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  1. WARNING : ULTIMATE SPOILER ALERT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHhSbltsqag To All those trying to complete this fantastic game, ONLY look at this is if you feel ABSOLUTELY Stuck
  2. Ah that does make sense 👍, board 3 on this game is tough!
  3. Hey Nester, looks like you lost a life in this run. This challenge is a no death Speedrun You should have 4 lives in reserve.
  4. I enjoyed Strategy X, first time Ive actually played it. Tough Game, but fun! Strategy X : 10,200 ( The 5 is the level I reached, so not 500,000 )
  5. Well it looks like Rogerpoco was right after all... Added a video, maybe someone can get this lower! Donkey Kong Junior : 11,600
  6. I think so 🤔 , I have hit this score twice now, both with 5700 on the first screen. If there is a higher score it would only be by 100 points and it definitely need to be done via an improvement on the second screen, the second run I had I felt I had the easiest rng on that second stage on stopping momentarily only once, but as I’ve seen many times now nothing is impossible!
  7. First effort of the season ! Donkey Kong Junior : 11,500
  8. I totally agree, once you get the gist of the game it’s so fun to play! I did manage to complete Game 5 a few years ago.
  9. Yep, spot on! Whilst jumping count... after the 13th expect the seagull
  10. Oh Well, my season comes to an end now. I have no desire to attempt this game again @Vocelli I officially Concede. I just want to say thanks to ALL who competed this season, the more the merrier!! Another Special Thanks to you Vocelli, you do an amazing job keeping everything ticking along!!! Play well Everybody!! See you next season!!
  11. Awesome Score!! Way to good for me. Good luck next round!
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