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  1. As it stands Gorf 2000 will probably be released in like 2012 at the rate they are going. You really want to wait around that much longer for Sinistar 2000?
  2. Game question for Skyhammer... what conditions are needed to take over a area of enemy space? In some cases I destroy the node and then the region is mine. But in other times I destroy time after time and it just rebuilds. Thanks! Doctor Clu
  3. To me, the best products of Songbird are... well Skyhammer, I own this one, and though it took a while, I am finally addicted to it. Protector SE has been said to be the most fun game for the Jag. I'll see since I just ordered it. And the Jag-Ads CD sounds like a nice addition. Good stuff! Next stop for me will be Hyperforce! Soccer Kid... glad it's out there. Might one day...
  4. There was a US JagFest? I haven'tr seen any word around about it, and I read here and JI2 faithfully. Where else is this "Tour" going to hit? Doctor Clu
  5. Well, in 1986 I was hitting BBS's with my upgraded Atari 400. Now if you want, I can tell you about all the internet surfing I have done on the Atari 800 and Atari ST/TT from 1999 to current. Take care! Doctor Clu
  6. My favorite games... Tempest 2000 Doom Pitfall: Mayan Adventure Battlesphere Skyhammer Bubsy
  7. Atari Sunday Chat Sunday October 24, 2004 10:00 am - 1:00 pm This event repeats every week. Notes: This is a chat room based on a web based client set around a good evening time for European Atari users. Join us at http://www.chat.playandview.com Please use the Input-box in the left upper corner of the PlayAndView-Chat-website enter your nickname and then use the "Sign On"-button to enter the chatroom, there is no registration necessary! This starts at 10:00 am CST/16:00 UTC.
  8. Atari Sunday Chat Sunday October 24, 2004 10:00 am - 1:00 pm This event repeats every week. Notes: This is a chat room based on a web based client set around a good evening time for European Atari users. Join us at http://www.chat.playandview.com Please use the Input-box in the left upper corner of the PlayAndView-Chat-website enter your nickname and then use the "Sign On"-button to enter the chatroom, there is no registration necessary! This starts at 10:00 am CST/16:00 UTC.
  9. Ok, I need help with my copy of Soul Star... I have a good working base and CD unit. I use Battlesphere Gold to use as the CD Bypass. Other CD bypass games work. This copy of Soul Star worked on the machine of the person I got it from. However, when I try loading this game on my setup, all it does is load for several seconds (close to ten) and then I get a black screen. I'll sometimes see some static horizontal lines for a flicker, but a black screen. Is it possible that certain Jaguar models don't work with Soul Star? Can someone with Battlesphere Gold try that bypass and see if they can get their copy of Soul Star to work. Thanks! Doctor Clu
  10. I'd buy... what's the price? $150? Sounds good. (Or whatever the price comes out to be.)
  11. I believe someone said once that Double Dragon 5 was a port from the Sega 32 or Genesis? Am I correct in that? I also hear of ports from the Amiga, and a few others. To matter the fact, I would love to learn what it took to "port" these from various systems, and what systems have been ported from. Emulation is nice, but the Jag "Dunna have the power cap'tain!" So we need programs changed to work in the Jag. I hear of a lot of games that were pulled from other 68k systems for example. Were these simply ported over, using primarily the 68K, and then told how to display visdeo and changed so the Jag controller would work? Been wondering this for the early Arcade games that used the 68K progrocessor, and there were a few. Wondering what it would take for a little mini-mame that would run those that were run on the 68K. (I think Joust sadly was run on a 68030.) Anyway, thoughts?
  12. Well, I will have to check out this games magazine. Last issue I picked up that talked about the Jag was GameFan magazine when they talked about Battlesphere and Hyperforce. Honestly, when you consider the gaming power of current systems, the fact that the Jag is still mentioned at all is remarkable. I wonder honestly why that is? I mean the Jag is a awesome system and all, but even the SNES and Sega Genesis are unfindable at GameStops these days (I know since I was trying to collect and play the other Bubsy titles). What would possess a magazine to feature the "ill fated" Jaguar in this day and age?
  13. For those few that have Soulstar, have you been able to load it with the Battlesphere Gold CD bypass? Basically BS Gold is the only bypass I have to try, so I would love to know if anyone else has gotten it to work. Thanks! Doctor Clu
  14. So anyone looked into porting Sega Genesis games to the Jaguar? What steps would a person need to do to bridge the two? (Looking to see if anyone has researched this yet). Thanks! Doctor Clu
  15. Finally got to view it. It was in some funky Divx format. After much downloading got it to work. Yeh, looks like it would have been cool. Though granted, Panzier Dragon and Spyro along with a multitude of others would have been pre-emted by this one. Me personally, there was a commercial that had 3D animation advertising Joust for the 2600. It would be awesome if THAT style could be used. It was really awesome. Doctor Clu
  16. For those that like the furry bobcat, I am pleased to announce that the webmaster at Bluies Island has recently added information on the Atari Jaguar of Bubsy in Fractured Fairy Tales to her Busy HQ Fan site. You can find this at: http://www.bluies-island.com/BubsyHQ/
  17. "xenomorpher wrote: lol thanks. But I bet life would suck if a bunch of aliens were running around with people's chest exploding. uhm....did i gave you the wrong medicines" Here.. I'll give you a choice. You can take the blue pill, or the red pill...
