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  1. Also would suggest the variations of Tube by Dr. Typo. Great tunnel like game. No shooting enemies, but still good.
  2. doctorclu


    A Gremlin graphics game, that would have been cool. Also explains a lot about ST Zool (also Gremlin graphics) and some of their other titles. All I can say is, if they sent a "don't do that" if they would have just made a Jaguar port to begin with...
  3. Oh cool, I get to mention American Hero... oh, that would have been by Atari if it were released. Looking for unlicensed. So ... none that I know of.
  4. Now that is awesome. How about the jelly fish?
  5. How do you get the lobster and crab? Any way to take out the jellyfish also?
  6. Yeh kinda like you, though it's been a while, I use Jaglink 2 and Jaglinks for networked Doom (two console) and Battlesphere (three console) games.
  7. Showed Shark! Shark! on the Intellivision to a friend's kid and we had round after round of great two player fun.

    1. IntelliMission


      I think you should buy a Switch instead. I play Switch everyday and it's great. If you want a home console, buy a Switch. It's cheaper than most and only a bit more expensive than others. If you want a handheld, buy a Switch. You can play anywhere, unlike the Intellivision. You can program a missile launch with the Switch. I play Switch with my son, my grandson and the son of my grandson. Did you know you can use the Switch as a frisbee? All in all (and sorry for the offtopic), the Switch in unavoidable. I'm having a great time with the Switch right now, just looking at it. Buy a Switch now and get a free "I play the switch instead of the ______" certificate that you can fill up with the name of your favorite, inferior console. Switch!


      (Just kidding, folks).


      I've never played Shark! Shark!, but it looks fun to play with non gamers.

    2. retrorussell


      Good game for the Intellivision.

    3. doctorclu


      Yeh Retrorussell, Shark! Shark! is a very basic game, simple to learn, and addicting.  :D

  8. You mean Double Dragon V didn't scratch that itch?
  9. I remember running Magic Mac which essentially ran the gem based stuff of the ST and not much else at the time. Got that running on my Macintosh Performa 575 68040 machine. I believe it ran a good game of NetHack ST which was entirely gem based. I think also a game of solitaire. There was other gem based things that would work (like the movie player, CAB the web browser, and other apps) but I remember that NetHack ST was one of the better games I got working.
  10. I loved the JagTOS project. Now days I could get that going and play Zool. Read that webpage, looks like Matthias and all them had a 120 mb drive going. I wonder how well it did run a lot of games. Also not seeing a keyboard solution? Mentions mouse but that is all I saw.
  11. Here is one that sold, and what you can expect when one becomes available....
  12. One thing I'm enjoying about the Game Drive is people rediscovering games we haven't played in years. Ultra Vortek is visually impressive, and I love you could play over modem. As a long time BBSer I would love to try that out sometime. I still have a land line.
  13. That is cool. It is well worth the price of admission, whatever that price turns out to be. Now have two of these.
  14. I had fun playing through it, wielding the powerful rubber chicken. Svengoolie would have been proud.
  15. That is a good point on the password codes! For Battlemorph looks like they have some cheat codes in the form of names entered to start a certain level with all possible weapons: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/jaguarcd/916015-battlemorph/cheats
  16. (laughs) This is quite a necrobump. Was my first attempt at a hack. I've had fun hacking Atari 2600, Commodore 64, Jaguar, and other programs since. Even won a hack award a year or so back. Your message came off needlessly hostile but whatever. Glad you had fun with it, and thanks for sharing what you did.
  17. Sounds like Shinto recently did an episode for i-War? A game I'd actually played long ago and since forgot about. And I can't recall if I played in first person mode so much. I think last I played it I treated it more like the tank game Spectre on the Mac where you have your ship on the screen. With this necrobump of this thread you got me wanting to check out the game again. More Jag-Space Paranoids!!! (Again TRON reference).
  18. No static at all.

    1. Swami


      Just the idea that FM was new and they only had staticy AM before. The miracle of FM, etc. Loses relatability over time. 


      kind of like like a song about wonders of cassette tapes or, maybe to be more extreme, the automobile or electric light. 

    2. doctorclu


      Oh I get you.   And now we have digital radio channels.  



    3. Swami


      Hard to imagine a world with just AM, just like world with just the three broadcast stations even though I grew up to some extent in that world. My parents bought me a 1980 pickup when I was 16 that had an AM only radio. 

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  19. Was able to get at least get this partially working as I played the first level.
  20. Well those are two I won't call this weekend. Hopefully you get the BBSs up again in the near future. I tried to call MouseNet for the first time in ages. It gave me a password that was ... not usable. Left message for Ralf-Markus, hopefully he is able to sort it out and get back to me.
  21. Hey John, I'm at the weekend at want to dial some Basement BBS! Is the modem up today? (I tried calling). Backyard BBS -no luck getting my usual two minute dial in yet. Need to call all the other Atari BBSs this weekend (me or a certain Buster Bobtail).
  22. Chris' offer for a controller would be well placed. The Nuon might be able to handle 3D pretty well as it seems to basically have the power of Playstation 1 or 2. Honestly, I think until that is mastered, having a game like the one above in 2D or 2.5 D I think Nuon gamers would be hungry for.
  23. So just played Mad Bodies on the Game Drive after reading omf's comment above. It is true, the game is a hot mess. I will start by saying I love the work of 3D Stooges (Gorf, Surrounded), and Force Designs. I remember there was a lot of excitement about the game before release and this was probably their most ambitious project to date up to that point. That is to say you can tell there was a lot of work that went into this game. Prior to this game there were some games released that were cool unreleased games (Brett Hull, Battlesphere, Soccer Kid, Skyhammer, etc) but this was one of the first big fan productions. Not sure how extensive the playtesters were for the game. I'm sure to the developers the game made perfect sense. When it got into the hands of the other gamers, the excitement continued for a while, and then it was realized that the game was a mess. So I'm a big fan of games like Arkanoid. It was still a few years till Impulse X would be released, and long before the Arkanoid II port from the ST. The only breakout games you had might be the breakout mini-games in Zool or Rayman, and maybe some minor fan made demos. So really, this was a nice addition to the Jaguar library in that sense. Only in practice it just fell flat. In Arkanoid you have the power-ups for a laser weapon where you can fire while keeping the ball bouncing. Mad Bodies you have this throughout the whole game. The difference between the two is in Arkanoid you are firing up to the top of screen, in Mad Bodies you have to position a target somewhere between you and the top of the screen, and in a little box fire off what appears to be small bullets. Also in Arkanoid, you are firing up at stationary bricks for the most part. In Mad Bodies you are moving a targeting block at objects that are flying towards you. Are you starting to see why this doesn't work so well? Also, you start with bouncing one large round... asteroid? And that is easy enough. If you miss it, your ship/paddle gets a little damage. If you run into those things that you are firing at while bouncing the ball, you take a little damage. About four rounds of damage, you loose a life. If you get hit by this fireball which is extremely difficult to shoot at best (not sure it can be destroyed) it will take out your paddle in one hit. A few minutes into the game you are bouncing two round asteroids, and then a few minutes later, three. Overall, bouncing three objects is not a problem, what would have made this game enjoyable is if rather than a targeting square you just had an open laser weapon that shot upwards to meet the oncoming objects rather than a small targeting box. Also, if the things you bounced did damage to things coming at you (at they do in Arkanoid) would have also made a nice touch. Since that time developers have opened up game development to a good sized group of play testers who give their suggestions and round the games out pretty well to make a fun product. I think games like Mad Bodies was a lessons learned case to get more input, or some new eyes testing a game, before release.
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