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  1. Just finished watching the video, it’s a sensational performance and perfect video evidence. congrats Lid!
  2. Enjoyed this hack! Also managed to Equal the NTSC record for Skiing using the penguin! 32.72 seconds Keep 'em Coming!! P.S. I'm really keen for another Dragster Hack
  3. I'm calling it quits after finally getting to the 1000 point mark Breakout 7BB : 1,155 Good Luck Everybody!! Congrats to all the Bracket Winners! Thanks to all the players who participated this season And a BIG THANKS to Vocelli for doing another Stellar Job of Moderating! See you Next Season!!
  4. This doesn't seem fair, to come all this way and not be able to compete. Any chance we can get a new selection so everyone can join in?
  5. This is my Last Post on this game. Hopefully its good enough to make the nexrt round. Have to say I really enjoyed the challenge of this one, I missed the earlier round so I had to start from Scratch. Roc 'N' Rope 1BB : 210,030
  6. Still chipping away at this game Roc 'N' Rope 1BB : 121,730
  7. Sure did! I think I might be able to catch that, worked a few things out Time will tell
  8. Cracked 100k! Roc 'N" Rope 1BB : 100,140
  9. Great Score!! I'm glad you are in the Gold Bracket for this game!
  10. I don't think I have much more in me, Ill try my luck on the Console for a while maybe it will be a change I need. ROC 'N' ROPE 1BB : 81,320
  11. I'm actually starting to enjoy this game. ROC 'N' ROPE 1BB : 62,600
  12. Ill get the ball rolling ROC n ROPE 1BB : 31,370
  13. Great Score!! I saw this a few days ago, and pretty much conceded there and then. I really wanted to try to push you, but this game doesn’t really suit me. Good luck!! In the last round! I’m off to the paper round..
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