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  1. I have only seen the Star Commander rank at the Commander level.
  2. Ooookkkkkk.... this has been confirmed that it is even possible mathmatically in the game right? I just played a round over here... no damage, no docks, mostly one shot kills, and managed to get a Warrior class 1 Have we heard if commander much less Star Commander is possible at the pilot level?
  3. (reposted from another message. My way of saying "yes") Here is a tidbit on the scoring system in Star Raiders from the 5200 manual. As you know the 5200 version is the 800 version with only control changes, and the items are identified on long rang scanner. Everything else is the same. " Rank Mission Score ROOKIE 48 - 79 NOVICE 80 - 111 ENSIGN 112 - 143 PILOT 144 - 175 ACE 176 - 191 LIEUTENANT 192 - 207 WARRIOR 208 - 223 CAPTAIN 224 - 239 COMMANDER 240 - 271 STAR COMMANDER 272 - 303" "Your NEW RANK is displayed at the top of the television screen by rank and class. There are five classes per rank, Class 1 being the highest and Class 5 being the lowers. " "If you do not score at least 48 points on a mission, your new rank will be GALACTIC COOK or GARBAGE SCOW CAPTAIN. If you can't do better than that, your mission skill level is too advanced for you. Switch to a lower skill level and work you way back up. " http://www.atarihq.com/5200/manuals/starraid.html So for the contest, you get the rank and class, and then you could follow the scale that follows for the numerical value (using the highest number of that rank and class for your score): COOK/GARBAGE SCOW 0-48 (47 point spread 47/5=9.4) Class 5 0-9 Class 4 10-18 Class 3 19-28 Class 2 29-38 Class 1 39-47 ROOKIE 48 - 79 (31 point spread 31/5=6.2) Class 5 48-54 Class 4 55-60 Class 3 61-67 Class 2 68-73 Class 1 74-79 NOVICE 80 - 111 (31 point spread 31/5=6.2) Class 5 80-85 Class 4 86-91 Class 3 92-98 Class 2 99-104 Class 1 105-111 ENSIGN 112 - 143 (31 point spread 31/5=6.2) Class 5 112-117 Class 4 118-124 Class 3 125-131 Class 2 132-137 Class 1 138-143 PILOT 144 - 175 (31 point spread 31/5=6.2) Class 5 144-149 Class 4 150-156 Class 3 157-162 Class 2 163-169 Class 1 170-175 ACE 176 - 191 Class 5 Class 4 Class 3 Class 2 Class 1 LIEUTENANT 192 - 207 Class 5 Class 4 Class 3 Class 2 Class 1 WARRIOR 208 - 223 Class 5 Class 4 Class 3 Class 2 Class 1 CAPTAIN 224 - 239 Class 5 Class 4 Class 3 Class 2 Class 1 COMMANDER 240 - 271 Class 5 Class 4 Class 3 Class 2 Class 1 STAR COMMANDER 272 - 303" Class 5 Class 4 Class 3 Class 2 Class 1 And so on... I will be happy to come back and edit this message later fleshing out the rest of the values... but just to say that we can come up with a scoring system for that game and this competition that should work well. It's a bit of work, but you have to admit, Star Raiders is worth it.
  4. I remember feeling the same a few games back. Forgot what it was. Anyway, just submit something. Anything.
  5. I *HIGHLY* suggest a APE setup. A old 486 and a cable and you're in business hardware wise. Yeh I just compiled the list for the Atari 8 and yeh many classics have been played. I came in on the second season. I might go through the first season games and play those too. We are running across some other classics not yet played. Best thing to advise, get on there and find the thread asking for suggestions, and throw yours in.
  6. 870,800 837436[/snapback] Holy Tamole 837591[/snapback] LOL! Thanks! That reaction alone made it all worth it. And I am willing to bet that you haven't seen nothing yet if this contest is going on till the 22nd... geez.. can you imagine?
