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  1. I'm trying to remember why I bought the Jaguar to begin with. It was 1999, I was trying out all things Atari. I had already worked with the Atari 400/800 and was ready to get back into that, but I was told about other Atari items. I was given a Atari ST from the local Atari club on borrow and worked with the desktop publishing software. That was fun. Then I picked up a Lynx. Not bad. And then on a fly I searched the Dallas area and found a Jaguar at a Kaybee toy store for $30. I went and bought it, and played Cybermorph... and hated it!! "Avoid the ground!" , "Where did you learn to fly" AArrrggg!! Picked up Bubsy, and had a blast. Then I got a copy of Aliens vs Predator, and was disappointed at first, and then it grew on me. Tempest 2000 was the next game I believe, and that took a while to grow on me. I think the Jaguar was one of those systems that I enjoyed but always said "And what else?" Then one day I looked back and realized there were some fun games for the Jag. I guess when I got the Jag, I wanted to relive the fun I had of playing and collecting the 2600, only with improved graphics. And I think it turned out much like that. It is my current 2600. Doc Clu
  2. Now that I have stated my stance of it all, how about a suggestion. The experience is nice. I like shareware. I played the first dungeon level of Dark Castle for the Mac, and bought the game when I wanted the full version. I played Wolfenstein to death on the Mac, and cried when ID would not sell me expansion packs (Too old a game they said... geezz... the nerve of some people). An idea though... it would be nice if we could get Core to authorize the free distribution of a crippled version of Soul Star. That way people could try the first level, see what it was like, and later get the fullest version possible later. I imagine with a CD game it would be a matter of only copying certain tracks and leaving others out. Or just make it where there is a glitch in the game, so that it errors out at a given point in the game. I would go for this version of shareware or cripple ware. Doctor Clu
  3. "Reminder to self: cancel planned thread about availability of pirated copies of "Arena Football". " LOL!! Since I believe honesty is the best policy, I'll say that I was a pirate in the Atari 400 days, and I'm a pirate now. Pirate is the fun term. I am more of a "long term borrower" actually. Well, that is to say, I like to get copies of games, play them, and more than likely, if I don't like the game, I will probably misplace the game along the way anyway. If I like it, I buy a real copy. This has recently been called "shareware". If I liked the game, I have and do pick up a copy when one comes available at the right price. (Played Archon for 20 years... but it was sweet finally getting both the cartridge AND the disk, the album cover, ect ect ect.) Played Joust for years, now I own like three original cartridges. I own every variant of Star Raiders that has come out. And I have at least two copies of Return of Heracules. I am currently collecting every infocom package I can get ahold of. And the list goes on. Truth is, you give me a game, I will try it. Even play it. A *LOT*. I like it, I will WANT the real thing (when one comes along). I don't, it will get lost by natural selection. In the meantime, thanks to everyone that gives me a chance to try these games out. To matter the fact, let me say blantantly, if you have a prototype game, E-mail me. Your secret will be safe with me. I would entertain the idea of sending a blank CD and postage. FOR THE OVERAL JAGUAR EXPERIENCE I would love to play the game, and return the borrowed copy to you at whatever time you set. In truth, I only play most games only a few times anyway. Arena Football, for example, I would probably play... once. Not much for sports games. I would fire it up, play it a bit, and then probably never play it again. But I would be willing to write reviews for what I borrow (Not saying who I borrowed it from) and write it in such a way that people will drool over the rare game that you will announce you have... some time in the future when you are good and ready. To me the fun is saying "Oh yeh, played that, and I liked this this and this about it." Kinda like when I got to see the JagDuo and WEAR the Jag VR at a JagFest (2003) once. It's all part of the experience. So again, thanks to all who have made the games possible. Thanks to those people that snuck those games out of the companies that were developing them and would have been thrown away forever. Thank you to the developers that took alpha and beta copies and made the proper arrangements to see a copy to me. And thank all the other people that made games possible in other ways. Yep I'm a pirate... aaaaarrrr!!! I keep what games I like, and I hunt down the real thing. Nothing is are good or as prestigious (for a collector) as the real thing. And those games that I don't like find their way to Davy Jones' locker!!! Keep or toss, it is all part of me memory you see?! Doctor Clu
  4. I have to admit, the collections here have been inspiring. Looking it over, I believe the only two things I would like to get for the Jaguar in the future would be a 4 meg Alpine cart, since I am starting to get the bug to start coding, and a rotary controller. Aside from that, I'm fine with what I have. I would like to stumble across the carts and games I am currently missing, but I think I have all the good titles currently. Thus the reason why I want to get a Alpine... time to make more good titles. That, and I really wouldn't mind getting one of Matthias' ethernet cartridges when they come out. Doctor Clu (PS: I have a birthday coming up... hehehe...)
