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  1. Improvement! City Defense ( EXPERT ) : 19,661 Level 24
  2. Now I’m really glad I bought these after the end of last season!! Never really used or played paddle games before, but now I have no excuses!!
  3. Final note from me to those guys who wrote these games MASSIVE CONGRATS!! I can just imagine how many hours you spent making your vision come to reality The testing, the hurdles, the frustration but then the JOY when it all comes together! It is great to see the 2600 still alive and kicking in 2020 with these NEW games on the horizon Keep it up!
  4. Final game and effort for this round, Tough game with a good strategy needed to score high, sharp shooting is the key. Though I did notice some patterns.. Ms Galactopus (fixed rom) : 14,740
  5. Really enjoyed this!! , considering I cant stand Missile Command! ( probably because im hopeless at it 😃 ) City Defense (EXPERT) : 18,810 Stage 27
  6. This is an excellent game!! Doggone it : 31,047
  7. The “ trick “ I guess, is the timing and placement of where to place the web Here is my run, whilst not the highest score, there are other runs here to look at too, Scott Stilphen’s run is the best one to view. https://www.twingalaxies.com/showthread.php/220508-Atari-2600-VCS-Spider-Man-NTSC-Game-1-(Points)-84-700-Peter-Nadalin But you can tell at the 3 critical points where and how long to web. Hope this helps you out 😁
  8. Actually this will be it for the week Spiderdroid : 10,767
  9. Last effort for this week and gets me the bonus points 🙂 Spider-droid : 9,033
  10. I agree as well with all the above comments, but as with MOST games on the VCS there is a Pattern or Strategy And this game is no exception, I managed to beat it a couple of days ago, it wasn't easy to do but VERY SATISFYING!!
  11. Finally got the hand eye co-ordination working to a point... Spiderman : 12,590
  12. You guys are KILLING IT!! I know how get those scores, but it’s just not happening!! Awesome stuff guys! Keep pushing to 100k!
  13. Hoping to never play this game again! Adventures of TRON : 43,200
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