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  1. I’ll check it out, something is better than nothing 👍
  2. Getting Closer.. BOWLING 1BB : 289 Pins
  3. Its unlikely Ill get a Score for Kaboom! no working Paddles, but you never know. Anyway I can at least bowl BOWLING 1BB : 264 pins
  4. Awesome Stuff! Well done I know you've done this before 👍
  5. Thanks Spriggy! This game to be honest isn't that tough to Max Out, however it does practice. The game levels are not random which is great for getting through the tough Stages. The other thing to understand that the Majority of the Game-play involves playing through Stages 13 to 20 Over and over again. Stages 1 - 12 you will only play ONCE. The best way to practice is to utilize the GAME SELECT function Game 1 : Starts at Stage 1 Game 2 : Starts at Stage 5 Game 3 : Starts at Stage 9 Game 4 : Starts at Stage 13 Game 5 : Random Stages are Set Once you can complete 1 -12 fairly well, Start practicing 13 - 20 as 90% of the game is played here. Ive attached an Older run to show what I mean about the Stages Its a Great game ! I would love to see all competitors earn the Patch in this round! Good Luck!
  6. This one of my All time favorite Titles! I even Own the Real Patch 😊 This Game Stops at 1 Million Points, when this happens the score is displayed as 6 exclamation marks ! ! ! ! ! ! H.E.R.O. 1BB : ROLLAGE!
  7. Improvement COMMANDO 1BB : 8 Medals - 12,800pts
  8. I may have to post another score after all! Great work Greg!
  9. I like this game, but this will be my only post. I think the key to getting lower scores will not too pick up more than 2 Grenades, avoiding the enemies as best you can and NOT losing any lives. Losing a Life sets you back to a point in the stage where you have to repeat and thus scoring more points unnecessarily COMMANDO 1BB : 42,200 & 8 MEDALS
  10. I’m pretty sure you earn a medal when you clear a stage i.e. Blow up the Fort and the end of the stage
  11. There is a definite Strategy to this game Once you set up the " Gap " to be close to the middle of the screen it then requires some patience and fast fingers Ive added a video to show how I played it It does take some LUCK too! Good Luck!
  12. Just short of Rollage, Ill have to try again 😩 OINK! 1BB : 813,316
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