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  1. You can definitely get this done! Great score!
  2. Seeing as my first score didn't make it to the scoreboard, I played again and ( I love this saying.. Thanks Rogerpoco) I NINE LINED IT! Again Had a good start with 726K for the first Pig, the score really piles up when the bricks hit the max score of 400pts a piece OINK! : ROLLAGE! ( 999,999 )
  3. It might be worth creating a track for this at TG, when this is all done. Any score over 200k will be tough, that means you would have completed a 1 loop without death. Level 20 is the tough one
  4. Yeah I totally agree!! Clash of the Titans should be riveting to watch!
  5. Hit my goal!!! Pressure Cooker : 262,415
  6. Still improving, although its getting tougher 😠 Would really like to hit 200k as a goal, so I'll keep playing. Pressure Cooker : 197,255
  7. Although I only participated for half the season, I did find the selection of games really well balanced, not too many of one genre. Big congrats to Garrett and Greg, if the Atari 2600 had a Hall of Fame both of these guys would be the first inductees. Favourites : Oink! And H.E.R.O. Surprising : Gorf and Bermuda Triangle Worst : Solar Fox Looking forward to what next season brings!
  8. Another Improvement! Pressure Cooker : 183,015
  9. Improvement, nearing my Personal Best Pressure Cooker : 168,465
  10. I think an easier option would selecting new games to play, it still may fall in favour of the leader but at least it may provide an even playing field.
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