  18. 10:49 pm October 12th, 2004 Add to Memories Steph moved to regular room. I spoke with Steph a while ago and she is very tired. Some of our conversation rambled, as they can when Steph is exhausted and low energy. The good news is that she's out of the Special Unit and in a regular room. The good news is that she's awake, talking, and able to get out of bed. The not-so good news is that her kidneys are not in great shape and she's discussing dialysis options with the specialist. There is one at-home method where she could lie down and undergo dialysis while asleep and they are considering that. And in the future, looking into a transplant for her. Her mother has volunteered and will be tested for compatibility/suitability. I have volunteered too, though I've already been told I'm an unlikely candidate because of my blood type and my owm immune system issues. She is still shaken up by the experience of having to go through all that she's gone through and quite rightly paranoid about the medical establishment. To have to stop breathing three times and have to get compression on your heart the third time would make anyone nervous about being in the hospital. I've made it very clear to her how many people are thinking about her and that I don't want her to die. She made it clear to me she doesn't want to die either, even as depressed as she's gotten. She wants to create. She wants to work and her mind has been clear but her health has been so poor it's prevented her from doing anything but exist. We're both rather angry at how things have been going and how long it has taken for her to directly talk to a nephrologist. Her parents, Steph, and me are all looking at the medical system with a bit of loss of faith, even though there are some outstanding individuals in the field who are doing their best... being hospitalised isn't an experience that should leave one breathless. I don't have anything to add here except that if you wish to call her tomorrow, you can now that she's in a regular room. This is a message from the journal today. Apparently she would be good for calls around the afternoon sometime. Doc Clu Please CALL ONLY BETWEEN THESE HOURS: 12:00 pm Eastern Time to 10:00 pm Eastern Time (1200-2200) as Steph will either be asleep or getting tests in the morning: +1 570 271-8743 She may be getting tests later in the day, but most doctors do their rounds in the morning. If you decide to visit, she's in room 743. I did not find out if that's in Bush Pavillion 7 or if it's another building though; you may need to call the Geisinger Medical Center operator or directory services. That's all for now. I'm getting ready for bed and going to sleep. -- [info]hopeforyou
  19. Posted by Monkey (ky-24-159-151-176.midtn.chartertn.net) 21:14 11/Oct/04 I'd hope that everyone here knows sebab/Steph as one of the founding members of 4Play/Scatologic that developed BattleSphere. She composed all the music within BattleSphere, and is the ex-wife of fellow BS alum and coder-wizard Scott LeGrand. Her LiveJournal gives the details, but needless to say, things look rather bleak for her. This BS player and Jaguar owner is praying for you, Stephanie. And I hope other so inclined will do so too. Sebab's Journal... http://sebab.livejournal.com/
  20. This reminds me... what is the status on Mad Bodies?
  21. I love the reserve price. Well, for under five I'll add it to my collection. Doctor Clu
  22. The big game I wanted released has been... battlesphere! I wanted a game with a Star Raiders element. (Atari 800 fan too). Would like to see even a simple version of Joust and Warlords (Warlords being multiple player of course!) Raiden 2 would have been awesome.
  23. "But BUBSY!? AVP and Temptest where the only reason ppl bought the jag. AVP's frame rate is sluggish and Tempest is good with a roto controller yes I understand but Bubsy!?" Oh yeh.. now that was a fun game. Perhaps it was the color, the humor, and for me, the way my friend's kids loved it. I must have played that game for years with them watching. It was awesome seeing them laugh when Bubsy tapped on the screen. It was great having them help me with sound effects as he would go through the doors and be transported to another part of the level. Sigh... Sometimes we still play Battlesphere together. They tried Bubsy, but they said it was too hard. The first video game they ever played was Tempest 2000 BTW. Yeh the Jag is a blast. That bit about Wolfenstein... I have to agree about the PC or Mac version being better. What is up with not being able to just use a knife on your opponents!!!? I hated that part. Doctor Clu
  24. Anyone thought of asking these older companies to make these game available online, or even a partial game, and then if you wanted a more completed version, send in shareware fee? Like Soulstar. Get them to host a part of the game, or even the whole game online. We get to try it. We send in a shareware fee. True many will probably not pay it, but the important thing here is FEEDBACK. They see how many are interested, and even fill out the registration for it maybe. Though it is unlikely they will do further development on the game, they could incur some shareware fees from what was made. Look at what a sensation Doom (on the PC) was in the early days... distributed only as shareware at first.
  25. Now don't forget about the ability to turn the Jag into a Atari 2080 ST. http://home.t-online.de/home/Matthias.Domi...in/tosonjag.htm Cool stuff really. Doctor Clu
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