device that emulates a modem, but allows, say an Atari 8-bit, to address it as a modem through the serial port and hit a network with it. bfbbs.no-ip.com These are great BBS's. And I would love to hit more. To me, yes, it is very easy to connect to the internet on what we call a "current computer", and we can hit places like this all the time. Atari Age, JI2 and other places are great places that I hit from work, I write something off and on, get information, and it awesome. But why let the experience end there? Why just reminense when you can actively DO IT! To sit at a desk with an actual Atari 8-bit computer, connected to a video monitor, and type on those Atari keys, and log onto a Atari BBS, and talk to other people who log on with Atari computers. The experience is awesome! Don't just visit the past, make it your home! You miss the age of the Atari 8-bit, and the BBS's? Then bring it back! When you set up that Atari computer, and whatever way (I can tell a few ways) you access that BBS, you will find you are not alone, but that there are other people who are having fun with the Atari computers.. running the BBS's, posting messages. Yeh it is small now, let's build it back up. As I said, I visit BBS's with my Atari computer every day. Every day I deal with crippled ANSI graphics of ICE-T, but that is ok. But is it sooo nice to stop into "Closer to Home" and "The Boot Factory" and see a BBS made for my computer, with ATASCII pictures and graphics. Atari BBS's are that friendly port that add power to your Atari computer, and bring the whole experience alive again.
  9. The scenes are like a R rating. So far you have the strip club at the very beginning, about 10 seconds of various topless shots. You decide to go party from there, well, with one of the dancers, and that scene has her do this striptese make out session for several minutes. Not too graphic at all, but the dancer is great to look at. And those are the scenes I've seen. I think there is at least one more. Yeh, a guide to this game would be nice. Doc Clu
  10. Looks like it was on page 4 actually. Well sorry I missed the auction. Looks like I kinda cool controller.
  11. DID place an order. Who do I need to send the order number to have this researched?
  12. So exactly how many nude scenes are there in American Hero that we have found? And more importantly, how do you get to them.
  13. When are these shipping again?
  14. Due to a couple of things, but mainly the fact that I like a chat room that my Atari 800 can reach with simple telnet and IceT... We have opted to move the Thursday and Sunday morning chats to atarinews.org... Details below.. Hope to see you there tomorrow.. Doctor Clu @}>--'--,---------------------- Thursday 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm CST Sunday 10:00 AM-12:00 PM CST This event repeats every week. Event Location: telnet:://www.atarinews.org Notes: Thursday night chat at the Atarinews.org chat room: In order to be in the chat for Atarinews.org you have to telnet into it, Use "bbs" for both the login and password.,If you haven't done it already, type "new" at the userid prompt and pick yourself out a spiffy userid and password.Please note that you'll still need to login as bbs even though you've now got a userid. Once you've picked out a userid and password, you can use it to enter into the bbs system. Once you're "in", hit < Return >. From the main BBS menu simply type the letter "T" and then the letter "C".
  15. Good to see all the input on this thread. Will the 8-bits ever be needed again? Well, in a form, yes. Granted, for the typical workstation, the computer that can become whatever is kinda nice. I have seem glorified terminals used, but they went back to full fledged computers once again. Right now they have given me to use a 3 ghz computer. Real nice. But I see two trends happening. One, computers are cheap.. cheap cheap... you can build a computer built for you for like $300. But, then some have issues with like energy and parts to replace for certain tasks, or just a quest for simplicity. That is why we have seen E-mail stations, Blackberries, cell phones, etc. These things are fairly simple-esque devices. The trend I am taking is going for more portablility, which with today's technology does not neccesarily mean less storage space. I use PDA's, and my closest thing to a desktop (modern) is a laptop computer. My modern gaming (Gameboy) tends to be portable. I think as time goes on, portablility and streamlining will be the trend. Computers as we know it will vanish into walls and appliances. Soon, we will all but forget about the "computer". It will just be there. My Atari 800 sits in a "computer room"... a room where all my junk is stored basically. I go in there for maybe an hour a day. I check the BBS's I'm on, check some E-mail, maybe play a game. My favorite desktop has got to be the Atari 800. Fun to tinker on. Do I think that the 8-bit as a desktop will return? No.. not at all. But I do believe that some appliance will need a simple controller (see the "basic Stamp" as a good example). Simple turning on lights and X-10 stuff is a good task for a 8-bit computer. Interactive voice commands and all will require more complex computers. But it would not surprise me to find as companies slim down products that more 8-bit hardware (or whatever works) is put to dedicated functions.