  7. Is ProtectorSE really all that and a bag of chips? Is it worth the exhorbitent price? Subjective question, I realize ... 828645[/snapback] Not easy making carts when they are not mass produced. I have only bought a handfull of the recently released carts. I have to choose my battles when it comes to my hobby, so I have chose... Skyhammer Battlesphere Battlesphere Gold ProtectorSE I personally HATE Defender. I hate Stargate, and all titles similar. I also hate Pac-Man, but that is another story entirely. Let me say the only reason I really bought Protector was to load Soulstar. The CD bypass on Protector is worth that alone. Protector as a game is fun. Played it a few times. Defender 2K... I have to agree with what is being said here. I think a Jaguar collector would be at a loss without it. It is a beautiful game. It is fun, it is zanny even. Obviously Minter tried to make a dull game like like the arcade Tempest, and make something llke Tempest 2K all over again. And I wish he would have succeeded. T 2K is just... drrroooooooollllllllllll..... .. oh, sorry, I was thinking of T2K ... (slap slap slap) ok.. I'm awake, I'm awake. I was in heaven there for a bit, with a hot chick saying "Yes... yes.. yes!!" .. sigh... Why Defender 2K was not as great as T2K well.. T2K was a tough act to follow. I have friends that are avid PS2 fans who will clamour to play T2K. I try to show them Battlesphere. "Looks like X-Wing vs. Tie... kinda dated...." they say. But put T2K in their hands..well.. I didn't see one of my Jags for like three months. That tell you something? So wrapping this up... Defender 2K - beautiful, fun game. A collection is not complete without it. I hate Defender, and I am glad I have a copy. Shame it didn't do well, because I think Minter would have tried to do more adaptations. Protector & SE - Good as a Defender style game... if you go for that sort of thing. And SE has a bypass cart for CD's.
  8. Sorry to hear that 837204[/snapback] Well, how do we set up a message for a vote? We can vote on a game, play it, and post the top three scores on the list that Punisher put up. We'll have that sucker filled with high scores soon. So about making a voting message?
  9. Here is the disk image for people like my friend who are new to Atari emulation... Can be found here... http://vjetnam.hopto.org/index.php?frame=lett&dir=c&page=0 Or... candy_factory.zip
  10. Bumping up the scores a bit.... 666,200.
  11. Glad you like the idea. I know I will enjoy playing against you and whoever else plays along. Punisher... go ahead and get that vote going... sounds good to me! So what obscure games on the 8-bit? Generally I play a lot of games on that contest from downloaded games and files. To matter the fact my gaming archive, as big as it was before, grows with some of these titles too.
  12. Thanks for the image. My score tonight... 66,900. Cute game. Kept wondering when I would get a mallot to swing around though.
  13. Ah yes, I can see that went over well. Sorry about that. I don't think I knew of Atariage back then to be honest. Anyway, the fun of the HSC as I have experienced in the Atari 800 forum's HSC is that you have a certain time to make the score, and you are competing against others in various parts at the same time on the same game. I have rediscovered games on the Atari 800, and learned about new ones, in this process, and I think though the Jaguar has a game library hovering around 100 games, I believe this could be a fun way to get re-introduced to the Jaguar platform. So we are not just playing our individual games and submitting scores. We are suggesting games, voting on them, playing some games we love and some we have not played in a while, and seeing who is the best overal gamer. It is a not a static scoreboard, but a contest! It is really the next best thing to being at a friend's house and playing against each other for the high score. So that said, To start this off, I wonder since Atari Age has just gone to a new format if we could have a HSC area created for the Jaguar Forem just like the 2600 and 8-bit have. Then we will vote on two things... 1) The duration of the game play. Should it be two weeks, three weeks, or just select one game a month. 2) get people to suggest game titles and then we vote on it! There we go. Sound good?
  14. Point me to a good rom archive and I am there! I have a 5200 but only have like 3 games for it. Doc Clu
  15. Ok, this high score club might get to think about dusting off my supercharger. Where can I find a good archive of roms, and where is there good instructions on converting them to wav format?
  16. They have a high score contest on the Atari 8-bit message board here, and I understand on the 2600 as well. In summary, everyone votes on a game, and for like two weeks or so everyone tries to make the highest score and get a screen shot to show who is best at that game, and over the various contests, who is the best video game player. Really is a lot of fun. Anyone up for it?
