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  1. First effort! Robot City Game 4: 2,080
  2. Still improving! Subterranea : 11,036
  3. Well played @kermit73 you really put up some great scores! Congrats!! Thanks as always to @Vocelli for doing all the nitty gritty to keep this comp running smoothly and enjoyable!! Whilst I didn’t really play all the games I do have some opinions FAVOURITES: Congo Bongo, Spikes Peak SURPRISES: Dragonfire, Robot City WORST: None this year, I chose not to play every round which probably helped
  4. Small improvement, but this is it for this round Moon Patrol : 25,260
  5. nads

    R.I.P. Jan Marsella

    Very Sad news, another piece of the Activision history disappears 😞 Ive got plenty of letters signed by her, Next time I look at those maybe a tear in the eye
  6. Getting the hang of it Very Slowly... Dragonfire 1BB : 11,960
  7. Actually I have your video in my LIKED videos in my YouTube. It is a superb run!! Would love to see top that! Go for it and Good luck!!
  8. Yeah probably should just pick another game
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