  16. "If you want to compare a machine to the Atari 800, compare the Amiga. The Amiga has MUCH more in common with it than the C64: - Exact the same chipset layout (ANTIC,GTIA,POKEY vs AGNUS, DENISE, PAULA) - like the Atari, sprite DMA can be switched off and gfx data can be fed to the sprite registers in software - same pixel clock in lores mode (7.15Mhz) - The Amiga copper is a more flexible enhancement of ANTIC No wonder, since they were designed by the same chip designer." Whoo hoo!! Someone brought up the point I wanted to be brought up, but I thought would be out of place here. Yeh, the Atari 800 is my favorite computer hands down. I still use one mainly since I drooled over one as a teeneager but could never afford it. Love the look, the keyboard, all the slots and all and all, it is just a fun machine. That only machine that ever came close to it's fun and adaptiveness was the Atari TT-030. But having messed with an Atari 800, a C=64, Atari ST's, and Amigas, it is very true. The Amiga feels like a 800. Of course I've said all this before. But the new part to mention is, in the future I will widdle down my collection to the 800 / Amiga thread. Not that I worship the chip designer, Jay Miner, but I like the concept of the Atari 800 and that style of computer. Perhaps I wonder if the Amiga One continues that thread with the G3 and G4 processor? Hmmm... Jay mentioned that he liked the Atari 800, but always wanted a more mature version of it, and said the Amiga was that computer. Am I much into Amigas? Well, not really, well yet. They are the most stubborn computers I've yet to work with (and I've worked with at least eight or so unique platforms, not including game systems.) I have had three hard drive failures, mainly due to old SCSI drives, so a little daunting. However, there is a Amiga group here in Dallas I like to join and sit with for dinner... perhaps the closest to a Atari 800... or at least Jay Miner, fan club that exists. Close enough. I tinkered with an Amiga 3000 and later a 2000... got ethernet and DSL working with system 3.9 and crude MP3's and other thinkering before it crashed on me. I think I know enough to know what they are talking about, and glad to see what a 16/32 bit Atari 800 would have been like. But I will sit amoungst them with my "Mini-Amiga" (the 800) from now on. They are happy for the company and the membership, so it works out. And I get to talk techese to some fun people. It works.
  17. Missed the sale. Darn. Well, thanks for offering Songbird.
  18. So when will these be shipping and where are they shipping from?
  19. And I'm right there with you with Bubsy. (Of course... who wouldn't like the whimsical bobcat?) When I'm not playing Bubsy, I pop in Tempest 2000, Pitfall 3D, Doom, and Battlesphere Gold. Oh and Raiden. Those get the most play time. Usually since I like to only game for a few minutes at a time, and looking for a fun mindless escape with some velocity, Bubsy get's the most playtime above all.
  20. Well, it came up in the Atari Hangout chat on Sunday... someone tried to hook a camera to the Lynx to view it on a TV. Now this had me interested, and I have a Lynx, just to complete the collection, and for this I got my Lynx Mark I out (the best as far as I'm concerned), plugged in Chip's Challenge, got a A/V camera going, and next thing I knew, I was playing the Lynx on a big screen... crudely. The problem is, you play the Lynx this way, you shake the Lynx when hitting the buttons to play, thus messing up the image on the screen. So you can either set up a real stable mounting system for the camera to the Lynx... or rig an external controller. OR... for those that have a working Lynx (extra) but not a working screen, how about setting up a video out port? The Lynx already has the Audio out with the headphone jack, so say you didn't want to have the little screen working... what would it take to wire up a video out jack? Has anyone tried this? Does anyone have the schematic for what the cable from the motherboard to the screen does? Or has anyone tried wiring up an external controller? I remember Wiztronics was going to do a connector to display on the screen. How did that work? So many fun questions...
  21. Oh that is really cool! How far did you get on these?
  22. You know, it would probably take next to nothing to get a Z interpreter going for the Jaguar and pack on some game images onto a disc. I know that every platform from the Atari 800 to current PC's has one. Even Palm Pilots and Newtons. Return to Zork for the Jaguar? Sure! I would have picked it up. At one time there was a store in New York that claimed to sell Return to Zork for the Jaguar. When I called them they said it was sold. Probably a typo.
  23. Just wanted to say, picked up the Flashback from Target for $35 and find it to be really cute. And loved watching how some kids really got into it at a party, along with the parents. I think many will find it a lot of fun. The Flashback is TINY! It has listed on the back "Mini 7800". The controllers are comparitive "mini" size. The controllers do not work on the Atari 800 at the moment. Have to see if we can make an adapter. But my thoughts, cute, fun, simple. Something a lot of parents will have fun walking down memory lane... loved the two player Centipede! And the kids liked it to. Doctor Clu
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