  5. LOL! Wow, you guys must be really new to the Atari Jaguar. How refreshing!! I usually hang with people that are getting prototypes, rumoring prototypes that I will never see, etc. You guys are going to love the Atari Jag. It doesn't have hundreds of games, but it has enough games to remain interesting. It is actually my main game system 1) to keep from going broke collecting video games so I stuck with only Atari 2) because it is just a fun system. Well, you from Oklahoma, looks like you just missed the Oklahoma Gaming Expo... http://ivorytower.emuviews.com/okge/ Oh well... maybe you could contact some people from there. For a slow going but generally informative board on Jag only, check out... http://www.atarihq.com/interactive/index.shtml I've had a Jag since 1999 (bought new at Kaybee stores... it had been there a while...) Most of what I bought where on Ebay most of the time. Hit that JI2 link above, hit all the links at the top of the page. You'll get an idea of what is out there. Catch you more later!! Doctor Clu
  6. Well, that would make for some great games of Battlespherre. But at this time Ultra Vortek is the only game that is playable over a phone line with the Jaguar moodem. The ethernet module is mainly to get the Jaguar to do some webbrowsing, load in a game here and there, that sort of thing. Doctor Clu
  7. Well, ever since Aliens Vs. Predator I have been dusting off my Jaguar, and the games, and the Atari 800 and that ethernet project, and I have to admit that I am curious about the Jaguar ethernet project. So how is that coming along? Just wanted to know if anything new has happened since June. Thanks! (BTW... birthday in two weeks!!) Doctor Clu
  8. To correct what I just said, the contact information is... 978-921-3700 (I told them I had suggestions for the Atari: Flashback, they forwarded me to...) Matthew Siden (Spelling verified) Fax number 978-921-3080 Attn: Matthew Siden. Ultimately I am thanking them for their good work, and just suggesting a cartridge port for future sells and expansion! Doctor Clu
  9. I am going to suggest they make a cartridge port possible on that or a future game system. After a bit of research the suggestion line is... 978-921-3700. They forwarded me to a Matthew Sidon. (Not sure the exact spelling on the name.) Good luck! Doctor Clu
  10. I would LOVE to post there, but how do you register to get an account? Doctor Clu
  11. I have been reading through old issues of kilobaud computing, Microcomputing, and so forth, and what has always been interesting to me is that is how the computing world at the time wondered if the Atari 800 was a true computer, and then was blown away when they realized what the computer could do. It was a bit pricey compared to some home kits, many bought the 400 (I know I did...) to come close, and then upgraded the 400's to be more 800 like. But yeh, there was a lot of scoffing in the magazines about the Atari computer being a "game machine", but it soon became the icon of personal computers replacing other popular machines at the time. (like the Commodore Pet, the Sol Terminal, Heath Kits etc etc...) It is almost surreal to see the 800 with all it could do dropped into a scene that was mainly terminals and text displays. But there it is. Like it was dropped from the future or something. Made quite a stir back then. I'll try to share an article here, a supposed "review" of the Atari computer when I find it again.
  12. The Atari 800... my personal favorite, was first introduced in 1979 I believe right. When would the official "25th birthday" to the Atari 800 have been? (My favorite computer is only seven years younger than me!) Doctor Clu
  13. So what is involved with beating Thrust + ? I would be willing to work at it for a patch. Speaking of patches... here is my picture of a score of 3601. My collection of Star Raider like games stand at attention in the picture to celebrate the moment of this fine new cockpit style 2600 game. Yes, Star Master is missing... have to do something about that. (Also pictured here is my hand after playing this game. Most of the black areas are the 20 year old rubber feet of the joystick that rubbed off during play. The rest are just bruises and blisters. Yeh, the 2600 joystick is not ergonomically correct, but hey, it is still my favorite stick. Go fig!)
  14. I just got my first copy yesterday. I work a 60 hour week, but managed to get in 20 minutes of play this morning and managed a score of 1500 ... so we'll see how soon I can get this score. Fun game! I always loved the Star Raiders (Atari 800 esp) type of game. So are there any other games offering patches? Thanks! Doctor Clu
  15. Warlords is the main reason to keep a 2600 around. I mean current games are not as much fun! It's fast, it's vicious... oh wow!!
  16. I see a rarity guide for the normal "Game systems" (2600, 5200, 7800, Jaguar, Lynx...) so what about the XEGS game platform for this Atari computer? Where can I find the carts and their rarity guide? Thanks! Doctor Clu
  17. Years ago when the Atari history site was young, there was a cute picture of a Atari 800, (this was a cartoonish drawing) that was about car size, and the back hatch was open, much like the hood of a car. This was all set in a garage, and a mechanic was modifying the 800 and changing things under the hood. Really cute picture. Looks like it might have been in one of the Atari Corp made manuals, similar to that art and cartoon style. Anyone know where I can find that picture? I've asked Curt, but he is not sure what became of that picture. Thanks! Doctor Clu
  18. So where can I find how to make a catbox RBG cable? (Pinouts and all) All I have to say is how lame to make a standard looking RGB port and not have it be all that standard. Just dumb! Anyway, thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with this pinout question. Doctor Clu @>><-->--------------------------
  19. "I can sort of sympathise with this, after all, the Atari we know is no longer, and just think, sealed inside that box is vintage Atari factory air! " Ohhh mi gawd!! That poor cartridge is in there with the very air that Jack Tremmell walked in and spoke in....! ... get that cartridge out quick!! It may be too late!!
  20. I'm using a standard RGB cable or so I thought. Is there anything special that needs to be wired or done? Does this typically work without problem with a standard RGB cable? (If so, might be my cable.) Thanks! Doctor Clu
  21. I heard the 1084 monitor will work with the RGB and the Catbox. Can someone please give some advice on how this is made workable? I've tried it, but just get a garbled signal. Doctor Clu
  22. What is that? A custom job that you did? Doctor Clu
  23. Alright... can't wait to check some of these out. If nothing else glad they are being released. Doctor Clu
  24. I have a 1080 Amiga monitor that shows the Jaguar color in shades of green. Any idea how to make this work better? Thanks!
  25. Hate to say it, because I like Wolf 3D a lot, but really... Doom. I mean, even Doom fanatics like the Jag version of Doom. That says a lot. Doctor Clu
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