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  1. Awesome. Will keep you in mind and ship out in early September if no one picks it up. You ready to pay for shipping? I'll save it till then. Awesome. Will keep you in mind and ship out in early September if no one picks it up. You ready to pay for shipping? Also has a monitor, did you need that? As for anyone else, prior to the user meeting on the 28th, this all still is first come first served.
  2. Found out through my local Amiga User Group that Zool is being re-released on the Steam platform. Apparently this game has 28 levels? Looks like it could be a mix of the original Zool and all the variant levels that were found on the various platforms (SNES, Genesis, Gameboy, Amiga, ST, etc) back in the day? Hard to tell. But good to see the Alien Ninja in the Nth Dimension making a re-appearance. Why? Well, first, here is the article.. https://www.pcgamer.com/90s-amiga-mascot-zool-is-being-exhumed-for-reasons-unknown/ So the reason I think this great is that it shows Gremlin is willing to do something with their property of Zool. In the past ten years Zool nearly got a continuation with Zool 3D but that was not worthy of the Zool name, and Gremlin took the license back, and that game became the inferior "Ninjabread Man". A cute game, but not worth Zool. Gremlin would next work with a college group, Steel Minions, on the game "Zool Planets" which had a beginning level and various concept art completed showing an older Zool with a beard. I think the game had a lot of promise and I would still like to see this game on another occasion. There have been fun unofficial demos made, so the love for Zool is out there. And honestly, I hope at some point Zool will get a game like this demo, like Zool Planets, or maybe even better. I remember when Bubsy Bobcat had the first and second Bubsy games released for Steam. Was a simple beginning. Over time Woolies Strike Back and Paws on Fire were released in the years that followed that were new games for that franchise. And I hope the same can be true to Zool. Popping a chupa chups lolly pop in my mouth while crossing my fingers on that one! Anyway, always good to see a mascot that graced the Atari Jaguar still running around in 2021!
  3. August 28th at 6 pm? Nice! I will see if I can swing by.
  4. Glad you were close enough. You'll sell the others in time.
  5. It was hardware that was released with a unique set of games under the flag of "Atari" so, yes. And now Jaguar isn't the biggest and last failure.
  6. Now that we're doing the "post-show" comments on the VCS, can we finally change the description for the Atari Jaguar? So we can change Jaguar to: "The Atari Jaguar represented a huge leap in technology from previous offerings. Featuring a 64-bit architecture, the Jaguar had great potential but it's power was initially difficult to tap. In the years since however the avid fan base has given new life with home-brews and numerous game ports from the Atari ST." And the Atari VCS: "Atari's last game console. The VCS was streaming game hardware which also gave Atari fans a nostalgic revisit with a few creative new titles complete with a classic 2600 styled controller. Through use of the PC mode running other operating systems, more gameplaying and emulation options were possible." Something like that. I just want it known that the Jaguar is no longer the "Last Atari console".
  7. Moving, and it is amazing all the stuff I'm coming across that I'm saying "don't need it where I'm going". I'll add pictures on here in the next few days. PM me if interested. Commodore monitor... Mac G4 - Quicksilver And all electronics (Mac and Atari) that you see in this picture here. Is my first Mac 128K expanded to 4 mb if I remember right. Needs to be recapped. Various Atari printers, the type with the rubber heads that turn to mush over years. And some floppy drives. They might work! Also have a Headstart Explorer with Monitor I am passing on as well. This computer was a beauty with a built in GUI system much like the Atari ST did. All items are AS IS of course. More to come! Have no plans to ship this, this is swing by and pick up, or I can meet some in parts of Dallas/Fort Worth and that area.
  8. I can vouch for the Toshiba 2300 and the N501 of course. I'm sure the N2000 it would also work there.
  9. Yeh that jump is over kill. I think I will try to hack this for just the speed, not the jump... if the two aren't related. I did like the faster speed.
  10. So did you find Jez San? How did that go? Always fun to talk to the programmers, producers, and so on of games you like (for me Faran Thomason/Andrew Seed for Jaguar Bubsy, and Michael Berlyn/Scott Williamson of first Bubsy game).
  11. About the only reason I wish the Jaguar released with a CD is so we could have a more uniform all in one unit. Other than that, I think the Jaguar would have done about as well as it did.
  12. I was so offended I bought it twice...
  13. Thanks for all the ones you've uploaded, especially Dal-ACE. These have been great. And all the manuals. Do you have more to upload of Dal-ACE? And do we know which ones are still missing? I was delighted to see some as late as 1989.
  14. Ah Curt. 😢 Always meant to ask if he had a better resolution of that profile pic he had.
  15. Plutus is amazing. Sirius is pretty... serious. But great graphics.
  16. That is really cool. And Hitchhiker's Guide (Infocom) article. Can't wait to read that.
  17. Oh yeh, been a part of the BBS since like 1999, and in all the raffles I think I've won three times. This was cool! Never thought I would have this game, but wow!
  18. I loved the TT030 but this is why I eventually got rid of it. Blazing fast speed, and yet like a 1/5th of the games worked from an already relatively small library of games. That said, had fun playing games on Spectre GCR (Mac emulator), and hours of Battle of Britian: Their Finest Hour by Lucas Games.
  19. I was the same way. Saw the advertisements for the Black Cauldron movie, and actually didn't get to see it till the 90s. Read all the books though, and then later read the Mabinogion where the names of the characters came from those earliest of Britian's stories. Wanted to play this game for years!
  20. So on bbsmates.com there are four entries for this. The website is not secure, so I'll share the links and what they have to say. bbsmates.com/viewbbs.aspx?id=48999 ' http://bbsmates.com/viewbbs.aspx?id=48858 http://bbsmates.com/viewbbs.aspx?id=124496 http://bbsmates.com/viewbbs.aspx?id=48775 Thoughts from the above: * Varying date ranges mentioned from the people that submitted these. Maybe of the times they were aware of. * Area code 800 but also 202 is listed. Maybe their other dial-in number. * Sysop was possibly Tom Evans. * And possibly run with MajorBBS software at one time. I believe this might have also been an article about it... https://www.africa.upenn.edu/BBS_Internet/DOE_bbs.html
  21. Awesome, I wrote you in feedback on the BBS. Can't wait to try this. Just wrapped up the D&D door game on your BBS, so ready for a new adventure with "Another World".
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