  17. Can we please get an image of the game to download here?
  18. To make things easier from the start... can we get an ATR of that game here for download?
  19. Hey Walter... how are things going for you an my favorite game system? (Notice how I have my favorite cat off to the side.) To answer your question, there is a http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...ssPageName=WDVW Yours for $4.95 (buy it now) with $3.95 shipping and handling. I bought one of these cables a while back, and it's actually worked out alright. Take care, good to see you over here in the 8-bit world. (Someday we need to get a version of Bubsy made on the Atari 800)
  20. Hey Walter... how are things going for you an my favorite game system? (Notice how I have my favorite cat off to the side.) To answer your question, there is a http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...ssPageName=WDVW Yours for $4.95 (buy it now) with $3.95 shipping and handling. I bought one of these cables a while back, and it's actually worked out alright. Take care, good to see you over here in the 8-bit world. (Someday we need to get a version of Bubsy made on the Atari 800)
  21. Hmmm... words on Starfire... "Star Raiders target practice mixed with Star Wars."
  22. My score so far is 7650. If nothing else you can show that another person joined in, but I am not done yet.
  23. I saw the Black at 14 mhz... and that was great! An Atari 8-bit at nearly nine times the normal speed... oh yeh. I think the Atari 8-bit made a better 8 mhz and 16 mhz machine than the ST. What do you think would have happened if Atari, rather than releasing the ST line simply said to their users in 1986... "Hey, you know, Apple is discarding their 8-bit Apple II users and releasing the Mac, and Commodore is replacing their 8-bit C=64 with the Amiga.... but YOU, the Atari user can take your existing computer that you have grown so used to, and we will expand it with a 8 mhz module, and one day a 16 mhz module. You can keep your same machine, and we will continue to make it great!" Do you think people would have gone for that? I mean, 16 mhz fever was in the air, companies were replacing the 8-bit and their hard core users with a newer platform. Would users have appreciated the upgrades to older equipment, or simply jumped companies to computers that were newer and more ready to take on the newer tasks? I know in 1988 I was ready for something new. My upgraded Atari 400 was showing it's age compared to what the Mac could do. The PC at that time was still catching up. The ST would have been awesome, just few demonstrations here. If I was given a 8 mhz module though, which was fairly standard then, and a graphical operating system, and this was really pushed by Atari and really supported by Atari... Yeh I think I would have stayed on the Atari bandwagon being the computer I was used to. The graphics by comparison would have been a bit crude by the mid nineties, but then with more upgrades that came out, the tower case, hard drive support, maybe even better graphics cards, that might have worked. Might have even (with all the upgrades mind you) given the Amiga a run for it's money. Here you would have two computers, the Atari 800 and the Amiga, both developed by Jay Miner, both with processing power, and both with specialized chipsets. Instead of a world of Motorola and Intel, there would have been the Jay factor a lot more so. I wonder how many years would go by before the that 800 xl with all the upgrades, would have only been about 15% of the original computer, case, and parts. Start with an 800 xl, add, upgrades, recase it, get a keyboard adaptor for it, and eventually a Mouse, add ISA slots and ISA card support, and eventually add newer card support. Soon it goes from a 1.77 machine to a 8 mhz machine, to a 16 mhz machine, then to a 32 mhz machine. Soon the Antic and Pokey only get in the way of the new horse power, and emulated chips are put in to maintain the older software support and bypass the regular chips. The power board has to be upgraded to handle the added upgrades and processing power, and in time the I/O support is found to be too slow at 19.2K so that is bypassed with a something like a firewire channel. Eventually a external box is created for translating to older devices, but by then who cares! Who wants a Indus drive when they can have a 32x CD rom drive and Mega drive support. See what I mean? I think the upgrade path would have been interesting. Not that was the way the world was going. Most want complete new everything, and that was certainly the story of 1985-1986. But anyway, sorry for the Tangent... AWESOME demo, and if this upgrade is ever available, I think it would be the start of a another era of Atari 800/XL/XE tinkering. Laters!
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