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  1. Would you take $100 😛
  2. Thanks Mimo! I checked... I can’t seem to find it on AtariAge Store.
  3. Hey guys! Any know where I can purchase a copy of Pac-Man Collection for the 7800? Can’t seem to find it anywhere 😢
  4. Okay, I figured it out.. after your first post I then realized the unit was receiving inputs from both joystick ports. So then I thought... what about the (start,select,options,reset) buttons in the unit. I checked it with my multimeter and noticed (start) and (select) werent responding! I took some rubbing alcohol and cleaned out the two buttons. Voila! Everything is working great now!!! 🤣 I want to thank you and mytek for the help 🙏🏻 And my POTS on my paddles are junk... when playing super break out I noticed they wiggle a little. On that BASIC test when I center a paddle it with move from 114 to around 120 and anything in between those two numbers 🤣
  5. Both paddles turned fully left 15 1 228 228 Both paddles turned fully left and both buttons held down 3 1 228 228 Both paddles turned fully right 15 1 1 1 I noticed the value of the first digit changes depending on which fire button I press on each paddle 7 and 11
  6. I tried super breakout and cant get it do anything... however it does show something when I press each fire button on the paddles. If I select 2 players and press the fire buttons each players score which is showing 0 will change color. Thats it...
  7. I recently purchased a Atari XEGS on eBay and it will boot up missile command, however I have no response from any controller/joystick I plug in. When I plug in the keyboard and start up the unit, it will boot up in basic and Im able to type in commands with no problem. I checked all the solder joints and re-flowed all pins at the controller ports. I also checked for +5v and ground at the ports. No sure how rare it problem is.... Any suggestions to what I should check next? Thanks in advance 🙏🏻
  8. SainTs Jaguar SD

    1. save2600


      Is it finished?

  9. SainT, I love your Lynx SD! I'm definitely in on purchasing a Jaguar SD too!
  10. That is horrible! Where did you find this?
  11. Hi Saint can you please add me to your list for 1 Cased version. Thank you very very much!
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