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  1. Now just to make a 3D pattern for an imagic 5200 cart shell.
  2. Question that was posted on Facebook, and one that I had fun thinking about for a second and answering.
  3. I was wondering about the Dal-ACE issues, but all of this is cool.
  4. Got the notice, just having challenges logging in to the Atariage Store. Help! (email sent to you on this)
  5. Alright! Breakout 2000! (That pong round, am I right?) 9,379
  6. Now if someone can just show me a picture of "Colleen" and "Candy", the employees that were the inspirations of for the 800 and 400.
  7. What I was going to say. I've done similar for a Mac I have with a broken power button.
  8. That actually is a great solution that made the dual action pro controller for the Intellivision possible. Yep very familiar with that trick.
  9. Could always make a special controller where up is disconnected. Seriously though, Zool does use up and down for climbing walls. However, with some work you could track down where the jump action is and remove "up" as on option.
  10. This is something to keep in mind for the controls. Personally I've been trying to look into hacking the game so that is doesn't require 100% of the items to go to the next level (maybe say 30% or something). I think Zool would be a great platform game to speedrun at that point. Earlier Zool games did not have the 100% requirement, so something I want to see happen. While I have been half a$$ hacking the game with no success so far, I have not tried the compression software, Pro-Pack, which I've attached, that Imagitec used on Bubsy, possibly Raiden. If you run the rom through this it will break it down into separate files that you could at least look at. I haven't tried making modifications one of the files and then recompressing the image. Not sure if Pro-Pack would need you to rename the files to their original file names, or if it could just recompress the files in the order they were given the names Pro-Pack gives them. PP.DOC PP.EXE
  11. Hi, As usual I have no plans in particular for our upcoming meeting next weekend. If anyone has any ideas for what they would like to do, please let me know or just show up with whatever. Our next meeting is schedule for Saturday, May 8, from 2:00 to 4:00 PM at the Dallas Makerspace. Their address is: Dallas Makerspace 1825 Monetary Ln, Unit 104 Carrollton, TX 75006 When people arrive, they shall go to the Suite 102 entrance (the one with the wheelchair-accessible ramp) and ring the doorbell if the door is locked. There are electronic kiosks in this front room with a liability waiver that all new guests must sign. Once this is done, the meeting room is just to the left of those kiosks. The online meeting to watch and chat with us can be found here: Future meeting schedule: Time of Meeting: 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM All dates are on the second Saturday of the month: Dates of Meetings: May 8 Jun 12 Jul 10 Aug 14 Sep 11 Oct 9 Nov 13 Dec 11
  12. Dig this, found on her blog where she did a survey in 2007 of which music we liked most and least. I just chipped in my answers some 14 years late. https://sebab.livejournal.com/970497.html#t8871681
  13. That's what I was thinking. Used to be huge into Dreamcast. Loved the emulators on it. There any killer app games on the Pet? I see they had Galaga for it.
  14. I loved this response, so just commenting/springboarding off what is being said here. Yeh speaking of the Jag CD, there really are just a few CD games that I really want to play all the time. But I am inspired by Onion and how he had a compilation of his games on one CD. That could come in really handy. Thanks to the Game Drive I am seeing the CD more and more as a larger partition. If I wanted to make a game with more than mod music, or movie files, the CD image is good for that. And I do envision making a collection that can be loaded from a CD image with a selection menu, much like Orion's disc. There are some homebrews I eventually buy. I like to try homebrews as they come out, even playtest. But I agree, homebrews and ports are where it is at on the Jaguar. This cracked me up. Yeh, I mostly play Gorf and Bubsy on a daily basis. My wife asked "Don't you have two other copies of Bubsy" I think it is just load Bubsy from the menu with the MRQ files in place is just cool. Like 200 games at my fingertips and I still select my usual go to. Later you would mention the Game Drive and GD-Rom were two different things, so was the GD-Rom the earlier version?
  15. Oh cool, how many did you get set up? I think I've heard up to eight. Used to get a setup at a friend's house with their kids for about three... so with gunners they had six players.
  16. Oh she was awesome. I think the music she made for the game was quite good. Naturally back when Battlesphere came out there were quite a few that were amazed to have a woman like her fan developing a game. And I sensed a few crushes from the game nerds.
  17. What I thought was great was the game update they provided. Apparently there was something like level 92 that would crash and they provided a file you could upload into the game and upload it. Also like how they had the JUGS (Jaguar Unmodified Game Server I believe it was) option on Battlesphere (adaptor included) that could load homebrew games. Mind you EXTREMELY slow compared to BJL, but it was my start into homebrew games. And later BJL became possible through game carts and adaptors just like Battlesphere showed could be done.
  18. That's hilarious, no I forgot about that. Anyone still in contact with any of the Scatologic team? All and all I think they made a fun game. Not one worth the hype, but there is NO GAME on the Jag worth that. But a fun quality game none the less.
  19. Good question. Something for Scatologic to answer.
  20. Tonight I saw this thread, looked at the contents, didn't see a manual, and decided to pull out my copy... Took pictures of the manual, and then read the reason it was not posted was due to it being copyrighted? Possibly post it under "Fair use"? As a long time fan of Star Raiders, I made these videos sometime back... Here is the second part (looks like it didn't get the contrast adjust a few years back when YouTube had that feature) Anyway, in short, unlike Star Raiders, you have an armada of your own you command, so technically not "Alone Against the Empires" as Star Raiders was, where you had Star Cruiser 7 and that was it. The game plays too quickly to have your fleet sit off to the side while you play hero and go at it truly alone. It's ok though, controlling the other ships is as easy as selecting them and giving them a destination sector. And you just keep at it, deploying the fleet, and jumping into the fight, until all the enemy ships are gone (or you are) To dock, just fly up to one of your star bases, wait for a second, a shuttle comes out to your ship and refuels you, and then you go on your merry way. All and all, a GREAT modernization of Star Raiders. A lot of the fun is kept with better graphics, and I like how they brought over some sound effects from the original Star Raiders game, and modernized but kept the alert jingle when your star base is being attacked.
  21. My Jag Bubsy plush appreciates the Jaguar shades!
  22. Looking forward to trying this when it becomes buyable/downloadable.
  23. That was a fun watch. Been using the dial-in setup for calling non-dial BBSs for a a few months now. Love seeing how it works.
  24. You're right, it is nothing new. There are three types of retro items sold... 1) Priced for nostalgia 2) Priced based on the market (completed ebay sales ect) 3) Priced to clear space. Personally I am alright with all of the three as they make things available for my own collection. Now how important to you is the item to pick it up with any of the three ways?
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