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  1. they just did some video uploads I miss working at HP maybe its time to go back...
  2. apple lisa perhaps a next or one of the cubes. Only thing retro I have atm is a g3 color mac (blue shell) looking to get an apple 2 of some sort next. Oh and msx and fm towns from japan would be nice to!
  3. switch is the console for shmups in my opinion I love playing on the go. Danmaku is amazing sine mora was decent astebreed raijin and several others. They even have an accessory I want to dock in tate mode for this thing!
  4. I bought it digitally on sale and fired it up for a tiny bit wasn't sure what I was doing lol think I would have rather tried it on sega cd anyway thought I'd show this historical dorky game some love still need to play it more
  5. lol indeed Galerider to me needs a controller so I plan to get one. Elder scrolls looked like elder scrolls and pretty but idk I lost interest and will revisit on switch
  6. for some games its a non issue honestly especially with motion controls added in and you can add a bluetooth controller etc to the mix
  7. I used to feel this way but once I started using iphone again and playing around with bluestacks thanks to my droid loving wife man they have some good mobile games
  8. Borrowed it and put an hour in with the wife watching she seemed to enjoy watching and I'd like to play more so I intend to do so when I can I am new to the series
  9. got it for switch while on sale totally worth it great fun especially with friends love the mini games to.
  10. Tried it on pc and had to have it mobile love it on my switch wish I'd waited for a physical copy though oh well
  11. man some great memories here from your suggestions guys. ogre battle deserves a look
  12. is this better than a flashmasta? I had one of those for my ngpc but it seemed to delete the games once turned off and I'd have to reload them
  13. very cool I can't wait to give this a shot soldering and console mods are something I want to do more of
  14. dreamcast or xbox 360 I haven't had the time money or interest to spend with new stuff
  15. Loved the snatcher but I only paid 100ish for my copy wish I had it still. I also enjoyed the shmups and you gotta try some fmv stuff like sewer shark just for lols
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